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  1. We always have an annual worldwide travel insurance including cruise through Direct Travel insurance in the UK 2 important things. 1 Always declare any known health issues as if you don't your insurance can be void. 2 Even if a close family member who is not traveling with you dies and you cancel your holiday if cause of death was a pre-existing health condition like dementia which was known when you booked your holiday they will not pay out. Discuss these issues with the insurance company before deciding but always get travel insurance.
  2. Last month on Ventura Cinnamon restaurant opened at 5.30pm and Saffron restaurant opened at 6pm. This would be the best time to guarantee a table for 2 as we went between 6.45pm and 7.45pm and waited every night with a buzzer for 45-60 minutes along with many others. Last night we went to Epicurean speciality restaurant and were seated immediately where we wanted and got fantastic service.
  3. We always did exactly the same as you and always got a Co-op yearly dividend. Our local TC was open this morning but I didn't call in. TC have closed several branches already and working with very few staff in the ones still open as staff have moved to other TAs.
  4. Yes that was my thinking too. P&O use Ventura which is ideal with her retractable roof.
  5. I was told by a TA contact that Allure is coming to Southampton in 2021
  6. Hopefully they can raise the money because although ABTA and ATOL affiliated future confidence to book with them has been shaken.
  7. Just catching up on the thread and yes it looks like RC are fixing it.
  8. We never book neighbourhood balconies so this does not personally affect us but why don't RCCL be more proactive and offer every cabin $100 obc that are affected as when some complain strongly enough this is what they get. This would turn bad PR into good PR imo.
  9. Remember RCI took Independence away from Southampton for next year after months of selling itineraries from Southampton.
  10. Good luck. I think ANY change should not apply to existing bookings especially as people book a long time in advance. Any changes should be for NEW bookings only.
  11. We are not keen on Black Pudding. I much prefer our bacon compared to the streaky foreign bacon.
  12. It would have been good PR if they honoured the perks for current bookings but stopped them for new bookings. Central Park is our favourite part of the ship but we would never book a balcony overlooking an inside area. It will be interesting to see what future bookings will be like on BW and CP balconies after these perks are withdrawn as a lot of people have said it was the perks which helped make their minds up to book these cabins. I think a lot of these balconies will end up being sold on Royal Up.
  13. Cheers Andy. We booked Epicurean on the cruise planner for 2016 because on the ship in 2015 the speciality restaurants were full.
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