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  1. Same question here - we're booked on Silhouette before the takeover and have some treatments scheduled....
  2. We made the switch from Royal to X as well although we are not quite the status you are. In addition to everything others have mentioned, overall it's just a more refined atmosphere although it's not like Viking, Oceana, etc - the smaller luxury ships. The food quality is better, too. We do miss the entertainment choices on Royal, and marvel at the engineering of their huge ships but it's not enough to keep us there. Until we have grandchildren, that is - then I'm sure we'll be back to Royal. Enjoy every minute!
  3. Same here. We just got the Bid Up Offer and for $450 minimum to go from a well-located Verandah to AQ, I think we'll be okay and I get get some fancy cocktails off the package! I'm too controlling to risk a cabin too far forward or possibly under something noisy. Sure do wish we could sample Blu and....Luminae some other way!
  4. I get motion sick and found midship and decks 7 and 8 to be best - I'm grateful for today's stabilizers! I cruised a lot as a child (in olden times lol) and was sick on every one! I've been using Scop patches for a few years and they are a godsend. Removes the worry and the bonus is that I'm not susceptible during any land travel that we do. If they work for astronauts hurtling through space, a cruise is child's play. Have a wonderful trip!
  5. Ship: Silhouette Length of Cruise: 9 days Cruise Sail Date: 03/6/2020 Date email offer received: 12/22 Captain’s Club Tier [“PREVIEW” = first Celebrity Cruise]: Classic Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: Celebrity then transferred to TA Current Cabin: Verandah Bid? Yes/No: No General Comments (offer details, etc.) - We'd been considering bidding for AQ but after doing some research here decided we're really happy with our centrally located cabin under and over other cabins - we learned that we couldn't choose our AQ location. We would have done it only to experience Blu but have read mixed reviews about it being worth the cost of an upgrade. With a 3 Specialty package, we also enjoy the dining room and buffet, so we'll spend that money on upgrading to drinks not in our package! Minimums: RS $1530/pp CS $1000/pp SS $755/pp AQ $200/pp CC $100/pp
  6. We're considering bidding on an upgrade to Aqua on our S-Class cruise just for the sake of trying Blu. I've read mixed reviews of Blu on CC so don't want to go "overboard" and want to make a rational decision. What would you all say is a reasonable additional bid for a 9 night cruise? We've already purchased a 3-night specialty package. Our Verandah cabin is in a great location on Deck 8 - the AQ cabins showing currently available are on 11 under the pool deck, Solarium and fitness center. Is there a noise concern when under those areas? We've always been under cabins only. Thank you!
  7. We’re considering a buy up from verandah to aqua on an upcoming s class 9 night. We’re perfectly happy in our current space but curious about Blu. We already have a 3 specialty package. I’m curious about location - are cabins below the pool deck extra noisy? What other deck 11 locations would be concerns? I was thinking $200/person top bid. Is that too high?
  8. YAY! Following - we're on this itinerary in March! This will help me get through some of the wait. Bon voyage!
  9. Raw on Five was our favorite meal of the entire cruise. And the outside deck on Eden was a lovely secret location, shaded, tables, quiet - to have food from the Eden Cafe. Secret stairs at rear right through a door in the Destination Gateway take you straight to the Martini Bar for a post-port cocktail! Really enjoyed the ship. People look for things to the about but the ship is stunning and service outstanding. Enjoy!
  10. Interesting that doesn't mention the refresh of the buffet.
  11. Thanks everyone. I think I feel better 😉 I do agree about the Retreat Sundeck being a step backwards instead of a step forwards. However, I'm looking forward to new soft goods and a refreshed feel. We were on the Edge 3 months after it launched and it had that "new car smell" which we enjoyed, despite all the controversial improvements. So if she's refreshed by our March cruise, we're good!
  12. OH. Good heavens, that's such a simple fix. How annoying. Thank you for the reassurance!
  13. But - the ship's web page still has the date as January. So......what's going on?
  14. When I go to the Celebrity site, and look at Silhouette deck plans, on the right above the plans are dates - one set of dates is 3/19 - 4/20, and the drop down option is 5/20 - 3/21. The drop down changes the plan to include things like the Retreat Sundeck instead of the Solstice Deck, just as an example. Please take a look and tell me I'm hallucinating! That wold be welcome news. If the date is indeed changed, that means we are dealing with, at the least, soft goods that are about to be replaced, among other things. I've worked in good hotels where pre-renovation the tiredness of furnishings is extreme. We were looking forward to a refreshed ship.
  15. Just looking at the deck plans and it appears Silhouette will now be "Revolutionized" between April and May 2020. We are cruising in March and the original schedule had her in dry dock in February. So we're really disappointed, as we thought we'd booked on a refreshed ship. Now it's likely everything will be ready to go into the recycling bin. This hasn't fully sunk in yet. Does anyone have information on this? So upset.
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