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  1. I gave our Harmony block to our CS. We were in Barcelona and we were well over our cases weight to fly home
  2. We redeemed ours in Chops Grill and Giovanni's on our Explorer of the seas cruise 10-5-19 Graham
  3. You can also redeem your drinks in speciality restaurants.
  4. We were put on 2nd sitting for our October Explorer sailing. We always pre-pay our gratuities and when I rang D+ C&A rep I said we would like MTD and he arranged this for us.
  5. That passenger was very lucky you were nearby. Do you know if he/she made a full recovery?
  6. Yes you are right regarding airfare home etc. I was told that if crew serve the full term of their contract they must be offered another contract and it is then the crew members decision if they want to return.
  7. I totally agree with you. P&O is an example. The vast majority of passengers were removing their autogratuities and bragging about it on lots of UK cruise tipping forums. Several of us regular posters who believe in autogratuities emailed P&O suggesting including tips into the fare so everyone contributed. I got a phone call from Carnival House from their guest services and suggested making tips included a sales slogan. P&O did this several months later and sales are excellent.
  8. Yes,I have always shared information I have learned. We DS think alike.
  9. I agree with you. I left school in 1973 and my first job was in a travel agency. I read all the brochure's and gleaned lots of information. Since then family members relied on me to pick hotels/flights and since I met Pauline in 1978 she has been happy for me to find holidays that we both liked. There is always information and it is easy to find out local customs like tipping in the US or dress codes on ships or hotels. With the internet now and brilliant forums like Cruise Critic and TripAdvisor it is very easy to learn to be seasoned cruisers even on your first cruise.
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