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  1. Can anyone advise if Mr. Sancho's still has the Pay as You Go program? On their website, the only offering is the all inclusive. We will be there in January, 2020. Much thanks - Steve
  2. I will be on the NCL Spirit out of Stockholm this weekend. Does anyone know if the IPhone internal communicator is available on this ship? It was available on most others, costs about $10.00 for the trip. Much thanks - Steve
  3. I am traveling on the NCL Spirit leaving Stockholm on 8/17/2019. Our favorite restaurant, Teppanyaki, isn’t available to book on line. The NCL website says no reservations available. I called NCL and they say I can book on the boat. Can anyone provide clarification? Thanks. We don’t want to be caught out. Steve
  4. My wife and I will be berthing in Imjuiden this August and wish to tour Amsterdam. Is Uber a viable option to get from the port to downtown Amsterdam for a private tour? I couldn't find any reasonable independent tour companies that provide an Amsterdam tour from Imjuiden to Amsterdam and back. Any help is appreciated. Steve
  5. Can anyone recommend a quiet, non-windy place to sit on deck and get some sun on the Getaway? We are traveling out of Miami on 1/6/19. Not interested in the Vibe, as we only have two sea days. Any inside tips as to where to sit and get some sun away from the craziness of the main pool is appreciated - Steve
  6. I know as a Platinum member I get two free meals from a choice of four restaurants. When I sailed out of Barcelona last June, I sailed with my wife, both of us Platinum members, and my two daughters, who aren't. I was told that we were only entitled to one coupon, not two, despite the fact we are both Platinum members. This is a huge difference, as we needed to buy four additional meals. Any clarification I can point to before our upcoming cruise? - Much thanks - Steve
  7. About two years back, we took a taxi to West Bay Beach in Roatan at the suggestion of the driver. He took us to the Paradise Beach Hotel, and purchased a day pass for $15.00 per person for use of the facility. Does this hotel still provide day passes at the door? I do see them available on line, but they are substantially more expensive. Are they still available for purchase at the door, and is there still a large price differential? I am looking for a place that has a beach, chairs and pool, but if I can purchase them at the door at a discount, it is preferable. - Steve
  8. I was on the Star last week. We were let off the boat precisely at the stated time. No issues, but not much earlier.
  9. I have been taking my Yaesu VX-7 handhelds for years on my NCL cruises with no problems. The crew can't tell the difference between HF and the Walmart walkie talkies, which were prevalent years back. I used 2 meter simplex on land, and found that 440 worked great in getting through the metal bulkheads. 5 watts was more than sufficient.
  10. We are on the Star leaving out of Barcelona on 5/24. We have been advised of an itinerary change in which Citivecchia and Livorno have been switched. NCL gives no reason for the change, but we did need to scramble to switch shore excursions. Anyone have any idea why? Thanks - Steve
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