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  1. Exactly. When they found this cruiser to be non-receptive, they could have sought a volunteer and ended up with a happy outcome/decent PR. I would not think it would be hard. Perhaps they could somebody in an OV who is active on the roll call. Heck, if they just called a few of the people they assigned to crummy OV cabins, one of them (now knowing their lousy location) might have jumped at the inside cabin compensation offer. Instead, they forced the deal on this Gty cruiser who really wants an OV cabin, and they are getting an unhappy customer and bad PR.
  2. Depending upon the length of the cruise, I’m not sure this was such a bad compensation offer. The OP is still, after all,on their original cruise. They did not give up a special, hand selected cabin. What is the value of the gty window...the window in the worst OV cabin on the ship? The OP perceives it to be greater than the compensation offered; that is the shame here...it is being forced on the wrong cruiser. Others cruisers would be as happy or nearly as happy in an inside cabin as in an OV cabin; such a cruiser might be delighted to get a refund of $125 pp price differential plus $300 OBC.
  3. I am very sorry this happened to the OP. I have sailed many times, often in gty, without such incidents. Do make the best of it. Airlines overbook and drive passengers batty. Hotels overbook and “walk” people with guaranteed reservations to other properties...sometimes cancelling and multiday reservation at their property while securing only night elsewhere. So cruiselines are certainly not the worst offenders. I’d like to see the pitchfork after the above biggest problems. in fairness to hotels and cruiselines, sometimes an issue may suddenly remove room(s) from available inventory with little notice. A serious plumbing or structural issue, for example, could arise, and suddenly they are a cabin (or three or whatever number) short. I think the cruiseline should seek out a volunteer to downgrade or move over to a different cruise in this circumstance, dangling a decent compensation package. Good chance somebody in an OV cabin would have volunteered for the same deal resented by the OP especially if the inside cabin is in a decent location. Like the others, I recognize that the cruise contract gives the cruise line the right to do such downgrades, not only to gty guests but also to those with carefully selected cabins. If they downgrade passengers involuntarily more than rarely, it is terrible PR. I wish the cruiseline would take the time to find someone to voluntarily downgrade for compensation rather than force it upon somebody. If so, this thread might not exist or would have a different, maybe celebratory, tone (woohoo I still get to cruise and now I can afford XYZ, too)
  4. Congratulations on the lucky gty assignment! Party of two rather than four, but we have stayed in CL and GS; we enjoyed both. I did like the CL better, but I do not think it would be worth that price difference to me. There are so many other extras you could buy with that money. Or save it for your next adventure. You have a really nice cabin now...nicer than you expected.
  5. Different poster, but I have sailed in multiple BW locations. I sailed in the second to last cabin and really liked the view of the aqua show and wake. It was my fav, so yours should be nice. The noise depends a bit on the quality of the door seal which can, of course, change over time. And some people are just more noise sensitive than others. I always pack earplugs; you never know when there will be a colicky baby or other loud person in the next cabin. That would be more likely to keep me awake than BW noise.
  6. The first time I sailed in a boardwalk balcony when Oasis class first debuted, I did it for the novelty. It was fun to watch the aqua shows and other activities the first time. After that first novelty booking, I have come to think it depends upon your frame of reference. With my balcony discount, I can often get a neighborhood balcony for about the price of an inside cabin on Oasis class. Sometimes less. When presented with that pricing, I always take any neighborhood balcony (including a neighborhood gty) over any inside or window cabin. Granted we are not noise sensitive and can walk as far as necessary to elevators or stairs; other people have other issues. If I want privacy, I close the drapes, it is no big deal to me. I live near the ocean, so not seeing as much water is OK. Having the neighborhood balcony is better than an inside for me. And we get some little perks, too. Those whose frame of reference is a balcony cabin, though, may well feel differently. The lose of privacy and greatly diminished ocean view are apt to be missed. The noise differential can be substantial, too. Totally understandable that may not find neighborhood balconies to be an acceptable substitute.
  7. Lol, somehow I doubt the OP will consider that compensation for the “hours” of disruption. I suspect this particular cruiser might have been better suited to a more peaceful Central Park balcony with lunch and wine, foregoing the party atmosphere others adore. Or an ocean view. Or maybe even an inside in quiet location. DH and I are flexible and can book gty or last minute with impunity; more finicky folks should think very carefully about cabin location. This was a mismatch.
