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  1. We should have been on that Baltics cruise with you now. One of the things I was really looking forward to, along with the overnight in Oslo, was visiting Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We have rebooked for next year but are not due to visit any of those places (although there are places new to us, which is why we chose that particular option) 😞
  2. I'm trying to look on the bright side - this is the first cruise for years where I haven't suffered from sea-sickness!
  3. I have a friend who is currently floating around on Coral Princess, her 14 day S America cruise has already lasted 30 days and she is still not sure when they are going to be able to disembark.
  4. Note 3 of the OP suggests that this won't be possible.
  5. Many, if not most, of the posters here are from the USA where they do not have a PAYE system like ours. Everyone has to file a tax return each year and claim various allowances, as the self-employed do here in the UK.
  6. We are due to cruise in July and paid the balance to our TA last week. I believe we are still outside of P+O's final payment date. We paid the balance taking into account the terms that were offered for cancellation and now the goalposts have been moved. I will discuss this with OH but suspect we will probably still sit tight and wait to see what happens - I think there is a still a high chance that P+O will have to cancel anyway, but we will go if we can. Insurance is a separate issue as my annual policy is due to expire 3 days into the cruise and InsureandGo are no longer offering any coronavirus cover for new policies. My plan is to wait and see regarding this too as the current policy means I have cancellation cover, at least.
  7. I have an annual policy with Insureandgo (as I have pre-existing conditions) that is due to expire 3 days into our July* cruise. Their website says that people with existing policies are covered for coronavirus but not those taking out new policies. I tried to phone the insurer last week but lines were jammed and I couldn't get through. In the end I decided to wait and see. I still have cancellation insurance on my current policy and I hope that things will be much clearer by the end of June. At that stage I can look at all the info available and decide whether travelling is an option. If I can't get insurance to cover all likely risks, then I can't go anyway! * Currently I am not booking anything that can't be refunded but very much hoping we will be able to go - whilst bearing in mind that we might not.
  8. I can't sit comfortably for long, so taking any other kind of holiday is very difficult. If we can't take our July cruise, I think we will stay at home - we live in a lovely part of the country so that isn't a terribly hardship.
  9. We have a Baltic cruise booked for July. If that were to be cancelled I would expect it to mean that the virus is widespread, so no-where would be especially 'safe'. I think we would stay at home, as we live in a lovely area, and hope to reschedule the cruise for next year.
  10. I know some people swear by these, but they did not/do not work for me.
  11. I wouldn't dream of ironing things pre-packing (not that I iron much anyway), nor of packing for my OH. We don't leave our house empty as the cat-sitter lives in, so don't have to worry about emptying fridge, bins etc. Our journey to Southampton takes less than an hour and we never fly. For me, as someone said up-thread, the worst thing is arranging the travel insurance, taking into account my pre-existing conditions. that and actually leaving the cats on the day of the cruise. And if that is the worst I have to worry about, I am truly blessed 🙂
  12. We are due to go to The Baltics on Arcadia in July and final payment is approaching rapidly (booked via TA so have earlier final payment date). OH is always a 'It won't happen to me' person but will be 70 this year and has suffered from asthma (well managed) for decades, so I am more worried about him than myself. The current plan is to pay in full and just hope that things are much clearer by July!
  13. I'm sorry, I can't offer any advice but do agree with your opinion of the new personaliser! We have been trying to look at excursions, choose a port and then excursions show up for different ports. We finally sorted out what we wanted (don't usually book much through the cruiselines) but couldn't pay for them - Put in card details, clicked on 'Continue' and was given page of T+Cs. No matter what I did, I was then sent back to payment page. Checked that everything was filled in correctly and pressed 'Continue'; got page of T+Cs and so on . . . Eventually gave in and got TA to do it for me. They share our opinion of the new personaliser 😞
  14. Alla's website say that evening programs are available only to those who have booked daytime tours. We have been to St Pete's before and my energy is limited these days, so I would like a less intensive program. It looks as if we might be limited to what the cruise line has to offer this time round.
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