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  1. There was one in Vintages on the Promenade but it was empty when I called in last night There was a couple of wine waiters handing out free champagne outside Sorrento's on embarkation day. I didn't see any in the VCR when we left the DL so I just went to the bar. Maybe they think Brits prefer standing at the bar instead of tipping table service. There was a massive queue at Guest services yesterday afternoon around 3pm when we walked past so like on your cruise maybe most stopping their auto-gratituities. .
  2. Just the DL open. The DL was full last night and the VCL was empty. There was no roaming waiters in Boleros or Champagne lounge with big queues around the bar. MTD queue was well past the bridge at 8.15pm and not moving so we went to Giovanni's which was empty and used our D+ BOGO for 1st night and tonight. We are going last night too as we have 50% off that night for going there every night
  3. I thank you for your helpful posts. I think a poor captain was primarily to blame for sailing into a storm on Anthem and your first hand experience of a ships capabilities in a storm is very helpful to me. We are currently on Independence. Graham.
  4. Hi Julie you were right about the lack of bar waiters. Their was only 1 waiter in the DL tonight and it was full. I gave waiter a couple of dollars for our first drinks and it was 30 minutes before he passed us again and I had to summon him when he took order at table next to us.I gave him $2 for another 2 drinks but not impressed with DL service so will not go back in again this cruise. Diamond drinks now don't include Sauvignon Blanc or draught beer on Independence. Graham.
  5. This is the new European breakfast menu. Service charge $9.40 for hot breakfast.
  6. They have put round tables in The DL now,still not great but better.
  7. Great review Julie and safe drive home. We are on Independence now and the free champagne was outside Sorrento's. Our waiter was great,I ended up giving him $4 as he kept offering us more free drinks. I and several P&O CC members emailed and spoke directly with P&O corporate regarding including tips in the price as we were disgusted with the number of Brits stopping their auto-gratituities. P&O GS told me they were looking at it and a few months later they are now using Tips included as a selling tool like I suggested.
  8. Expedited arrival worked well. Lady scanned our set sail pass then sent us through the Suite and Pinnacle line at security even though we are D+ and we were the only ones in that line so straight through.
  9. Just got into our deck 7 Hump balcony cabin. D+ drinks and cookies
  10. Plenty of free champagne for everyone. Just had the chops and Giovanni's pushing for bookings.
  11. Just got on board. Free champagne next to Sorrento's. I gave the waiter a couple of dollars and he gave us 4 glasses 😎
  12. Thanks for your daily reviews you both sounded like you had a great cruise. Safe travels home tomorrow Graham
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