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  1. New to Crystal here as mentioned in another post... Does anyone know if Crystal offers any non-alcoholic beers, wines or sparkling? Just curious.
  2. Thank you everyone! I am very excited in anticipation now! We've encountered some sneers and dirty looks in the concierge lounges on RC and were even told once in Michaels Club on Celebrity (before it was called the retreat) that we were in the wrong place after a good looking up and down. We apologized, said we just wanted to see what was on offer but as stuffy as it was we'd just go back to our royal suite. We certainly aren't part of the other half, just work hard. We always make new friends and meet new folks when we travel and that's one of the things we enjoy the most! Hearing other folk
  3. Oh no worries! That’s covered in the cowboy-Bible... In the book of Heiferodomy 7:13. - And thou shalt remove thine hat from thine head whenst thou eats in of doors. 14. - Thou shalt too remove thine spurs from upon thine boots before dancing on tables lest there be smoted in the presence of polite company. 🤠 Thank you all for your kind replies! Very much looking forward to a new adventure now!
  4. I would have to agree with you whole heartedly. Class isn’t determined by wealth, power or position but by our relation to those around us. Some folks, on any cruise line so far as I’ve seen, can’t recognize the difference in staff and servants. One is nothing like the other.
  5. Thank you both. As far as the dress code, it does sound a bit more formal than we are accustomed to but I doubt it will be enough so to turn us off. The feeling I get is it’s what we used to call “country-club-casual” more or less. During the day except for the pool deck we usually wear nice cargo or canvas shorts and nice tees, those can be swapped for twills and polos with no problem. I’m sure a pair of nice leather sandals or slips would be acceptable during the daytime? Evenings we usually opt for nice trousers and a tailored shirt. Slipping on a blazer a few nights won’t be much inconveni
  6. We booked our first cruise with Crystal, a 7 day caribbean on Serenity in December. We are veteran cruisers but the last five or six cruises weren’t satisfied with our experiences. The ships of Princess are just too big, we enjoy the size of RC vision class but the last was in terrible condition and bedding was so awful we didn’t sleep well any of the 10 nights. We were disappointed in the food especially on celebrity and RC and although Holland America is probably our favorite, they do seem to roll up the decks at sunset. We are a middle aged same sex couple, 40 and 50. Working class but
  7. We will be sailing on Enchantment in November and although we absolutely love the vision class ships, our last cruises on RCCL featured hard or worn-out mattresses that made us nearly miserable at night and unable to sleep. We asked for toppers which were no longer offered but had the duvets folded atop the beds to some but not much avail. We will be driving to the port this time so we can allow for slightly more luggage and were considering purchasing folding memory foam travel mattresses and asking our cabin attendant to remake our beds with the travel mattresses underneath. The particular o
  8. Ive heard reports the new Princess mattresses on Caribbean Princess are wonderful. Can anyone advise on the comfort of the new mattresses on Crown after her recent(ish) refit? We love the mattresses on Holland America and were just wondering if they were truly comfortable. We absolutely hated the mattress in our last mini suite on Caribbean and the original beds in other cabins on Caribbean, Crown and Emerald left us miserable. Thank you in advance and happy cruising everyone!
  9. Howdy everyone! Soon to be first time O cruisers here and hopefully converts from Celebrity. We will be sailing on Insignia this fall and were wondering if the changing rooms or locker rooms in the spa feature steam rooms or dry saunas? A video we watched appeared to show both, though small and the deck plans imply there may be both but I cant tell for certain and there is not a surplus of specific information about this online. If anyone has experience or can help I would greatly appreciate it. Although we are sailing on Insignia I would imagine all of the R-class in the Oceania collection wi
  10. Can anyone advise if the MS Volendam features a steam room or sauna in the mens locker or changing rooms? Most ships now feature the co-ed thermal spas and sanctuaries that charge an admission instead of offering them as a free amenity like on older ships. We both enjoy these and I was wondering if anyone happens to know for sure as nothing shows up on the deck plans on HAL.com. Thanks in advance and happy cruising everyone!
  11. Does anyone have a current or recent menu from the Pinnacle grill? Particularly Signature or Vista class? We will be sailing on Nieuw Amsterdam although I would assume (possibly foolishly) standard PG menus would be similar if not the same across the fleet. It's been several years since we've sailed HAL and have heard PG has changed the menu since then. Thanks so much in advance and happy cruising everyone!
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