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    HAL Platinum and hotel on your own

    Read the fine print, I think once you step on the HAL procured flight, your Platinum HAL insurance takes effect. Or just look on the HAL website: Our Platinum Cancellation Protection Plan (CPP Platinum) enables you to supplement the benefits provided under the CPP Standard Plan with higher cancellation reimbursement and extends the eligible cancellation period up until the start of your scheduled travel (sea, land and/or air) arrangements made by Holland America Line.
  2. oceanmom


    Seems like aft cabins are in the dining room, our extremely forward cabin on deck 10 was in the showroom, and our kids in a midship cabin lucked out and got the Grand Dutch Cafe.
  3. oceanmom

    Large pamphlet about HAL

    I've ordered one several times and never received it so don't count on waiting for it to be sent.
  4. oceanmom

    Complimentary tote bags

    The last couple of cruises in the last year Neptune Suites have gotten a very nice tote bag--or else the stewards like us. And when I was clearing out my parents' house when they moved into memory care, I found one of those nice canvas bags. Score!!
  5. oceanmom

    What happened on Oosterdam 31 Jan 19?

    We had the same type of blood donor request on the Nieuw Statendam Christmas cruise.
  6. oceanmom

    Luggage Direct in FLL

    We flew out of FLL last month and did not have TSA Precheck on our boarding passes even though we had it flying into FLL, had first class tickets, and have had TSA precheck on every flight for the last several years. Might just be a FLL thing as we didn't see anyone in the precheck line areas.
  7. Never tried #1. #2--Last year we were allowed to buy a future cruise deposit on-board for our daughters when we were at the same time booking a new cruise and booking a cabin for them as well as one for us. Needed to sign a paper at the time that stated they were family members.
  8. oceanmom

    Koningsdam Tile Misprint

    Yes, same --with the addition of " & Nieuw Statendam" on the bottom. If it's a misprint, there's a whole lot of them out there.
  9. Yes, but the rest of them were courteous enough to not kick off whoever the culprit was. Instead they would wait or seek out the culprit in another cabin or cabana or wherever to make sure that individual wasn't in the middle of something first.
  10. I was concerned about flight times with 9 ships in port (24,000 passengers off and 24,000 on that day), so we did a four hour history/boat tour and were delivered to the airport at 1 PM for our 3PM flights. It was interesting. And regarding the luggage straps--we've used strips of fabric usually bright orange or some odd color, tie them to the luggage handle and cut them off leaving a 4 or 5" tail. Super easy to find all our luggage--and occasionally find all the family bags grouped together.
  11. We had four family members using the same package--and ran into the same problem with Mom (me ) not always logging out completely.......They forgave me--since I was the one paying for the package.......Next summer they'll have their own internet credits and buy their own package.
  12. oceanmom

    Meclizine in Gift Shop?

    On our Nieuw Statendam Christmas cruise, it was $1 for two pills if I overheard the conversation correctly.
  13. It is my understanding that the website has been upgraded so that inadvertently cancelling your booked flights is difficult. Now it requires pushing a button to change/cancel flights. I haven't tested it yet because I'm happy with the flights and the price I have. Three of us flying Business Class to Europe from the west coast for the same price as one Business Class ticket on the airline's website.
  14. oceanmom

    HAL White Pass excursions

    We agree. A great experience. (Morning menu included mimosas, smoked salmon, quiche....)
  15. oceanmom

    Cost of WIFI package on NS

    We had the Surf plan for $99 for 7 day cruise.