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  1. It has been a dry uneventful day. Mat Hancock is doing a briefing tonight at 5pm.
  2. With no cruising threads have been more flexible. When you report a post you have the opportunity to give reasons why you have reported the post. If it is because of a personal humiliating post against you or someone else it is sorted quickly.
  3. Great news you have had your second vaccine jab. Hopefully your arm stops hurting soon.
  4. Pauline was on the phone to her cousin in Adelaide Australia this morning. 40c 104F there and they had a barbecue and a dip in their swimming pool earlier.
  5. Thanks Dani. Our church is on my Avatar. Paulines late mam and dad and Pauline and I got married here. Both Pauline's mam and dad's funeral service was held here too.
  6. Very eye opening. Thanks for posting this.
  7. This morning there was only 15 of us parishioners plus Father David and the organist in church. Graham.
  8. Some were doctors so it would make sense to put them in charge of health rather than someone who has no experience on health matters.
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