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  1. 1. Escargot - a traditional cruise appetizer 2. Buffet breakfast with smoked salmon and condiments, fruit salad and mini-waffles 3. Warm chocolate chip cookie at Lawn Club 4. As much salad as I can eat without having to prep it
  2. Ah that's an interesting theory. I'm not sure how far we were between MIA and the Bahamas for instance, but it certainly would have been more efficient to stop somewhere en route and dump them off. But what do I know?
  3. OMG people. Can we just address my question w facts? Yeesh.
  4. Put what out there? I'm the OP - you mean the Canada/free stuff? Not me. Back to the original subject, we haven't received our refunds either. We were planning on waiting until around 60 days and then calling them. Surely they're overwhelmed. @Argo. I think I may have see your photos onboard. What in the heck would cause a ship with 3000 pax to turn around for a second time to let to seemingly healthy folks walk off the ship who then proceeded to take smiling selfies? And tote their own luggage?
  5. Some insomniac Facebook browsing led me to learn that Canadian travelers received notification of COVID pax diagnoses within days after we disembarked, vs the close to two weeks' wait for notification for U.S. pax. I know there has been talk about this discrepancy in other posts, but can you please enlighten me as to why? Is it solely due to better Canadian governmental diligence? I know Canada shared more information about affected flyers and other cruisers. I also learned from the posts that at least 10 Canadians became ill after disembarking. I myself am still getting over no taste and smell 6 weeks later, after it starting 3 days after we disembarked. I certainly consider myself lucky and would indeed cruise again with additional measures in place. I also learned that there were actually two deaths the first night - the tragic overboard fall and a seizure victim (who we think we saw experiencing this in the MDR 😞). Yet we still remain in the dark about the second return to Miami where two completely ambulatory travelers disembarked. I understand and respect privacy concerns but am haunted by these incidences. The informational discrepancy between Canada and the U.S. is obviously not about privacy. And to date, we have still not received our partial refund. We're being very patient as we have empathy for the staff and processing time. We are just ready to have some closure.
  6. I do think they buried the lead by putting the last paragraph, which mentioned air travel and theme parks, last. I am tired of cruise lines getting so much negative media coverage vis a vis the virus vs airlines and theme parks. As a household of journalists we understand why it gets the coverage it does, because it's visual, intriguing, dramatic. If I hear "petri dish" one more time.... Regardless of revenues, taxes and where paid, impact on employment, etc - anyplace that's closely packed should share the blame for spreading the virus. I don't know how I'm going to deal with getting on an elevator when we're allowed to go back to our 22-story office building. I won't be taking the stairs to 19. If there were a way to do it, which there is not, comparing the % of travelers infected on planes to travelers infected on cruises would be interesting. As I've said on other threads, the one time I had noro it came from a plane, no cruise in sight.
  7. Sent to me by my beloved TA https://cruising.org/news-and-research/press-room/2020/april/clia-statement-regarding-no-sail-order?fbclid=IwAR1FOFhqhVDCF-K8hVUqYQJS7KColHBAwv-dJItxsl5DZvtVrqWr6UQ_Tvs
  8. We've got our fingers crossed that we can safely travel out of FLL next March on Equinox. What "safely" entails, we're waiting to determine.
  9. Thank you. Everything I've found leans in one direction or another depending on the source. Love the Conservancy link and will head there.
  10. I wasn't sure where this would get the most attention so since we are X cruisers and y'all are so smart, I thought I'd start here. Trying to find an accurate, neutral resource with stats about cruise pollution. On our cruises we've been told, for instance, that wastewater is processed and released completely cleaned into the ocean. Some websites will say they dump raw sewage into the ocean. I follow Daily Overview on Instagram and their recent post about the Baltic Sea was really disturbing, We're generally very supportive of the environment and our kids are pressuring us about cruising - I need to find the accurate stats. We won't get into a debate here, just would love some real information. Thanks in advance.
  11. Babb, wish your fellow Celebrity cruisers were nearby to help! I have been baking (very unusual for me) so would love to share my scones - better you eat them than us! The Quarantine 15 is encroaching here and the diet starts tomorrow! In New England we are doing well, considering. Our bucolic town has one case. Not counting me, I suppose - I have had no sense of taste or smell for over 2 weeks now. The head clog and earache seem to have dissipated. I had a virtual visit with the doctor which was a waste of time - they won't test me, which I understand, but they also had no words of wisdom, really. Who does? If this is "it" I'm grateful it's mild. We were off the Silhouette on 3/15 but IF I have "it" it came from the throbbing mass of humanity at the airport and on the flights home. I am enjoying working from home and so fortunate to do so, and my husband has to go out as he is media but they are doing an exceptional job of distancing and restricting. He assumes he's a carrier because of me, so is being even more stringent. Mentally work is good for him but the 24/7 C19 coverage is getting to him for sure. I make him take a long walk when he gets home and don't let him turn on the news when he's off work. I have been watching the Tale of Two Holland America ships and the Coral Princess and my heart breaks for everyone involved. What terrible ordeals. These ppl leaving on trips of a lifetime and then the world turns upside down. I think of them all every day and hope they can put this nightmare past them and heal physically and mentally. See you back on Celebrity....whenever that may be.
  12. I've been using a glove at the buffet for years. It's about time everyone caught on.
  13. So Channel 7 reported 29 staying on Zaan w symptoms, 14 being taken to local hospitals. I find the contrast between the ships so sad - Rotterdam with pax on balconies waving - Zaandam barren. I understand fewer pax but still, symbolic. So so sad. LOVE the greeters and airhorns around the Port.
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