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  1. Also- apparently DH is wondering- which nights have a theme? Like white night, 80’s night, red night, etc?
  2. I didn’t realize portside had ribs for lunch? We might do that next week, on embarkation 🙂
  3. Ziploc bags to store cookies in (great snack) plastic straws if you hate the paper ones
  4. Thanks for this! I will not pack our snorkel gear.
  5. So, last time we were there, we went to a shop that let you sample whatever you wanted. I got a few bottles of yummy flavored rum (like banana). I recommend visiting a shop with samples 🙂
  6. Often they have jack, gentleman’s jack, Buffalo trace, and more 🙂. If I remember the others, I will let you know 🙂
  7. Leaving next week! Can’t wait 🙂. Following 🙂. Would love if you could let us know who is playing in the music hall 🙂
  8. Thx! We are going to bring our symphony ones- where did you get yours reprogrammed, was the line long, and could you do it right away at embarkation?
  9. I should note- I did the “full dolphin swim”, where it towed us around the water, etc... but we had life jackets on... so “treading water” was a moot point, and really, nothing about it felt strenuous... we didn’t do a lot of twisting or anything?
  10. All of the above... and ziploc bags to store cookies 🙂
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