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  1. And we requested open seating, table for 4 for our family on a cruise last year--but our boarding passes said late dining with a table number. Checked out the table which was in a great location so we kept it even though we had several specialty dining reservations. Need to find that table number for our cruise on the same ship this summer and see if I can request it....
  2. We found similar arrival information for Fort Lauderdale. Our plane was delayed and arrived at 11 PM. No one there so we called the number and were told the transfer people had already gone home so take a taxi, get a receipt, and then take it to the front desk on board the ship. Same thing with our daughter who was arriving about the same time the next night. Took it to the Neptune concierge when we got on board, and a couple of days later she called, said the transfer agent was very apologetic and the two taxi fares showed up as OBC. Second daughter arrived on another flight, found the agent, was loaded into a van with 3 couples from different ships and going to different hotels. Even though our hotel was closest, she was the last one off the van.
  3. Interestingly enough, on our last two cruises where we paid for a second cabin for the (adult) kids, I had the folios for both cabins all put on my folio (so all the excess OBC would be refunded to my credit card)--the first cruise (18 months ago) all four of us got the combined total of mariner days, but on the second cruise (four months ago) it was split appropriately. Well, it was nice while it lasted.....
  4. Please let us know what he says. I like my PCC although response time is 2 or 3 days, and I always have to leave a msg on the answering machine. But I get a direct response rather than calling the Big Box Store, waiting on hold, and then getting patched into a 3-way call. Responding to other posts, to clarify as I've seen a couple of different interpretations, the form clearly says "Bookings may only be transferred within 60 days of booking creation so long as (a) the request is made outside the Final Payment period and (b) the booking is not paid in full." (I suspect there is a transition period as my May 2018 booking for July 2019 was transferred.) PS. Just tried to call BBS and the wait time for HAL is 67 minutes...... I suspect they are slammed.
  5. I suspect my request to transfer bookings made in May 2018 have been transferred to the big box store although I have not been able to get through to Big Box Store to confirm. I sent the transfer requests (one for us and one for the daughters) via email to the office that is managing the transfer requests. Now, three hours later, when I look at the booking on HAL and look at payment schedule, it says to contact "your booking agent" to see the payment schedule. Another booking I just made last week and have not sent a transfer request gives me a link to "Manage payments" in the same space. There was no "proposal," Just a space to enter a "reason for transfer (for quality assurance purposes)."
  6. The PCC's are still confused. Here is what I got in an email just now: You are correct – bookings now have to be transferred 60days before the sail date.
  7. Are those of us who made a reservation more than 60 days ago grandfathered or are we out of luck?
  8. #1 This is the Holland America forum. Are you taking a Princess cruise? #2 You will probably find lots of good information on the Ports forum instead of the general cruiseline forum.
  9. I've been meaning to do 'ignore' for some time, but today is the day. Bye-bye, Hawaiidan.
  10. No!! Now you are all prepared and ready to go! One thing you can check off the "to do" list! And no, it doesn't cost anything to use the app on board but it does provide a gateway to sign up for the paid internet access. And apparently you can now pre-purchase internet before boarding (which doesn't do us any good as we have an internet credit for the next cruise).
  11. I love it when I board and login on my phone and it pops up with the user id and login from my last two or three cruises as options for logging in. And yes, my husband downloaded the app and agreed it's not very useful until you're on board.
  12. You will enjoy your Neptune suite! If you use the search box near the top of the screen on this page, you can search for "Neptune", click on "This forum" and many discussions will show up with information specific to Neptune suites. All the HAL ships have the same Neptune benefits with the exception of the Nieuw Statendam (and perhaps the Konigsdam) which are testing the Club Orange concept. Enjoy the experience--we always do. (And remember, the concierges in the lounge can answer all your questions.)
  13. Very similar to what I wear on gala nights for a European cruise with a pair of flowy, palazzo pants. I always feel like I fit in.
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