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  1. Nope, I always have problems with Firefox and have to switch to Edge. 😀
  2. My PCC also transferred to another office at HAL. (I still haven't gotten a formal notice about the change in PCC nor have I heard anything from the new PCC.) So I called the reservation line to make a reservation and it was a total disaster. She didn't know how to do FCDs, I wanted to give my husband's mariner number but she said she didn't need it, so he did not get the FCD OBC, she spent a lot of time mumbling "I don't think I should have done that". When I got the emailed confirmation, I found I was charged for transfers which I specifically declined, along with three other problems. When I called to cancel the reservation, I got a top notch agent. Luckily, this agent asked if I would participate in a survey so she got a top score from me. The first agent never offered the survey--but I have her name written down....
  3. I'd suggest avoiding the issue at check-in as I believe those are port employees? and not able to deal with printing new cards, etc. If talking to the PCC route doesn't work--which was a different situation, wait until you are on-board and work out the key issue there. We have often had extra keys made for our daughters or us to have access to the other cabin. Do not just switch cards with each other if you try to get off the ship or for specialty dining or even the MDR as the photos pop up on the computer screen and questions may arise (as SunNFun says above). The extra keys were plain white. It may be a hassle for you, but we have been able to have the room folios (on-board accounts) all put on one room and then we sort out who owes who how much later (although we do it to have the refundable OBC all go to us since we pay for the second cabin). The folio will show the name of the person who is making the charge to the account. Hopefully your cabins are next to each other so the kids will go in the same lifeboat as their parents.
  4. Agree with the idea to go with a TA, perhaps a local TA who could guide the recipient to the appropriate cruise line for the individual as well as make all the arrangements. Sorry you got a snarky PCC, that has not been my experience. I did get an obviously untrained, new, id*** agent on the HAL reservations line the other day, finished the transaction, discovered several errors on the email confirmation form, called back and got a very impressive agent who did a wonderful job (and was appropriately commended by me on the survey at the end of the call).
  5. And, HAL titles it a "Guest Booking Confirmation" 😀
  6. Or the port agents who do the check-in were gracious....
  7. Unfortunately it does not. Nor pre- or post-cruise hotel packages.
  8. Sixty days from booking is the new rule. I'd work on getting the Caribbean one transferred now as there has been grandfathering going on for cruises booked before the April implementation of the new rule--but who knows how long that will be allowed.
  9. With all due respect, we had an issue in FLL at Christmas where the three transfers for members of our traveling group were supposed to be one thing, but the transfer agent--not HAL--really messed up on all three. Yes, it could be construed to be HAL's fault as they had the contract with the agent providing the transfers. The vast majority of the time it probably works the way HAL understands it is going to work, but sometimes there may be a problem (a few too many people for one bus?) and you were the unfortunate victims. I trust you have made a written complaint to HAL.
  10. I have often changed (cancelled and sometimes rebooked) tours, cabana reservations, and dinner reservations booked on-line up until a week before cruising with no problems. Credited to the credit card used for when the tour/cabana/dinner reservation was made. Worst case scenario regarding OBC, the unused portion will be refunded at the end of the cruise since it is refundable OBC. If you cancel the cruise, everything pre-purchased is immediately refunded.
  11. and I'm still waiting for a response from two weeks ago where I asked a question which should have had a simple answer.
  12. I'll be honest, this is one of the reasons I book with HAL first and then transfer to a TA--I have the HAL confirmation of what they're selling me, at what price, any promotions, and I have it in writing directly from HAL. Just my personal preference to do it this way.
  13. But you do get two yoga mats and 3 bottles of Vitamin water!! At least that's what we got when our guarantee ended up a spa cabin on NS at Christmas. Oh, and the cabin was at the front of the ship so a bouncier ride than farther back. Don't do it.
  14. I don't get any offers, but usually have at least one cruise booked at any time. They aren't trying to entice me to cruise which might be the purpose of email or snail mail special offers. I do have HAL on Facebook which is the way I find out about some special offers.
  15. Someone should be able to find the link to the form that you need to fill in to do the transfer to the TA. I'm sure the link is on the other thread, and then the form is emailed/faxed to the World/Grand Cruise office. Perhaps communicating with the correct office is the trick. (In the middle of preparing dinner and not enough time to find the link)
  16. I would book now with a refundable deposit and see what you can get in July. Just be sure to ask for all available pricing in July--refundable or nonrefundable and with or without promos. And by booking earlier, you might have a better choice of cabin. I already booked a cruise for 2020 and another for 2021 with the $1 deposits last week primarily to get my choice of cabin and the Early Booking Bonus promo. I will keep an eye on prices and perhaps rebook later.
  17. It all depends. Most find that one-way or international prices are better. Domestic US not always. Best to do your research before working with FlightEase. Or occasionally there will be air credit promos, or sometimes I have found that calling FlightEase or HAL's flight department, they have special sales. Good luck. One thing I like is booking the flight on FlightEase and not paying until the final cruise payment is made when I use the flexible pricing--which we always do so we can make changes if needed.
  18. Repeating: NO NEED TO TRASH ANY PLAN. Just because one doesn't work for you, doesn't mean it won't be perfect for someone else with different needs. Read the terms of each one you are considering carefully. Just because HAL platinum works best for me depending on how much we are paying for the cruise or who is going on the cruise with us, doesn't mean it will be best for you at this particular time. AND just because one insurance plan wasn't the best at one time, doesn't mean it might not be the best for this one particular cruise.
  19. The Early Booking Bonus came with both of the cruises I booked for 2020 and 2021.
  20. Loved this tour. We did it as a family of four and they were very careful that we each got a different cookbook. (And I ended up with all four of them!)
  21. My husband enjoyed Club Orange on our Christmas cruise. I am not a breakfast person, and since we were traveling with a family group did not go for dinner. Some of us do enjoy the "watching the chef prepare our meal."
  22. You don't need to book the laundry package ahead of time. Just mark it on the first bag of laundry you send out on board.
  23. @bartexas catl331 responded, and as the last sentence in your quote above, the Onboard Spending paragraph says: Thank you for your courteously worded question.
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