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  1. Problem is I tried google and found junk on forums/internet gossip about the white supremacy connection among the first pages. That is why I asked for your source; maybe I missed a good source. If you have a real, reliable source for your posting of that info, please provide it. If you do not, please do not use a cruise forum to spread gossip about possible white supremacy.
  2. I cannot make out the tattoos is the photo in your link. What is your source for this info? Another Internet forum?
  3. Regardless of their ideology, I am happy to see any and all arsonists arrested as well as others who endanger peaceful citizens (including peaceful protesters). How do you know that one is a white supremacist? I did not see that info in the linked news article.
  4. Oh my, it looks very bad on the national news, so it is troubling to hear that you see even more. Sad that you were driven out of your home, but I hope you are now someplace safer. Take care.
  5. I think the current odds are lower than that (60% adverse) for Saturday. If you have been care with your health for two months, why would you consider driving to the Cape and exposing yourself to a crowd? I’d really like to see the launch, yet I am staying home.
  6. Many people really want to see that historic launch. I suspect the crowd would have been much, larger and much more dense in prime viewing locations were it not for the concerns about the virus. That is why I stayed away, though I live in FL within easy driving distance. Of course people are still allowed to travel between states. News stations were interviewing out of state visitors, so at least some were there. Florida’s governor has ordered those entering from certain highly impacted areas (tristate area and LA) to quarantine themselves for 14 days if they travel to FL, though it must be difficult to enforce.
  7. I was very glad when the nursing home policy was recently rescinded...better late than never. I am also glad that you had a local nursing home that was able to avoid the issue. Many nh’s could not avoid it due to that policy.
  8. While you may feel his administration may have handled those things well, intentionally sending infected patients into nursing homes is, in my opinion, horrible...just unspeakable horrible judgement. Granted, Coronavirus would have entered some nursing homes even if N.Y. had not instituted that horrible policy, but forcing NH to take active Coronavirus virus patients guaranteed the virus would impact nursing homes, even in less heavily infected parts of the state. It makes me sick.
  9. I think what is unique about the US is that each State has some independence and can this can utilize the experience of others States at least as much as other countries. Each State is able to look at the federal guidelines (those are just guidelines btw), look at their States’s data, gauge at their State population’s feelings and decide on a program. Cities and counties can slow things down in their areas if they feel they need to. The people are not sheep and should use their own brains to do what is best for their own families. In diverse countries, different solutions may work in different places. It does make make me sad when some people seem to be rooting for failure (rather than hoping for the best) when they see other States releasing restrictions. We all understand that there are high risk people who will have to continue to take more precautions than other, no matter the State policy.
  10. You were expecting zero deaths in a population of 3.5 million? Sadly, some of those 3.5 million likely were in poor condition before the virus arrived. Some may have had DNR orders. Some were unlucky. Zero deaths is unrealistic for any disease. If we had been locking down the country any time there was disease circulating that could kill somebody, you’d have never freely left your home in your entire life. OK if you stay that way for the remainder, but most do not want to.
  11. Here is a previous plan, just for your information. Future ones could differ, of course, but one might expect something similar if one were betting: “Royal Caribbean said digital, non-touch scanners are used for the screenings. If temperature registers about 100.4°F (38°C), the person and any travel companions will be referred to a secondary health screening. “ Sweater, allergies, perhaps some exertion, perhaps instrumental variability, perhaps a minor illness...so many causes for your 99.5, but unlikely to keep you off a ship if it happened again.
  12. I agree they are apt to have test kits in the ship medical centers when cruising resumes. The test kit availability question ring raised above, perhaps, was whether there would be enough high speed kits to test everyone prior to embarkation in addition to any diagnostic tests needed in the medical center during sailing. All passengers plus regular screening of crew would require lots of test kits. I would also add that if they do screen that way and if those rapid test kits generate false positives, healthy passengers and crew will likely be turned away from sailings. A two percent false positive rate means that about one in 25 couples would be turned away with a positive test (unpleasant for anybody but a big deal if they flew or drove a long distance to get to port).
  13. Certainly busier there than here. North Peninsula Park reopens Monday, which may help spread people from Flagler. I suspect the camera makes it look more crowded than it feels in person.
  14. Not all the beaches are crowded this weekend. I live beachside in the northern part of Volusia County, FL. There are cheerful people out for this first day of sunbathing on the beach, but it is not crowded up here. Groups of 1-4 spaced at least 15 feet apart, often way more than that... there is lots of sand to spread out. Sunny Saturday, temp 78F. No misbehavior seen during my beach walks. My fellow Floridians in this area are not putting others at risk. PS: The photos show south and north views. A marked sea turtle nesting site is included in one photo; beach goers are also well clear of all of those marked sites.
  15. Do you need further clarification? MTD schedules have changed on some ships (ruinously, IMHO, that is why I am trying to forewarn you of the possibility). I’ll try to clarify. Now on some ships, every seat in every dining room is utilized for traditional early dining. On those ships, when the early diners finish their dinners and leave what will become the MTD dining room, only then does MTD actually begin. On this ships, that means no option of catching an early meal in the dining room if one has MTD. Also, there is a huge backlog of MTD people wanting dinner by the time MTD opens, so long lines of discontent people with and without reservations may form when MTD does open. Personally, I would not want MTD on those terms; I’d just pick early or late to miss the hassle. Your cruise, your choice. I do not know if your sailing will have the old MTD schedule (I really hope so) or the revised one. Still, when even months in advance one does not see any 5:30-6:00-6:30 MTD reservation times any night of the cruise, one might consider the possibility that that ship might be going to the altered MTD schedule.
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