  8. While I am not sure about specific reports of crew parties, there are plenty of reports of other loud events and parties on the Boardwalk. And everybody knows (or should know) it is a public space made for just fun and celebratory events. And a loud party with a band and cheering is a loud party with a band and cheering....why does it matter if it is crew, guests or both? By your logic, every Boardwalk cabin dweller could demand to be compensated with a specialty dinner or bottle of wine just for an evening party in a public venue. I disagree. If you are noise sensitive, carefully select your cabin in a quiet area, do not accept automatic or bidding upgrades that might move you to a noisy area, pack earplugs, and hope for quiet neighbors. I’d have far more sympathy if there were small children involved. It could be hard to put them to bed with a party outside as much from excitement as noise. I wonder if parental comments from other cabins contributed to the early shut down of that party.
  9. OP, from reading your post, it seems you like to retire to your cabin early for some peace and quiet. If you are sensitive to evening noise, Boardwalk was a poor choice for you. Last minute or not, your cabin selection simply did suit your cruising style. Your mistake. Live and learn. Buy some good earplugs and get over it. On the bright side, you do not have loud neighbors or a crying baby making noise at those same hours every single night. We also tend to return to our cabin early. On one cruise, the elderly people in the next cabin had their TV on very loud each evening, so loud it might as well have been in our cabin. Other times there have been rowdy children or a colicky baby next door. Sometime noise comes from overhead. We are not especially noice sensitive, but sometimes it has been quite memorable. I imagine a noice sensitive person would have been quite unhappy during those episodes. Needless to say, we long ago learned to pack earplugs on every trip, cruise or otherwise. Rarely do we use them, but we have them if we need them.
  10. Since you asked, here is my feedback: As a medical professional, allow me to inform you that some people simply cannot hold it as long as you can for medical reasons. Wonderful that you and I can walk to our cabin in a couple minutes, but remember some people cannot return to their cabins as quickly as you can again for medical reasons. Sometimes the cabin restroom is not available. I have walked back to my cabin just to use my own restroom only to find my cabin steward servicing the cabin at that exact time (odd timing when the make up cabin sign may have been out for hours!). Or one’s cabinmates might be in the cabin restroom....that might happen a lot in a quad cabin! Speaking of cabinmates, some might rather smell up a public restroom than their own. A budding romance might not be advanced by odor. Or quad cabinmates might agree not to smell up their bathroom when others need to shower in there. If you do not wish to encounter the smell, then you need to resolve to use your own restroom rather than concern yourself about the habits of others. Or if potpourri will ease your discomfort, carry your own!
  11. The three voucher drinks are intended for your consumption, but I doubt anybody will notice if one were subtly passed along.
  12. Remember if you do select Royal Caribbean, as a diamond there will be three drink vouchers loaded on your sea pass card. Those vouchers can be redeemed at bars during same hours DL serves cocktails, so you can enjoy a free diamond drink while also enjoying your daughter’s company. Granted, you’ll miss out on the appetizers from the DL, but there is plenty of other food on the ship! Depending upon your daughter’s style and activity preferences, she may or may not like Royal Caribbean (without DL access) better than Celebrity with top tier access. Many twenty somethings love the flow riders, zip lines, rock walls, younger vibe found on certain Royal ships. Others might not use that stuff and would like the more elegant vibe of a Celebrity ship. There are factors to consider besides a lounge. Choose well and have a wonderful, memorable time.
  13. Link the reservations. Upon boarding on day one, visit the Madre’d to confirm the arrangements. Depending upon the total number of guests, you may all fit at one large table or you may, as you suspect, need two or more adjacent tables. If you are all flexible and friendly, do not worry too much about who is official assigned to sit at which table. Let the teens sit together. Or move people around so you can converse with different people. Or move around if some people are in other dining venues or at other activities certain nights. Presuming everybody will pay their gratuities, and presuming any waitstaff that go above and beyond further recognized for that effort, who sits where matters little. Have a wonderful time.
  14. Personally, waiting for that luggage is just cutting it too close. You cannot trust the airline to get the luggage there, you cannot trust baggage system to get the luggage into their hands quickly, and you cannot trust limo/traffic to be delay free. Like the others, I’d be sending them to a discount store to buy some essentials for cruise now. Verify that all their prescriptions and other medical needs were in their carry on luggage; if not, replace those. Then on to port with big smiles plastered on their faces because they made it to port. In the background, do contact try to get help from airline and cruiseline with luggage delay. Or perhaps you can find an Uber driver or personal assistant willing wait at airport to pick up bags and deliver them to port if bags do arrive in time. Biggest thing is to get them on ship in good health.
  15. Not sure. Maybe both, lol. I hope it stops. Oh well, I did what I could to clean up the duplicates. The moderators can clean up further if they wish.
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