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  1. I have sailed out of Cape Liberty a few times and I always arrive around 10 and traffic is not bad....anytime after that, it gets much busier and the wait to reach the terminal can take a while!
  2. When I sailed Anthem this past May, I saw JEANS on formal night in the MDR!! I can't say that I saw any shorts though.......The dress code has obviously relaxed!! They might draw the line with shorts though.....
  3. When I sailed on the Anthem, this past May, our 9-day cruise turned into a 10-day due to a medical emergency and needing to go 12 hours out of our way (one way) to Nassau! The next day the Captain let us know that the person had surgery (heart from what I heard) and was doing well....
  4. When I sailed on Harmony, they did not have any "theme" parties.....They did have something in Two70 called Red....all red lights and a dance party- it was not bad. They did have Silent Disco, where everyone wears headphones and listens/dances to whatever music they choose. I did not attend this......
  5. You could try a "hump" balcony.....same OV balcony room, however they do have somewhat larger balcony area. I have one booked for my May 2020 cruise on the Oasis. Stayed in an Aft suite, however on the Oasis class ships, I like to stay mid ship, as it tends to be a looonnnggg walk to the aft rooms!
  6. I like to use chair clips to keep towels on the loungers and out of the sand and on the pool deck, so they don't blow off! I also bring Lysol disinfectant wipes to wipe down heavily used areas in the cabin (tv remote/ door handles/ etc. The room stewards do an amazing job, however this just gives me more peace of mind! Room service is wonderful, however there is a charge on RCI, unless you are suite level, but the amount you order is unlimited and it is one flat fee. There are some Room service menu items that are an upcharge (in addition to the flat rate). These boards are a fabulous resource and everyone is a wealth of good information!! Enjoy your family cruise (and Disney)!!
  7. Nope, but they are for me as I usually have the beverage package....
  8. Oh ok, well I hope it works out for you.....I have a OV Balcony on the hump for May, but no emails for me so far.
  9. I have always been inside for musters on the Oasis and Quantum class ships....I was outside on the explorer, however this was quite a few years ago. FYI: Just sailed on Anthem, and we were inside for the muster (by Vintages).
  10. What is the date of these sailings? I have May 17th sailing booked.....
  11. My son has gotten it....I don't drink it, so I am not sure where or how he gets it! I assumed at the local liquor store and I know he has remarked that tends to be expensive! I also bought a certain type of Tequila while in Mexico for half of what he pays here, which is about $150.
  12. The charging privileges will be blocked, once the "cash" account gets down to a certain amount. Guest services will leave a message about the need to put more cash on the account. Also, he can keep track of his account on the tv in the room- so there should be no surprises......
  13. The Blue Lagoon pool, Chill Island beach, free kids water play area, loungers, umbrellas, free lunch and snack shack.... lunch is always available while a ship is in port, as not everyone chooses to get off....
  14. I'm not sure what I paid for it, however I know that it was quite a bit cheaper than in PA!!
  15. I'm not sailing over Christmas, however my deluxe package was also $18 for May 2020 cruise....thought this was a great "sale", so I bit the bullet and purchased it!
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