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  1. Over, and over, and over, and over................
  2. It never ceases to amaze me just how selfish people can be. We have one cruise with Oceania (R ship) and and thoroughly enjoyed it. But the difference in the crew was noticeable and Azamara also wins in the quality of food. I will have to compliment them on how they handled specialty restaurants (this was in 2015 so it may be different now). I think every cabin had unlimited specialty dining but pre-cruise reservations were limited. as I recall, in the equivalent to the Club Continent Suite (they call it penthouse and it's the only time we'll ever sail in one) was able to boo
  3. Jerry Lewis once said when asked why he was so active with the Muscular Dystrophy Association; "If you understand, no explanation is necessary. If you don't no explanation is possible". To paraphrase him, If you have a negative view of the Sycamore/Azamara relationship/prospects, no explantion will covince you otherwise. If you prefer to think positively (or at lest wait and see), no explanation is neccesary. There is nobody posting here, whether they have never set foot on an Azamara ship or is their top cruiser who knows what will happen unless there is someone
  4. One person's "wow" is another person's "dud". I like substance, not facades with glitz. It's a small thing in many ways, but when an Azmara crew member says "Welcome back home" when we board, that perfectly illustrates the difference between Azamara and other cruise lines to me and my wife. Some people want style over substance. I want some of each. I am perfectly fine with an older ship where things work, are clean and convenient and the service and amenities are world class. Azamara delivers both to the complete satisfaction of me and my wife. The new Edge class
  5. I guess I didn't think that through. I know that all caps is a no-no, but I hadn't seen complaints about all bold. This isn't exactly a world-class problem so I can accept it and move on.
  6. Thank you. Reading isn't a problem. I am just not thrilled withthedefault text size and color.I was hoping the same capability the old software had was somehow lurking in the background. I think what I will do from now on is complete my post and the use CTRL-A and CTRL-B to select the entire post and make the text bold. (When I can remember to do that.) But I enjoy CC enough so that I won't let that bother me too much.
  7. bob278

    Font test

    Looks like it worked. Better than selecting a larger font or highlighting the text and clicking on the B
  8. bob278

    Font test

    Testing CTRL-A and CTRL-B to bold a post
  9. I am fine with the default font, but I would like to make my default size larger.
  10. Hard to say how people will react. In looking at several cruises in 2022 (some with almost obscene pricing), there are a LOT of cabins sold. Since we don't sail with Princess, Carnival, HAL, etc. I have no idea if they are also keeping prices very high for when cruising resumes. But from reading here on Cruise Critic, I see many more posts about how anxious peple are to get back on a ship than I do saying simply that they don't plan to cruise again or will be moving to another line. There is no doubt in my mind that things will be a lot different for all of us (and al
  11. OK. So the time allowed expires soon. I knew there was a reason that our April Summit/reflection nightmare was not eligible.
  12. For a great many of the COVID-related changes, they had the Lift & Shift program going where you could move to a similar cruise (same lentgth and general itinerary Caribbean-Caribbean, repositining-repositioning, etc) within a month either way the next year of your canceled cruise with price protection. That program ended (I think) the first of December. We managed to use that for a 2020 TA on Constellation, but it took some pleading and persistence as it was similar (TA), but the 2021 cruise was 15 days instead of 14. They finally compromised by charging us 1 /14 of the 2020
  13. I didn't get that e-mail. Guess it's because I already made the change. Nothing except additional OBC, but that basically covered the additional cost (had military discount but it isn't being offered on any cruises that i see right now).
  14. I see that as well as the TA starting the 18th. Just wondering what Celebrity plans to do with the two days. Hard to believe they won't want paying customers on board. Likely possibilities include a 2-day cruise to nowhere or perhaps the Bahamas or changing one of the 9th or 18th cruises to longer itineraries. Maybe add a sea day to each one which would have no port fees and could add a little revenue to the bottom line. Once again Celebrity has shown a poor communications policy by initially claiming a drydock as the reason for the change. I have almost no respect for them as
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