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  1. No plans for warm weather this winter. Fingers crossed it's a mild winter here in Chicago and Wisconsin. All-inclusives are not my thing at all. I follow a few fan pages online and despite the guests saying 'it's totally safe', the photos paint a different picture, with guests following no distancing guidelines at all. Just not worth it. We can stick it out a full winter in the cold and enjoy the sun that much more when it's appropriate.
  2. I'm sure you would have the option to voluntarily quarantine or follow whatever protocol is in place for potential exposure if you felt that was the right decision for you. We do take this virus seriously, but if I haven't been within 100ft of a potentially exposed person I'm not going to worry too much. The guidance has always been keep a simple 6ft distance. People struggle with that, but 6ft isn't hard to achieve. As far as privacy...you have none. Your website activity when you booked your cruise, your social media behavior, your home WiFi, your bank account, credit card, debit card, cell phone, your whereabouts on this ship are all fair game.
  3. They are using the MSC for Me wrist bands for contact tracing in case of a positive COVID case. I don’t see any issue with it. You can pretty much guarantee anywhere outside of your cabin you are already being recorded on video, so having record of who you made contact with on the ship doesn’t seem to diminish ‘privacy’. It could be a very useful tool in keeping positive cases at bay without having to quarantine large amounts of unexposed passengers. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5510/
  4. We've still got a few more decades of work-life ahead so we are out. Many people would disagree, but we don't even have a desire to do a European cruise. The drive by experience just doesn't cut it. A world cruise would be fun if you had the time, money, and willingness to be on a ship that long, but I can't ever imagine that would be an appealing goal for us at any point.
  5. Hard pass for us. Not because I think masks are uncomfortable, more-so if the status of virus spread is still at a point where masks are necessary everywhere, we don't need to be traveling. My opinion is it's just not the responsible thing to do.
  6. Just like people need to be first to board, first to the buffet, first to snag loungers, now ford to check in to muster...without following basic instruction this may be a struggle for a lot of people 😬
  7. A long time I'm afraid. Well into 2021 at the earliest. Especially in the US, as evidenced by the sheer number of people traveling to tourist hotspots because their good time and need for a vacation is all that matters. We're a long way from any significant improvement.
  8. Just some clarity....this was an industry publication interview called ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ not ‘lets talk about refunds again’ or ‘lets chat about all of the things you may not like about the CEO’. As always, if you are that unhappy with the product or you feel the CEO personally offends you, there are many other cruise lines to choose from.
  9. Obviously. Will all 2021 sailings go on as planned? It would be delusional to assume so.
  10. Straight from the CEO's mouth. He's on record saying cruises won't start at full capacity until 2022 at the earliest. That's 17 months from now in a perfect case scenario. He also mentioned starting at 50% capacity. Just because you are booked on a cruise that does sail, there's no guarantee you won't get booted due to capacity controls.
  11. FWIW, most of the AI's in the Cancun and Riviera Maya area do not require guests to wear masks and no guests seem to be doing so either. Staff are wearing them, but at one particular resort chain the masks staff are wearing are modified face shields that have very debatable effectiveness. If I had a trip to a Mexican AI scheduled soon, I would be reconsidering...
  12. After taking a vacation in mid-2016 that was nearly ruined by martini fueled political discussion that you literally could not get away from...I think not cruising may be a nice reprieve from endless discussion from the endless amount of infectious disease experts, statistical engineers and political aficionado's 🙂
  13. If you enjoy evening entertain, AI's are not for you in my opinion. We've been to several over the years. There just isn't much to do other than eat and drink. The food at all of them is fairly standard too. Italian, Steak, Seafood, Hibachi/Asian and maybe a wildcard in there somewhere like Indian or Mediterranean. We did a stay at the Le Blanc in Cancun which gets rave reviews and were left indifferent about it (even with the $9k price tag for a basic oceanfront room). Service can be good, but we think higher end traditional resorts + food on our own is a better value. A higher end AI paired with a room upgrade so you're not stuck looking at a tree or the back of the pool gets expensive quickly.
  14. It’s very possible. The industry term is blacklisted. If you’re found to be fraudulently disputing charges or committing friendly fraud, it can result in being blacklisted. Chargebacks are a big issue for merchants and come with hefty ramifications. If you’re found to be abusing the system, they can absolutely cut you off.
  15. At least three things will keep prices high for now. Lots of FCC's floating around, availability of lift and shift, and no indication of any certainty for when operations may resume. It makes no sense to start dropping prices on future cruises to create a crush of booking to have to eventually cancel them, issue FCC's. This also avoids people gaming the system by booking now and then immediately pushing the cruise out another year to take advantage of the lower price.
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