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  1. Also- are bottled water and canned soda available in the lounge all day?
  2. So, at least on Symphony, if you logged on, you would boot the other person off, which actually worked well for us. If he was on Facebook, and I wanted to message him from the pool, I’d just log on, he’d get booted off, knowing I was messaging him, then he would log on like a minute later to get my message. I know that sounds annoying, but it worked out ok for us 🙂
  3. Bob- what do you mean by “lose double points”?
  4. ...and, if you book all your restaurants the first day onboard, and decide later in the week that you want to change things up, rebooking isn’t a big deal. We did it both in person, and by calling in. We decided to drop one of our 150 reservations (we didn’t really like it after trying it) and added An extra Hooked (my fave :))
  5. We have a clamshell booked for Feb 🙂. How close are they to the swim up bar? How early should we get there, to get a front row one? For 2 people, is it worth the extra $100 to get the daybed thing? We have the beverage package, so the free bottles of water with the daybed aren’t a giant perk for us.
  6. Yay! Glad to hear it 🙂. Related question... do most ships still allow you to take a glass of wine, and a bottle of water out of the diamond lounge?
  7. I think it’s a pretty good price, and really worth it 🙂. We had paid $149 for the previous UDP program on symphony this past feb, and it was well worth it! Hooked is my fave, and I always like one meal at wonderland 🙂
  8. In Europe we did bubble wrap, then a men’s tube sock, and placed them in big ziplock bags 🙂
  9. Does Nachi have free WiFi?
  10. I just hope they keep the free drinks perk, once we make diamond in 2021 🙂. It will save us the $$ of getting a drink package 🙂
  11. We did this, and got an amazing price- but didn’t realize that we were booked in the lowest class. No reserved seating, and not next to each other. We both got middle seats, rows apart 😞. If we ever do it again, we will double check our seating!
  12. Weird? We have a Feb 23 cruise on Oasis coming up, and entertainment posted a few days ago!
  13. Honestly, we are antsy, and head to our cabins as soon as the doors are opened. So for our last maybe 4 cruises, we just see our luggage in the hall and grab them 🙂
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