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  1. Buck, Yep, VA and humidity go hand in hand. It is 92 F again today. Had some storms yesterday but nothing severe and it cooled off briefly. Late Sept should be on the cool side at night on our trip. Our first and only trip through the Panama Canal was hot as Hades. I think i spent most of the trip in and out of the pool. Just paid for my flights with Cap One Venture miles. Just ate a BLT with our first home-grown tomato. I'm really looking forward to this trip. This has been the longest period without a big trip in the last 20 years. Our friends and TA came and went. She is setting up a Civil War itinerary and maybe a Christmas market cruise. "Can't take it with you," right! More Later, Bop
  2. It just hit 92 degrees F here. Severe thunderstorms forecast. Friends flying in any minute. At least rain will cool things off.
  3. Hot, humid and stormy here in VA. I am reading Steven E. Ambrose's "Undaunted Courage", about the opening of the American West. Interesting section about the Columbia and Snake rivers. This is giving me a framework in choosing tours and activities. Good read! Bop 72 days!
  4. I prefer college sports, football, Bball, and basketball. Also like the Steelers and pro teams that have UVA players. My Dad was soccer phenom in college and was a catcher on the baseball team. I am just now beginning to enjoy soccer. Grandkids played it, but not for long. Bop
  5. I avoid political debates. I agree re: Rapinoe but still support the USA team. I really enjoyed the finale. Bop
  6. All quiet here. Congrats to the USA women's soccer team! World championship #4.
  7. Me2! Sounds like kids before Christmas. We have to grow old but we never have to grow up.😊
  8. Sunset in Venice! From ship terminal dock.
  9. ME2! Sounds like kids before Christmas! We must grow old but we never have to grow up!
  10. Happy 5th! Good show last night. Who is ready to go now?
  11. Hey Buck, Your 4th sounds good to me. We sold our property on Chesapeake Bay in Feb. It has been in the family for 71 years. A difficult decision but necessary. Kids and grandkids moved out of the area and maintenance became too much for us. The fourth of July was a favorite holiday. We were surrounded by several big fireworks displays across the water and they often continued for hours. Will miss that, for sure. Have a cool fourth! Bop
  12. Hey Buck, We wanted to do the Portland tour/transfer but our flight is scheduled for 12:30 pm so we won't have time. Maybe Portland is better left unseen and we won't have to worry about being maimed or worse to end our tour. Hopefully, the Antifa conflicts will fade in the heat of summer but we have no control over that situation. I intend to have a great vacation regardless of the goings on in the vicinity. We're hot and stormy in VA for the 4th. Nature's fireworks forecast for tonight! Happy birthday USA! Bop
  13. Nice photos! It's steamy hot in VA now and a cruise sounds delightful. Just had a random thought. Antifa protesters in Portland are becoming a concern. I wonder if the riots and thuggery wil have any impact on the cruise itinerary? Anyone have any info from AQSC on the issue? Bop
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