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  1. Hmmm on Carnival and the RCI there was NO glitz and the Entertainment was well down right pathetic ive seen better in the local Pub. maybe we were unlucky with the ships we chose I guess we just go on P&O and enjoy the ports of call which is what drew us to it in the first place and if we enjoy the onboard experience too then that will be a bonus .
  2. I am hoping P&O is VERY different to Carnival however if RCI is a notch above P&O then Im worried because our last RCI was very poor indeed
  3. Please please please tell me P&O is better than Carnival and RCI because the last cruises I had with them were pretty Crap
  4. this is what is advertised Unlimited draught soft drinks, selected juices, mocktails can anyone please tell me what the selected juices are ? glasses? bottles? cans etc what flavours and what mocktails are included please
  5. hello would anyone also cruising this itinerary be interested in joining a private tour while in Rijeka ? it will be an all day tour with walking tour of Rijeka with a visit upto Trsat then off for lunch before a walking tour of Opatija .. Adults only please and we will be walking over some uneven ground and up steps etc so you need good mobility . I am just in the process of finalising the proposed itinerary and the final cost will depend on numbers currently the tour total cost is approx £215 (this could change as it is linked to the cost in $ at the moment until pay) so far that will be split 3 ways so just looking for a few more cruisers ideal for any solo cruisers
  6. Does anyone have copies of the Room service menus please and costs involved?
  7. join the face book page msc cruises menus and daily programs they are all on there
  8. Well I too have followed the build up to this Island , We have 2 cruises booked which do both happen to stop here but we didnt book because of Ocean Cay , In fact on our Caribbean cruise this year we only had one day at the beach and that was only because we were waiting for our flight home . Im just not a beach person . MSC has not sold the concept to me, in my eyes its an Island with a beach like many others, I suppose the edge this has over other beaches is your food and drinks are included(if you have a package) . For anyone booking a cruise anywhere in the world there is always the possibility that ports of call will be cancelled for various reasons , eg Cuba thanks to Trump, San Juan because of riots and various other ports due to the weather . And I suppose also as they are "building" the Island as we all know building works often over run (many cruise ships themselves have missed sailing dates for not being ready) So You books your cruise you takes your chance you might be disappointed , MSC is compensating cruisers , but many im sure will still demand more .
  9. I totally agree hamrag If i was offered $100 OBS and 20% off a future cruise I would be well chuffed After all Ocean Cay is just an island with a beach they are all over the Caribbean what is so special about Ocean Cay????
  10. So glad Im vegetarian and dont eat fish, all my meals are always great 😋
  11. Are you asking because this has happened to you today? or are you just worrying incase it happens?
  12. Maybe Weve got lucky on our sailings but I have not had any MSC cruise so far that has " been below average" they have all been great with no major issues a lot of fun and fantastic value more so than the other lines Ive cruised with so far. And so far None of the sailings on any of the ships have been "very crowded" in fact they have not been crowded at all, maybe again we got lucky or we choose to cruise at non peak times. Maybe Im just easy to please and if that means a Fantastic value cruise in beautiful surroundings going to great ports of call then yes I am For me MSC has offered fantastic value and a true holiday experience (feels like a European holiday) and that is why I choose them. Im not loyal to any line I just choose the best value with the best itineraries.
  13. Yes and to add for anyone with any kind of special need it is always best to check with each cruise line about the specifics for each ship (as ships do vary in what is offered) before you actually book the cruise . The same goes for land hotels or even restaurants its always best to research if they can accommodate your needs as some do it far better than others .
  14. so are you saying you have cruised with MSC in the past in the USA and you have taken these onboard with you? Have you spoken to the special needs department because on many ships they do cater for Dairy , egg, gluten allergy sufferers .
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