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  1. Ships have been repositioning frequently. Edge just left Port Everglades. Shuffling crew, fuel, supplies, etc. Summit just had a huge refurb a year ago. Definitely not time for a dry dock.
  2. It's from April 3rd: https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/1aa63f22-c821-4e1f-b48b-98aab1d754ad
  3. Carnival Corp, who controls ~45% of the market, paint a pretty clear picture of their expectations in their latest SEC filing. It's not really pretty. https://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html
  4. If you had a cancelled sailing and want the FCC, it will eventually be emailed to you. You don't need to contact anyone or fill out anything online. That's only if you want the cash refund instead.
  5. We aren't schedule again until February 2021. I would consider that a hard maybe. We're younger and more healthy than most on board but I'm not sure I feel confident enough to get a ship anytime soon. We see how people can't follow basic instruction to stay home and when absolutely necessary to be out, keep a six foot distance. I'm not sure I trust people enough to use sound judgement about their own health. And then with this specific issue there is such a high change of someone having contracted the virus and legitimately having no idea. We've taken the FCC for a canceled March cruise right now, but I may take the cash refund sooner than later. Given current events and the way things have unfolded on some ships you know there are going to be new government regulations coming. Some will be necessary, some will be an over-reach as a feel good measure from do-gooders in politics. I think it's very safe to say the industry is in for a big change.
  6. There will definitely be some major obstacles to overcome. There definitely will not be a 'rip the bandaid off' approach and start operations as usual on some future date. With the health issues onboard some ships, some stuck at sea in political limbo, etc. it's certain there will be some regulatory changes coming to the industry. Some will probably be needed changed, some will be political overreach in an 'feel good' attempt at righting a wrong. I think we can all agree that cruising in general is going to be very different in the months to come.
  7. You are not responsible for an additional deposit. I'm not sure how this works with booking. Do they just take your word that you have a FCC coming or they cross-reference the reservations.
  8. When cruises slowly start to resume, I think there will be a major shake up in ship deployments and itineraries. Even if you have a cruise booked at a much later date and cruises have resumed by that date, I wouldn't count on going on the ship/route that you were originally booked.
  9. An official Celebrity FB page posted via crew onboard confirmed that they are disembarking some members of the crew to go home.
  10. The first wave of crew being sent home from Edge took place a few days ago. Possibly repositioning to offload crews?
  11. I think anyone currently booking is well aware of the fluid situation. They are either being overly optimistic or trying to play the system and come out ahead with additional compensation from a cancelled cruise. I do think it would be short-sighted to simply stop taking reservations all together. Even with a successful booking and cruises resuming at some point, I would hope everyone is prepared and understanding of more cancelations, itinerary adjustments, ship redeployments, etc. as the cruise lines have to adjust and right size the operation in an effort to recover. The first wave of Edge crew goes home today from Fort Lauderdale. I'm not sure about the other ships, but that speaks a lot to their outlook on a return to service...
  12. At first I thought the 30 day window was being overly cautious. Now I think it will be several months. These little island nations just don't have the resources to handle the risk.
  13. You do not have to make an additional deposit if you rebook now.
  14. There was a good thread on the RCL board that put bankruptcy into more sensible terms. If a company like Celebrity went through bankruptcy and touched customer funds, it would tarnish the brand very badly and that negative image would linger for years. Loyalty programs are always a liability. But in reality Celebrity’s program doesn’t cost them that much since the actual benefits are nominal, even at the highest tiers. That’s also why I don’t really understand why people chase cruise line loyalty but that’s a separate topic.
  15. We already booked for February ‘21 and I’m being cautiously optimistic about that. Depending on how much the market is impacted, I could see some big shifts in itineraries and ships eventually being announced even on short notice. Depending on the financial damage this situation does, they may have to go into survival mode when they are allowed to sail again.
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