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  1. Copious amounts of balcony champagne. Typically followed by a nap(s).
  2. Never understood that insinuation that somehow cruise lines should have an obligation to be an 'American company'. It's a bit esoteric since these are global corporations that do business all over the world...
  3. Apparently the senators aren't aware of the current state of affairs. All 4 bulleted items are already underway, and then they punt the authority to who? You guessed it, CDC and HHS. I'm sure the CDC could cancel the CSO, just like the pulled the NSO after the White House got involved. They just gave it a new name and went on with business as planned. Smoke and mirrors.... At this point it appears the ports themselves are involved, gov't is meeting with execs, etc. Things will get done quicker if they are left to work this out and keep all of the theatrics away.
  4. Wonder if we could get a cushy consulting fee for providing them with this link? https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/maritime/recommendations-for-ships.html CDC: Here is our guidance and plan for you to get back to cruising. Fill in the blanks and respond with appropriate plans. Cruiseline: No. This is way too hard. We’re not doing any of this or committing to anything. CDC: Your call... Cruiseline: Contact your congress members! This is absurd. We must cruise safely. We have great plans in place however they are secret. Congress: yeah this i
  5. The industry itself needs some time to adjust post-pandemic life. The demand they are seeing now is largely due to FCC's and people's inability to travel for the past 12+ months. Once that pent up demand wanes and a realistic impact from COVID is realized, some ships will start to move. Beyond recently it's floated out and there is another Edge class ship slated for Q4 2023. That is a lot of additional capacity without some ships going away even without COVID having lingering effects on overall demand.
  6. I don’t think you can jump to the conclusion the government simply thinks vaccines are ineffective. There are a number of questions that there are no answers to yet. The vaccine conversation seems to be going hand in hand with eliminating the CSO which I think is very unlikely. You could say NCL has done the closest thing to taking a stance, but as far as I’m aware they only did it through an open letter rather than an actual proposal as requested by the CDC. There’s zero chance of them telling the CDC they will do 100% vaccinated cruises then being able to change their mind at the last minute
  7. I can't wait to start judging people again for things that matter like their poor choice of clothing, thrifty tipping habits and inane planning over simple domestic travel!
  8. Aside from some logistical issues, I'm certain we will see enforced arrival/check-in times and more time between offloading one cruise and sailaway for the next. Pushing departure times into the evening where it's feasible would open up the possibility to fly in day-of more comfortably also.
  9. Since they have become defiant of the CSO, the B2B rule shouldn't be an issue either. Not sure why they would comply with some parts and not others. No one really knows at this point. Royal removed longer sailings but Celebrity has always had those Equinox sailings available to book.
  10. I'm standing by the idea that the big sticking point is not the CSO, it's the long term COVID protocols. Even if the CSO magically goes away as they are requesting, there is no reasonable doubt that COVID surveillance and reporting is now a major focus area on cruise ships. Vaccinations, no vaccinations, masks, no masks. Makes no difference. This is something that is going to be monitored and reported on and the cruise lines are fighting for as little accountability and regulation as possible. People keep throwing around the Nov 1st date like we're going to go back to cruise like it's 2019. Th
  11. It will just depend on how much longer they have to cancel cruises. The offers will probably get less generous over time. But it is in Celebrity's benefit to keep the timeframe limited. At this point I would always go with a refund vs. FCC.
  12. That's not what I said at all. I said a similar situation. An outbreak, illness, disease of any variety. Maybe even a COVID-19 variant. We don't know and there are no guarantees. Anything that would cause ships to be denied entry into even our own US ports because our politicians fear having them 'dumped' here. That's the crux of the CDC's ask. Make a plan.
  13. I think they are absolutely delusional if industry leadership thinks somehow, someway, there won't be long lasting changes and ramification post-COVID. I'm afraid November 1st isn't going to be the day for confetti and fireworks that they are hoping for.
  14. They had to micromanage because the cruise lines did nothing meaningful to respond to the initial NSO. That's why this entire technical order situation was created. The CDC had to step in since the cruise lines were willing to wait it out. Even the current CSO is very open ended. It tells them at high level what's needed, such as the agreements with port service providers. But it tells them to make the agreement. It doesn't give hard specifics points to hit because those micro level decisions are left to the ports and the cruiselines. The CDC and cruise lines negotiated and agreed
  15. They're missing the point. The CDC wants a contingency plan to avoid a Diamond Princess, Celebrity Eclipse, et al situation where they are stuck at sea for weeks and no one would grant entry. Why is this so difficult to provide? DeSantis himself said he didn't want those HAL passengers dumped in his ports. No one saw COVID coming as aggressively as it did and there's nothing preventing a similar situation from happening again.
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