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  1. Ive had this very worrying email from my Doctors so this is what its like where we are Urgent Appeal for Help We are running out of surgical face masks. We are currently waiting for further NHS supplies and are now unable to get additional masks from our suppliers. If you know of any tattooists, nail technicians, vets, dentists or other people who have masks we would be eternally grateful if you could ask them to get in touch using the link below: https://www.charnwoodcommunitymedicalgroup.co.uk/ppe-appeal Without masks we may be unable to continue to see patients and we are desperate to continue helping patients for as long as we can. Information on Coronavirus The surgery is under significant pressure because of the current coronavirus outbreak. Please visit our webpage at https://www.charnwoodcommunitymedicalgroup.co.uk/corona-virus for the current advice before contacting us. Thank you. Charnwood Community Medical Group
  2. it is a bit worrying the high % of the Crew who are ill especially as I am presuming for the past Month since early February they have been using enhanced Hygiene measures for both staff and passengers
  3. Basically from what I can see is they want your money and dont want to give it back . Have you had any better luck with the other cruises/travel you had booked before this one?
  4. Now us laypersons who have cruises booked in the next few months are thinking that also , very unlikely for the Summer however the Cruise companies are Not Saying cruises wont sail which is why they still want us to pay up hence my original post. Cruise companies including P&O are expecting people to pay Balances on cruises which wont go ahead, Pay for weddings which wont go ahead and like us Vow renewals that wont go ahead. P&O just want our money that is all they care about
  5. So this is how supportive and caring P&O are, NOT We are unable to hold your renewal of vows without payment so this will be removed from hold as of today.However, if you decide you would like to book a renewal for another cruise please don't hesitate to call us.
  6. So currently the FCO has said No travel and the FCO has said No cruises if you are over 70 over have a health condition We have a cruise booked for the End of May from Malta to Italy and Croatia and would very much like to go on this as we were supposed to be renewing our Wedding Vows , But In reality we think its highly unlikely that we will be going. However Im not sure P&O have the same thoughts I had this very brief email Good Morning,I hope my email finds you well.Please can you contact us to make payment for your renewal of vows at your earliest convenience. Are P&O optimistic ? desperate for money? Or just uncaring , and lack empathy ?
  7. we live in a town and apart from Pubs being closed and shop shelves being empty its business as usual , it seems no one is staying home and Mcdonalds is doing a roaring trade in the Drive Thru take away and home delivery
  8. So we are all getting the same standard Fob off response
  9. which other thread? do you have the link?
  10. I have a feeling that is a standard response we will all get from them in the hope we go away
  11. This is exactly my feeling, I am not too worried about travelling and contracting the virus because I could potentially get it at home , I am worried about the impact of this virus on the Holiday I booked, Will my flights be effected? will boarding be effected? will ports of call be changed? will we end up with extra days at sea? will the mood on the ship be so low that all the enjoyment has been sucked out , also will the ever changing crisis mean that a port we stopped at then becomes one of the places to be avoided and when we return home we have to self isolate and miss 2 weeks of work unpaid etc etc etc . Basically I am concerned that my much anticipated cruise could no longer be the cruise I booked and turn into a bit of a nightmare not only while on it but upon return too. And I do believe that all those cruisers who have cancelled or moved their cruises 4/6/9 months plus from now have the same feelings but lucky for them they are able to do this . However those of us fully paid up with less than 90 days to go are stuck with an uncertain future
  12. Maybe so but I like to look after those who look after and value me . And sadly so far P&O are falling short . And lets hope that in 12 months time this is a distant memory
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