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  1. Our Baltic cruise was in September. Unusually, it was warm and sunny nearly every day - in fact, I got sunburned in Copenhagen. We're going again in July next year and I confidently predict that the weather will be completely unpredictable!
  2. I really hope this is just an unfounded rumour! We had MDR lunch most days on our recent Arcadia cruise and there was plenty of choice - small plates, larger meals, a couple of sandwiches/baguettes, salads and a 'sharing plate' each day (that could be ordered for a lone diner if no-one wanted to share). The choices often included a spicy dish, fish and chips and one of the sharing plate options was a ploughman's. I don't enjoy The Scrum at the best of times but find it particularly difficult as my mobility gets worse, even with help from the crew.
  3. With a few cruise ships in port on the same day, there was a huge queue for the funicular in the morning. However, there are 2 cars running continuously and we really didn't have to wait as long as we feared. For anyone in a wheelchair, you need to send someone ahead to alert a member of staff as the 'normal' entrance is up a few steps. There is a step-free route around the side but someone needs to open the gate from inside.
  4. We visited St John's, Newfoundland, last month. It was bitterly cold! The town is also very hilly, my electric wheelchair was unable to cope with the incline. We visited the GeoCentre on Signal Hill. It has displays explaining the geology of the area and also a very informative Titanic exhibition. The cafe and gift shop were worth a visit too. The high spot for me was the 2 Newfoundland dogs that met us on the quay
  5. We recently returned from Quebec (and I use a small powerchair). IMHO, the hills were more troublesome than the cobbles, although my teeth did rattle at times!
  6. I find it painful to sit for long and we live less than an hour from the nearest cruise port. So, for me, the biggest advantage of cruising is that I just have to get to the port and then the world comes to me. Of course, I love cruising anyway, which is why it works so well for me. Lots of new people to meet; entertainment laid on if I want it; the ability to be almost completely independent onboard so that OH and I can do our own thing (I have a disability); a good cocktail menu; new foods to try etc
  7. Thank you for coming back to let us know how you all got on. I'm glad you had a great cruise and hope it is just the first of many.
  8. What a very handsome figure you cut Richard. May I ask, was your good lady also in the services? I ask because you look similar to a couple with whom we were lucky to share a dinner table early in the cruise.
  9. Yes, I am looking forward to reading your review. I really felt that the effort of getting myself and my chair into the tender was more than I wanted to expend!
  10. We were on the same cruise as Richard, so I look forward to reading his review.
  11. I have just returned from a trip on Arcadia which had 1 tender port. I got a letter asking me to attend a meeting in the theatre, near the beginning of the cruise, if I wished to use the tender. I assumed this was because I was in an accessible cabin, I don't know who else got the letter. Nor do I know how the people who 'passed' the step test were identified when people actually went ashore (I didn't bother as there was nothing much at the port anyway).
  12. No can do. We had 7 formal nights on our recent Arcadia cruise
  13. We have just returned from a round-trip Southampton/Canada and the sea was calmer than when crossing the BoB, so rough seas are not a given.
  14. We have just returned from 24 days on Arcadia. Like the OP, we were last on her 10 years ago. . One difference is that there is now an atrium - of sorts. However, unlike other ships, this is not a big space and is certainly not the central point of the ship. The only other thing is that there seemed to be a lot of (internal) leaks. Almost every day there was a dehumidifier in another place and some areas smelled very musty. However, we will be back on her again next year without any qualms!
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