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  1. We haven't bothered until recently. However, with nearly 50 days onboard, I reckoned that our chances of missing at least one port was quite high this year. The first, shorter, cruise passed uneventfully but we still have the longer one to go.

  2. 3 hours ago, Megabear2 said:

    I have now signed up.  In the first things to do is a section to introduce yourself.  Since 1 June there are 41 new members doing so.


    Could it perhaps be that they limit the time of membership and introduce new people to get different opinions?


    I did email direct for further information and received a reply in 2 hours explaining the role.

    Yes, I wonder if they are starting again with new people. Different people, different opinions.


    The zoom interview I did was about having the special needs form filled in on-line (before it was rolled out in practice) so it seems genuine.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Megabear2 said:

    So your original confirmation did not show it?  Without dragging back through this thread I have two bookings, one showing one to one, the other not.  I completed the same form on booking for both but for the one that did not have one to one at the point of booking submitted a second form amending our request to match the first one.  No new confirmation has been received for that second one, only the cruise personaliser has noted the form date of submission.


    The first booked cruise is Ddcember 2024 the second one is August 2024.


    I've just recently paid my balance and just checked my confirmation after reading your comment.  It does not show one to one. 


    So now do I rock the boat and contact them when I get home on Friday or do I chance it with the screenshot and print out of the form?  I cannot help but think of the OP back in early May with his second form submission.

    That is correct. It was not a requirement when I originally booked  but I did get an email telling me that I had to complete the on-line form, even if I had already done this via email. After I did  this, my TA sent me an updated booking confirmation with the 1:1 assistance documented.

  4. 1 hour ago, Megabear2 said:

    That appears regardless of any acknowledgement.  It goes on the reservation at day 1 but the closest they come to acknowledgement of your completing the form is in your cruise personalised where it states form submitted X date.


    When I booked prior to this requirement, then submitted the form under the new system, I got a revised booking confirmation with the 1:1 assistance documented.

  5. 25 minutes ago, Megabear2 said:

    Well I do love a nice garden .. the plastic olive trees here in the Pavillion are truly spectacular...


    I'm typing on my phone which with my arthritic fingers is interesting, basically I'm too lazy to swap to tablet.


    Ah, I had thought it was down to the dreaded autocarrot!

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  6. Selbourne, I am really sorry that what should have been a relaxing break has ended up causing you health problems of your own! I would have thought that grab rails on both sides of toilets and showers should be a minimum requirement of something designated 'accessible'. 


    One of the things I love about cruising with my electric chair is that it usually gives hubby and I the freedom to go off and do our own thing, knowing that I can be independent. Lack of such basic features reduces, if not completely removes, that independence. We have Queen Anne booked for next year but will have keep a close eye on reviews to see whether or not we want to cancel.

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  7. I am very disappointed to hear that, on a brand new ship, accessibility features are so poor. Things like signage can be changed, but the lack of automatic cabin/balcony doors is really not acceptable ☹️

  8. We disembarked Aurora on Friday and the Captain said that both gastro-intestinal and respiratory conditions were prevalent. We certainly saw evidence of the former with people suddenly becoming unwell whilst in public spaces.


    We thought we were in the clear but I spent Friday night vomiting, was just glad that it was short-lived and waited until we got home!

  9. Some cruiselines, including P+O, are now stipulating that people who use wheelchairs and scooters must be allocated an 'evac chair' and member/s of crew in case of emergency. I would imagine that this does necessitate some sort of 'quota' as these members of the crew will not be available for other emergency duties.

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  10. I'm sorry that you experienced this. Noro is bad enough at the best of times - and being alone, far from home must be particularly hard. I completely understand that this might have made you reluctant to cruise again, especially if this was your first time.


    In all fairness, it's not only cruise ships that get Noro outbreaks. It happens anywhere people are in close proximity for extended periods, including schools, hospitals etc. Of course, the same goes for cough, colds, flu, Covid and such like. Even so, many posters here have clocked up dozens, if not hundreds, of cruises without getting ill, so it certainly isn't inevitable.

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  11. When the speciality dining is open for bookings can be rather variable. We are embarking on our next cruise in 2 weeks time (we should be onboard and under way in exactly 2 weeks time 🙂) and we were able to book speciality dining yesterday afternoon. Yet I have heard other people say that it hasn't been available until well into day -14 for them, so look early and keep trying if it isn't open.

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  12. As well as physical comfort, the answer will also depend on how your mother feels about being pushed around (literally!). I utterly hate the lack of independence associated with this and will always choose my powerchair over a manual chair. Think also about the respective weights of the chairs as someone will have to lift it in and out of taxis etc (although one would hope that the drivers would do this).

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  13. I will add my heartfelt thanks for the time and work you have put into this 'Live from'. As a wheelchair user, I have been particularly interested in your comments about accessibility at ports (and have come to the conclusion that the Caribbean is not for us).


    I wish you a safe journey home even though, like others, I will be bereft of reading material in the mornings once you get back. 




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