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  1. Our family of six will be on the NCL Escape leaving January 4, 2020. We booked this cruise only a few weeks ago and as you can imagine, there are very few dining reservations to be had. We are Platinum Plus members and are trying to determine the most expeditious way to book dining reservations the we get on the ship. Should we go directly to the dining reservations desk or is there some type of concierge on the boat who could better assist platinum/Platinum Plus members? We do have a land-based concierge who said reservations must be made on the boat. Any assistance would be appreciated. Steve
  2. We will be on the NCL Escape on January 4, 2020. Are there assigned "dress up" nights where you can wear formal attire? I am trying to plan around specialty dinners. Thank you - Steve
  3. Can anyone advise if Mr. Sancho's still has the Pay as You Go program? On their website, the only offering is the all inclusive. We will be there in January, 2020. Much thanks - Steve
  4. I will be on the NCL Spirit out of Stockholm this weekend. Does anyone know if the IPhone internal communicator is available on this ship? It was available on most others, costs about $10.00 for the trip. Much thanks - Steve
  5. I am traveling on the NCL Spirit leaving Stockholm on 8/17/2019. Our favorite restaurant, Teppanyaki, isn’t available to book on line. The NCL website says no reservations available. I called NCL and they say I can book on the boat. Can anyone provide clarification? Thanks. We don’t want to be caught out. Steve
  6. My wife and I will be berthing in Imjuiden this August and wish to tour Amsterdam. Is Uber a viable option to get from the port to downtown Amsterdam for a private tour? I couldn't find any reasonable independent tour companies that provide an Amsterdam tour from Imjuiden to Amsterdam and back. Any help is appreciated. Steve
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