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  1. Thank you Terry. I am saddened to hear how that ordeal affected Tana. Best regards. Graham.
  2. I often put 4-7lbs on during a 7 night cruise but it usually disappears when I start eating porridge, muesli,fruit and veg when we get back home. Graham.
  3. Thanks Jacqui. I think the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or Prosecco every night helped put on the weight as well as the fabulous food. Graham.
  4. Sorry to hear you were harassed by one of those busybody self proclaimed mask police Terry. I hope you are both okay now. Graham.
  5. Thanks Sandi. We were in the main speciality restaurant 4 out of our 7 nights on board and the food was amazing. Graham.
  6. Your photos are always great. We use our Huawei Android mobile phones for all our photos and videos and every single post of mine on CC has been on my mobile. I actually put 8lb in weight on during our cruise.😋😷 Graham. VID-20210911-WA0005.mp4
  7. Nice picture. I hope you have a wonderful cruise. Graham.
  8. Most of the restaurants were at the back of the ship and we were close to the rear lifts as well as the service lifts. He never came into our cabin as he stood outside and passed the tray to me. Graham
  9. I'm really sorry to hear you had these problems with your Land yacht Pat. Hopefully the fault is fixed quickly.
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