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  1. Ah, so there appear to be lots of unsold cabins 4 months out. I’d make a few points. First, you cannot know how many unsold cabins there may be. Sure, you may see many cabins available for selection in various categories, but there may be many people holding unassigned gty booking (we pick your cabin) bookings. Leaving those folks unassigned let’s people who wish to pick there own cabin have choices...that may be what you are seeing right now. Secondly, four months is plenty of time. Plenty of people do not or cannot plan that far ahead. Third, unless yours Holiday or other special sailing, fall can be a relatively slack period, so you less surprising that you are seeing plenty of supply. And if you are going to the Caribbean, even more so this year with the cancellation of Cuba sailings impacting the supply and demand curve this fall. That my work in your favor...Keep an eye out. Perhaps you will catch a low cost upgrade upgrade opportunity.
  2. In your example, the double occupancy is being offered a gty booking while the solo, while not offered a gty, is perhaps being offered a reduced supplement....but it is hard to decipher Royal math. You certain are comparing different booking categories.
  3. That is good to hear. With recent re-pricing issues, I was afraid this might trigger it, too...everything else seems to!
  4. I agree with one of the above posters...If you are going to have to pay a 200% supplement, you might consider booking for two from the get-go. Select the name & DOB of some family member or friend for your booking; that will hold the second slot for your cabin if you wish to use it. Later you can change the name or let them be a no-show (taxes and port will then be refunded). As it stands, you booked as a solo, so you are making a change to your booking if you add a second person. So even if a space comes available, it may trigger a re-pricing, unfair as that may sound.
  5. Given those option, I’d just drive.
  6. Well, sorry you missed it. As you saw it yesterday and early today, that price actually lasted longer than many substantial price drops. You could continue to monitor the website; once in a great while price drops seem to resuscitate. If not, consider it a lesson learned; likely we’ve all watched a good price or desired cabin slip away while we pondered or consulted others or shopped the deal, etc.
  7. If your cabin is below Park Cafe, this thread is not relevant to you. Your cabin is well away from Boardwalk. You should do a search with your cabin number to see if other have reporter noise issues on Oasis class ships. If no results, try adjacent cabin numbers. If that does not work, you could start a new thread to ask for feedback from other CC posters.
  8. As North Americans, on our first Mediterranean cruises, we concentrated on ports. So ship was a floating hotel to which we returned tired and seeking respite. We enjoyed good service and satisfactory food. The small size and overall ease were fine. The lack of extensive on board selections were nonissues for us that context. Perhaps your priorities will be similar for your upcoming cruise.
  9. Prices can change quickly, especially when prices drop and if space is short. You may want to contact a TA now; they can probably hold it while you think it over. To do otherwise risks the deal disappearing on you.
  10. If you are certain it is a cruise you want to do, place the deposit while prices are down. Prices do fluctuate, and you may be catching a good one. You are putting your deposit at risk, so you do need to be pretty certain you want that cruise; otherwise go for it while the price is good. If you are noise sensitive, Central Park is quieter. With it you get a bottle of red wine and a lunch (might be for two, don’t recall) in nice specialty restaurant. If you are not noise sensitive, Boardwalk is more fun, with people watching from your balcony. Soda package for first two. A meal at Johnny Rockets.
  11. I hope you realize Vision is one of Royal’s older, smaller ships. I have not sailed on her in many years, but as far as I know there is nothing wrong with her, just realize she is not the ship Royal is currently building and heavily advertising. just as Carnival has some older, smaller ships without bells and whistles, so does Royal. Nothing wrong with choosing smaller or larger, newer or older, it is just to know and acknowledge what you are or are not choosing to sail. We have only done one Carnival cruise. The food and service on Royal were better than that one experience on Carnival. We also found the public areas on that Carnival ship (Splendor) to be consistently loud (auditory and visually) and overcrowded. As we felt that one experience less satisfying than any of the other lines we had sailed, we never returned to Carnival. Granted that may have been a bad week on that ship, but they have not had another chance to remake that first impression.
  12. Other than general grumbling about RoyalUp, would you say that with RoyalUp, guarantees are usually getting the worst cabin in that category? Really, all gty booking should plan to be happy with that, and many people on the ship feel like they have got it. Always have...so what makes you say that now? People who successfully bid through RoyalUp could be vacating the best cabin in their old category, the worst cabin in their old category or, logically most commonly, something in between. And it happens too late to swap cabins. So, if one has a gty booking and seems to be getting a cabin vacated by a RoyalUp upgrade, logic would dictate that Royal Up program might marginally increase the odds that a gty booking would get a decent (or good) cabin in the promised category (though it probably decreases the odds of an upgrade to a higher category if that’s what you really mean). Is my logic flawed?
  13. Our D+ cards also got us into the VIP waiting area, including our cruise a few months ago. Our cards were checked and we were welcomed with a smile. We would have a cup of coffee while we waited for boarding. Sorry to hear this has changed, but we usually do not wait long.
  14. Gb, have they explicitly advertised that you can reserve more than one restaurant per night? They have advertised you are allowed eat in more than one, but I have no difficulty imagining somebody staying it is non-reservation space-available dining for that second slot...that is the other interpretation. And if space is not available, I rather doubt you will be provided cabin service. Limited restaurant reservation availability is not at all analogous to a 1k increased cruise fare at final payment; you are getting carried away here. Honestly, if you do decide to cancel your UDP, they will have no trouble selling it to somebody else at that average price per meal on a TA; giving it up might be cutting off your your nose to spite you face.
  15. Again, I am just taking a guess as to what might happen if their are many like-minded people (which could easily happen on a TA cruise which draw like-minded people, all of whom have time to spare). Perhaps the concierge will be able to give you a definitive answer. I would point out that while your website quote indicates that you can enjoy multiple venues but it does not say you are entitled to advanced reservations at multiple venues in a single evening....so the person you wrote that might say you can enjoy another venue if space is available...just catch them at the right time...maybe a late desert right before closing...sigh....not trying to defend it, I just foresee UDP diners with no reservations at all if others take two or three reservations per night. Of course, if only one reservation is allowed per night, I suppose you could consider making a reservation for a party of one at one restaurant and your wife could making another, later reservation for a party of one at the other restaurant. As the smallest tables hold two, they presumably might well accept both of you (space is, after all, available) when you arrive together at least the first time or two. Hard to know if they will allow such an obvious ploy for an entire TA cruise, though, especially if it is negatively impacting other guests.
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