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  1. Lol. It has probably already put its marker there.
  2. That is true. However just inside the terminal at St Petersburg there is a massive collection of the Russian dolls and other typical Russian souvenirs for sale.
  3. Bella would have a queue of people wanting to do dog walking duties.
  4. That's new to me. The fact his dog is making a mess on other people and all around the ship the dog is more like to cause HBP for him and other people who are annoyed with his and his dogs deeds.
  5. This individual needs to be fined a cleaning fee for every mess his dog makes. Most of us carry cameras that take photos or videos which could be used as evidence and if it hits him in the pocket he might then see the error of his ways but really his actions deserve a ship ban.
  6. No as I elaborate in post 102 and post 110. I rarely read any criticism of CS so whichever way we thank them they certainly deserve our goodwill and respect.
  7. I repeatedly say everyone is entitled to do what they want especially regarding tips just remember crew deserve our respect irrespective of their employment contract. Sailing predominantly in Europe and living in the UK where our currency is £ sterling it is preferable to prepay gratuities then I only need $200 (foreign currency) for additional cash tips to go along with Euros(foreign currency) that we need for spending in Europe.
  8. If circumstances dictate otherwise for example :- service is not acceptable then tips are not deserved. We all know tipping and cruising go hand in hand and everyone is free to do what they want to do and my choice is to follow what RC and crew prefer.
  9. How would you feel if you were the CS and someone did this to you? I and many others prefer to do the right thing unless circumstances dictate otherwise.
  10. That's good enough for most of us that you have seen the list Bob. The fact we can prepay or auto-pay gratuities is fantastic as we know that's what the crew and RC want and we can all give extra if we want.
  11. Often I have just told our CS to just give us clean towels and give him the dirty towels back. We always make the bed before we go out and keep our cabin very tidy but we get hot room service breakfast every morning around 7.30am and it is usually around 10 am before we leave our cabin.
  12. We always have a hot room service breakfast on the balcony so we are probably one of the last cabins to be cleaned.
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