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  1. I haven't had any problems either. Been in my personalizer a few times in the last few days.
  2. vjblk


    I hope not too. I don't cruise NCL because they switched to Pepsi. I'm not sure I would stop cruising Princess but I guess I would save money by not purchasing the soda package. But then I would have to haul on my own soda,ugh.
  3. You have to prepay them in your personalizer now.
  4. The mini suite we had on the Royal didn't have a magnifying mirror, so I doubt the mini suites on the Regal do.
  5. Seemed like more of a statement to me. But I like seeing the photos. Helps me decide if I want to cruise on this ship.
  6. We have always used Stefano's Romecabs when transferring from FCO to Rome, Rome to port, port to Rome and Rome back to FCO. We have always tipped the driver around 10 euros. The drivers have always been very helpful. When meeting at the airport they have always grabbed our luggage cart when escorting us to their car. And when arriving at the hotel they make sure our luggage gets into the hotel. We don't travel light, so we really appreciate the help. And one driver went the extra mile and hunted down a luggage cart for us at the airport when there weren't any nearby.
  7. I found my billing from our 7 day cruise in April on the Royal. We paid $150 each for that cruise. I didn't see anything in the patters about reduced costs.
  8. We paid $318 for 2 on the Regal in August. It was an 11 night cruise. The patter said it was usually $259 each.
  9. We like the deluxe balconies on the Lido deck. As others have said, you get a small sofa in the room. We like the Lido deck as it is just a walk across the pool deck to the Horizon Court.
  10. It shouldn't be hard to find the Princess transfer. We don't use their transfers but have always seen cruise ship reps standing around with their clipboards.
  11. Might help to say which ports you are visiting. We have done combos of touring on our own and using Princess excursions. All depends on the ports.
  12. We sailed the Royal 3 years in a row and then the Regal. We liked the Lido cabins and the itineraries were what we wanted to do. Win win for us.
  13. I have never tried regular coke in Italy but I found that the diet coke(or Coke light) didn't taste the same as in the US.
  14. No you didn't say it was per person. That would be too much for me to take the upsell.
  15. We have stayed at the Albergo Santa Chiara 3 times pre and post cruise. Nice location. Rooms aren't large but they are clean and beds are comfy. They serve a nice breakfast. We found the location to be great. Quiet. Staff was friendly.
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