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  1. Hmmm, none of my pre-paid purchases show up on my on-board statement (for a cruise that ended 3 days ago) although they have been included in the calculation for Mariner points based on past experience. The items that have shown up in the past as both a debit/credit have been HAL promotional items although this time only the gratuities did but not the internet credit nor the Dine-around package--both included in the Early Booking Bonus.
  2. Just off the Rotterdam 3 days ago. I needed those day of the week elevator carpets!
  3. Rotterdam experience with Neptune suite water bottles. Just returned from the 14 day Scottish Highlands cruise. I noticed that once we finished the initial two bottles of water as well as the bottle of sparkling wine, two new bottles of water appeared along with one of the half-bottles of wine from the mini-bar placed by the beverage person on top of the counter. Then when we finished those two new bottles of water, two more appeared. Didn't drink the half-bottle of wine.
  4. Or, as we did May 2018 after this new policy was in place, we could purchase FCDs for our daughters (who were not on our cruise) because I was booking a cabin for them in addition to a cabin for us on this summer 2019 cruise (six days from now and counting). I was told this was only good for family members for whom I was making a booking on the same cruise I was booking. I needed to sign a form for this.
  5. Wrong. But you can't purchase the FCD from the TA, it needs to be purchased from HAL while on the ship.
  6. We did a nice HAL excursion that took us to several historical sites in FLL before our mid-afternoon flights. It was good to get some walking done before flights back to the west coast.
  7. I've not been able to print luggage tags for the last couple of years--until last month when they printed without any problems. See you Sunday if you're on the Rotterdam.
  8. Our experience over the last two cruises in Neptune suites is the regular chocolates most nights, the LaBelge truffles on Gala nights, and the "Sleep" ones (yummy I thought) nightly in the Neptune Spa suite. Perhaps the Pinnacle suites get the truffles every night? Or maybe 5***** get the truffles???
  9. Hopefully you will have a better experience than we did. She changed the meeting times on short notice a total of 4 times before we actually met.
  10. Not sure I'll be buying any clothing in the shops anymore.....
  11. Good to know the current policy. Two years ago I asked on the Rotterdam and they accepted a bag of freshly laundered slightly used pants and tops, along with a pair of shoes so I was planning to do the same thing on a cruise next month. On the other hand, I can see where this could get to be a storage problem quickly. PS> What do the shops do with the "loaner clothing from the shops" once the missing luggage shows up??
  12. Having lived in many parts of the US and visiting many parts of the world, what is "very normal" in one place is out-of-place somewhere else even in the US. I think HAL is trying to set a consistent tone.
  13. I understand from other posters on the HAL board that you have the hotel-ship transfer included if you purchased the Movenpick as a pre-cruise stay through HAL--they will pick up your luggage at your hotel room door around 8AM (or earlier or later?) and transfer it to the ship. You will have to carry your own carry-on bags with you. I'll try to remember to report back in three weeks....
  14. Ditto Ruth C. second post above. The credit card company you used to purchase the future cruise deposits did not accept the refund to that credit card--probably because it no longer exists--so you received a check instead of the credit card refund.
  15. I am a wimp. With your option of a 75 minute train ride plus a taxi as opposed to waiting at the airport for 2ish hours, I would opt for the HAL transfer since they have responsibility for getting you to the ship before it leaves. The train/taxi combo makes it your responsibility to get to the ship before it leaves. Again, I am a wimp and want to get to the ship with the least stress to me....
  16. Perhaps this conversation now needs to move to the Cruise Air forum or over to FlyerTalk forums, a cousin of Cruise Critic.
  17. And I just got a Delta ticket receipt that had the dollar amounts all listed including the base ticket price plus a multitude of taxes and fees.
  18. Never the last cruise of the season so usually mid-September like the 8th to the 22th timeframe. We were never in a wall of white or a wall of water, but it could be cool and damp. Liked that we could get closer to glaciers and even went places you couldn't go earlier in the season due to too much ice or wildlife nesting/babies.
  19. Or the weather is sometimes dry and warmish. Or coolish and a little damp. The times we've gone late, it might be cloudy and a little drizzle but it's also been among the best trips. It kind of depends on what kind of weather you're used to.
  20. This usually depends on the airline involved. And it is the airline being flown, not the one that ticketed the flight that controls the seats. (Example--Delta ticket for a Westjet flight) We were able to choose seats via the airline website using the airline confirmation number given to us on the FlightEase confirmation page at that time (10 months out). A ticket number showed up on the United site about 40 days before the flights, and the Delta ticket numbers showed up about 35 days before the flight to Europe.
  21. I suspect some/much of this is port management, not HAL, as well as changes in procedures at different times. HAL has information on how things are supposed to be done, the port/CBP may be more lenient than the rules says at random times. Customs and Border Control (on both sides of the border) like to shake things up once in a while not to cause us inconvenience but to catch those trying to do something they shouldn't.
  22. There may be HI state restrictions on how close ships, particularly large cruise ships, can be to the coastline.
  23. Yes, likely not a HAL "distinctive voyage" but a TA group cruise with special events for those who book with that Travel Agent, similar to a *** (auto club) concierge cruise where a block of rooms and events are organized/reserved for those booking with that TA.
  24. Your TA OBC shows up on your confirmation from the big box store. It will not show up on the HAL website.
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