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  1. With Silversea on hand and the changes to the Celebrity product - even with acceptable financials, I'm sure from an efficiency standpoint it didn't make sense to maintain a separate brand with a tiny 3 ship fleet.
  2. Does RCG report financials for specific brands? I've never seen anything other than speculation. Hard to definitely say what the true driving factor was without that info on hand.
  3. A little bit of a mix up from years past... *Apex and Reflection take the 7 night cruises, alternating east/west. *Reflection is priced only marginally less than Apex which is a bit odd to me. *Edge is back to the 10/11 night cruises as originally planned for 2022. *9 night ABC cruises are Saturday-Monday and Thursday-Saturday instead of the usual Friday-Sunday. *I haven't counted, but it seems like an increase with a lot of 10 night cruises on Edge/Equinox/Silhouette.
  4. It fits into the changes of Celebrity and in some regards, RCG's ownership of Silversea. Azamara was kind of an oddball to me.
  5. It's not strictly a cost issue for many people. We're in our 30's and the perceived (we haven't tried one yet) onboard experience on the near-luxury/premium/whatever lines would be too sleepy for us even for a comparably priced cruise. I priced Azamara, SilverSea and Oceania for our next trip and decided to stick with Celebrity.
  6. We aren't suite people, but the Edge/Apex suites do like pretty amazing. Our friends have an Edge Villa booked next January. I'm not afraid to splurge a little on vacation, but $30k for a 7 night cruise on Celebrity just isn't going to happen for us.
  7. Once they have it figured out, they will post modifications. I'm sure they are avoiding the situation where multiple itinerary changes need announced, adding more confusion and headache. It's also very likely they will try to sail something, but sorting out port logistics is not done completed.
  8. Looks like its still being uploaded. The 2021 sailings were completely gone for a little bit, among a few other quirks I noticed. I imagine by tomorrow they are available as usual.
  9. Just posted were 7 and 8 night routes alongs the Mexican Riviera with East and West bound Panama Canal routes from fall 2021 into 2022.
  10. To be frank, I don't think they would be too terribly upset at that. Having passengers voluntarily cancel or rebook avoids the mess of having to choose who to cancel to meet capacity restrictions when the time comes.
  11. Okay I didn't think I was seeing things. Interesting itineraries for the Caribbean from Royal. I assume there will be a lot of UK folks onboard. For us where airfare costs about $1000/pp, I would rather spend the extra money on a longer cruise from a US port if the option was there.
  12. Wonder if those will actually pan out. December through April. All 7 night itineraries with slightly varying routes. I could have sworn I saw one being sold as a 14 nighter this morning that is no longer there? I imagine it was just two 7 nighters being sold as one but I didn't think Royal did that very often.
  13. That's the risk you would assume by choosing to travel during a pandemic. There are detailed testing plans and protocols outlined by the CDC for US cruises. Other countries will have their own requirements. Further, I presume many cruise lines will continue to implement their own protocols even as governments loosen up in the future.
  14. Since they cancelled the Caribbean winter 21/22 10+ day sailings on Edge in lieu of 7 day Caribbean sailings, I imagine they hope they can use Edge more profitably on shorter Caribbean cruises rather than longer European routes.
  15. Hopefully this will stymie the number of Americans vacationing to places like Mexico that have very loose restrictions. I looked at a few of the fan pages of some Mexican AI resorts and the response was predictable. Previously it was always ‘contracting COVID is a risk you take...don’t live in fear!’ Now they are panicking about not being able to get a test, or testing positive and being stuck in Mexico. Wouldn’t that be ‘a risk you take’? Odd train of thought. However I would agree that this will have negligible impact on cruises.
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