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  1. Thanks took me a while to translate it, I wonder when they will tell the rest of the world?
  2. Where has it been reported that cruises to Hamburg are cancelled?
  3. You need to wait until July 13th for answers? did they say how they will contact you? we have 3 cruises they are messing with and its messing with my head
  4. How did you contact him please? Ive got many questions I need answering
  5. after our first Carnival Cruise I would say they are only worth $28 at the best of times
  6. Ive got the opposite problem I cant link my bookings , even the MSC customer service rep couldnt do it
  7. The best thing to do is ring them those who found out had waited the 45 days they were told a refund would take but it hadnt arrived so they called P&O who said they were down for full FCC. we were told 3 different things concerning our Refund/ FCC (for the 1st we cancelled) We have no idea what we are getting , We should have been getting a full refund due to cancelling under the FCO no cruising for those with health issues however, We were told by our TA a split of FCC and monetary refund , whereas a customer service assistant for P&O told us full refund but another told us "something odd about your account" he went off to investigate and even though the date of our request was logged the request was removed and Nothing had been logged neither full refund or split FCC /refund we have written to P&O who are "investigating" but this could take 28 days so in the mean time we are awaiting 2 other refunds to which we have had no confirmation for either.
  8. Just look at the official P&O face book page or Twitter not to mention the unofficial forums enough evidence on there for all to see
  9. P&O are not paying in 60 days so far hardly anyone has had a refund we are now awaiting 3 They have been abysmal throughout the whole CV crisis, I will be sticking with MSC
  10. Most of us have had No confirmation and many have had their requests Lost and many have had their refund requests ignored and been put down as having FCC so these poor folk would be waiting a very long time for the refund that was never going to come . P&O are a shambles good luck
  11. Yes so we have now found out that they will allow this , sadly it came too late for us to be able to do this after being repeatedly told No we couldnt do it , we had no choice but to cancel an existing cruise to then book a new cruise in order to be able to use the FCC
  12. No You will not see P&O officially say this but It wouldnt surprise me that they are allowing a select few to do this the same as they allowing a select few to use FCC on existing bookings and have fully refunded just a select few
  13. Yes if you complain to guest services enough times and have quite a few cruises already booked they will agree that you can use your FCC on an existing booking. This News unfortunately came far too late for us after we were repeatedly told No we couldnt do it , we had no choice but to cancel an existing booking in order to make a new booking to simply use the FCC.
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