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  1. 08000523840. Ring this number at 9.15 when P&O open. Press 1 for booking direct because if you press 2 for TA they cut you off. Give your P&O confirmation ref number. Tell them today is day 63(64 tomorrow) since you cancelled.and you want to escalate your refund as per Paul Ludlows up to 60 days wait for refund. Be polite but assertive. Good luck. Graham.
  2. Most seem to be cheques now adding another 5 days credit for P&O until cheques clear. Pleased ours was Bacs.
  3. +1. Why can't they put the rubbish in litter bins or take it home?. I see litter left on beaches up here too.
  4. It would be brilliant if the virus was history soon but unfortunately I don't think it will be.
  5. Never caused any problems in my lifetime and I have crossed the border hundreds of times.
  6. UK and her US allies won the war
  7. 10% is appreciated because all waiters etc are on minimum wages of about $10 an hour in the EU and UK.
  8. I prefer driving on the right hand side of the road in Orlando when on holiday and I have driven 40,000 miles a year for 40+ years in the UK as a Sales representative. I am a generous tipper too.
  9. She can hold a finger on the photo on her phone and share it with you on WhatsApp,email,SMS etc or she could screenshot it send it that way. I do this all the time.
  10. You are being sensible and rightly so imo. I am in no rush to go back to work selling chocolate and sugar confectionery into convenience stores I opened all the calls on my area and will ring my customers.
  11. I agree,we tend to social distance better up here. It's easy to post pictures on here if you want especially with a phone. Press click to choose files and click on files then click on pictures and click on the photo you want to post then press the tick icon in the top right hand corner.
  12. Excellent news,nice to hear more Refunds coming through.
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