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  1. We are Trying to decide between beach club, and a south beach bed. We’ve done on Labadee before, and really liked it. what we value: good view, quiet beach, shade for the husband, sun for me we don’t really care about a pool, but find the upgraded good at the beach club interesting. any recommendations?
  2. Oh, good to know- I will keep checking for lower prices 🙂
  3. I should have noted the sailing is for Odyssey, so I expected higher prices on a newer ship. We ended up cancel/rebooking our excursions and saving $20, and booked the drink package, just in case it goes back up to $67 again. We might drop the drink package, since we get the free happy hour with a suite...
  4. Right now there is a sale, and the price of entry into Coco Beach Club is about the same as the price of a Beach Bed on South Beach. I'm torn on which to pick. Any thoughts/advice? Some facts about us: - We will have the drink package - We think the upgraded food at the Coco Beach Club sounds awesome - We value a quieter beach, with an awesome, unobstructed ocean view - DH wants some shade, I want lots of sun - We don't really care about using a pool or floating beach mat - We have done a beach bed on Labadee, and LOVED it. - I am willing to get
  5. Just as an FYI, I noticed that the drink package for my Feb ‘22 is on sale for $58. It previously was $67. I see the UDP is cheaper as well. I also see some excursions on sale.
  6. My mom had her first shot 2 days ago, and, no side effects. I’m so happy for her!!! Hope her 2nd goes just as well 🙂
  7. Texas people- how are you doing today? I feel so bad for ya’ll. Your infrastructure isn’t meant for MN weather!!!
  8. When I want to depress myself, I go and look at all of the photos of the Love Boat, right before it was scrapped 😞
  9. My day started off great! My mom called, and said she has her first vaccine shot scheduled for today :). Her sister in law knows a guy who is on the board of a local grocery store chain, and he said that her local store was getting shots today, but they hadn’t “advertised” it publicly. She signed up online last night and got the last slot. While I’m not pleased that this process has become so stealthy here, I’m super glad mom is getting her shot 🙂. Hopefully, as we get more shots here, the process to get one won’t be so tough...
  10. FYI, I purchased a cruise December or Jan (can’t remember which) for next February, and the drink package showed up right away for me.
  11. DH and I thought we were going to love it... after trying it, we found the drinks to be meh, and often they took a while. Neat to try once, but we prefer a normal bar 🙂. Note, they do make virgin drinks, and kids seemed to get a kick out of the whole deal...
  12. DH and I discussed last night... the one thing we couldn’t live with long term is the bar thing. We NEVER plan out when we want to swing by a bar?!! I wonder if they would still offer a walk up and take away option?
  13. I won’t be surprised if we have to wear one indoors next year, but I’m ok with that! And, if they have socially distanced limited seating at shows, I’ll be extra happy that we splurged for fancy suite, that comes with the nice seating 🙂
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