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  1. Once in your life, you should do the luxury car on the White Pass train. Leather swivel chairs, tour guide in the car with you, mimosas and other goodies, no crowding, it was great! I think there were 12 of us in all.
  2. It is not a wrap-around deck cabin. The link below should take you to a map of that deck of the ship, you can zoom in to the aft/mid/forward sections of the ship. The cabin is next to an exterior door with a stairway to the Lido deck and the Retreat area. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/cruise-ships/ms-rotterdam/6.html
  3. May 2018 there was no priority boarding for Neptunes in Vancouver BC. The most chaotic, lengthy boarding ever.
  4. The process of transfers to a TA changed in April, 2019. I can confirm the $2100 and $2800 refundable OBC from a TA. We have two cabins (Vista and Neptune) booked on an upcoming 14 day cruise and will have $3,000 in refundable OBC (based on cruise cabin cost only) plus $2200 in cash or check rebates (calculation includes air and hotel) from the big box store due to using the store travel agency and store credit card.
  5. We found getting on the ship in Vancouver BC was not the easiest embarkation experience (sent hither and yon all over the building) but getting off was so easy. Wish it had been the other way around.
  6. (Love my Starfish leggings, too.)
  7. I've booked Signature Suites twice and both times got impossible to refuse upsell offers to a Neptune.
  8. (And the flower cooler is also used as the morgue when required.)
  9. Depends on the airline. Delta has shown us as confirmed ever since we booked 11 months out. Haven't checked for price changes on FlightEase as the FlightEase price is less than half of any of the published fares I've seen on Delta's website during the last nine months. If I had seen any changes in flight times/prices that caused me distress, I would have called FlightEase to deal with them but I don't book short layovers especially when going through customs/immigration. The names on the tickets should be what your FlightEase confirmation shows so you should deal with problems at that time.
  10. We received that new bag on the Nieuw Statendam in December in a Neptune. Daughters in a Vista did not.
  11. There is hope!! I just (June 9) received an email response from the Mariner Society for an email I sent on May 3 with several issues. They say "We apologize that an unexpected increase in email inquiries resulted in a delayed response time."
  12. We've cancelled two different cruises and the Future Cruise Deposits went back into our HAL FCD bank.
  13. Laundry has been reported to be $7 per day for unlimited and $20 per bag in US waters, and $9 per day and $30 per bag in Europe. Hmmm, wonder what it is in Asia/S. America/Africa, etc? We usually book a Neptune which has laundry included and are approaching 4* which gets free laundry...
  14. Safest to call Flight Ease with the number on your confirmation to check on options.
  15. Same price. Just need to mark the laundry slip the first time you send out the blue bag of laundry for unlimited or by the bag.
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