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  1. I hope the concert was fun. I also was teary today. I very much admire your spirit, Karen.
  2. My Dad has been gone for 38 years. I always remember those hats worn by men in the late sixties.
  3. Good morning and a very Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads . I always admired the women I worked with who sent money to their families back home. Thanks to Graham @grapau27 for the information. The world will be a better place if I do not suddenly start drinking Chenin Blanc! I have not been to India and would enjoy the recipe as I like eggplant and chickpeas. @Cruzin Terri, I was so sorry to read yesterday that you have Covid. There is a lot of it in our area now. Take care of yourself. @StLouisCruisers, Sandi, Would you consider going to see the medical center folks to have your lungs listened to? I am worried about you! It is a beautiful day here and I look forward to walking the dogs in the nice breeze. The approaching heat wave is two days away so we better enjoy it. Enjoy the day everyone.
  4. I think my mother used a lot of cans. I will try to be open minded!
  5. I have often thought that we grew up in the same house! We have a lot of similar experiences. As good as Joy’s recipe sounds I don’t think I could eat it. Ever!
  6. Good morning. It will get warm and muggy today with thunderstorms and winds coming later.i always get a little nervous when we get an alert from the Governor! I guess I better get myself out and about for groceries before the storms arrive. My mother made a version of chop suey . I think it was a fifties thing. We always had a dog or two parked under the table to take what we didn’t want to eat but they didn’t seem to like it either. @rafinmd, Roy, I hope all goes well today and that your ride works out. I am thinking of you and your DB today. @Quartzsite Cruiser, Lenda, I hope the adjustment for Steve goes well and that there are no difficulties with the traffic either way, @Cruzin Terri, I hope the drive home is uneventful. I am sure you are both very tired. We seem to be recovering here and will have all the usual suspects for dinner.I just need to come up with something everyone will be receptive to. @0106, Tina, I make tuna salad with avacado often and really love the flavor. Take care all.
  7. Lou and I did this when we were younger and had the kids with us in Bar Harbor. We did it again on our last Montreal to Boston cruise. I am sorry you were thwarted! It is such a lovely place.
  8. Good morning. The warmer weather is heading our way but right now it is 67 with an expected high of 85. It has to be rather humid as my newly washed hair is very big with lots of frizz and curls. Axe throwing is not a desired activity for me and I have had my share of klutzy kitchen events. We were in the port on our last cruise on the Prinsendam in 2018. It was a beautiful place and we enjoyed our visit. i was sorry to see the effects of the rain in Southern Florida and hope all our Dailyites are alright. We are much improved here but of course the same virus has attacked the two men in the family. It was to be expected but at least it was of short duration. Not much planned for today as we regroup and come up with something acceptable to most for dinner. Safe travels to Terri and Jim.
  9. @Sharon in AZ and @Seasick Sailor Sharon and Joy. Thanks so much for the recipe! I will try it in a few days when people feel like eating again. That was very nice of both of you! As most of you have probably figured out I do enjoy the kitchen and it is a great stress reducer. We are managing today as best we can as Tana , her sister and I were all under the weather. Today is a bit of an improvement. Debbie, that hike is fantastic and I am so glad you will have the procedure done before the trip. Good news!
  10. Good morning. I love falafel but have yet to find a recipe I like to make them at home. Loving Day is in honor of the Supreme Court decision in Loving v Virginia. Our teenager is bi racial and could not believe it took until 1967 for this to be the law. I have not been to the port and the recipe does not appeal. I didn’t bother to cook last night and had cereal for dinner. We will see how today goes. @catmando,Happy Birthday to you!
  11. I am so glad that you can have the surgery soon . It is good that your Pat is returning soon. Thanks for thinking of Tana.
  12. I am sorry to hear things are not so good. It will feel good to get home . Take care of yourself.
  13. @kazu, Jacqui, I am sorry to read about your friends’ surgical complications and send prayers their way. I hope there is a treatment plan to deal with your pain soon.
  14. Good morning. It is cooler again with sunshine and temperatures in the seventies. I will cheer all three days and love the quote. The muffins look good and I have not been to the port. We recently needed a handyman to remove a nest from the dryer vent. @Mr. Boston, I am excited for you both as you move on to the next phase of your life. Enjoy! @Haljo1935, I feel for you and remember how difficult it was to try to work when I really no longer could. The options for me were limited also and I eventually had to retire. I was 63 at the time so it was financially interesting. However it was the best thing for my health and I would do it again. Thinking if you today and sending hugs and prayers. @marshhawk, Also sending prayers and hugs to you and Chuck. I await news on how the kittens and the indoor cats fare as well as the two of you. Today is a bit stressful as Tana seems to have a stomach bug. I hope the rest of us can resist this but had to laugh earlier when we said “What else!” to each other. Oh well. Off to walk the dogs
  15. I love the picture of your grandson and his spaghetti! So sweet!
  16. Good morning. It is pleasant and cool at 60 going up to the high seventies later. Many years ago I remember struggling to work the fountain pen and ink situation and successfully decorating my school uniform with ink. I am sure my mother was happy when ball point pens were “allowed”. There have been people in my life whom I felt were truly miraculous. I have not been to Malta and like the recipe . Interesting about the equal pay timing. I certainly did not see it in my working life except towards the end when more men joined the profession. The young people had a great time at the parade and managed their subway journey without difficulty. We were happy to have them back in time for dinner so that we could hear all about their day. Enjoy the day everyone!
  17. Happy Birthday @Denise T! I hope you enjoy your conference and find a fun way to celebrate
  18. Good morning. It is cloudy with a chance of showers and temperatures in the low eighties. The teenager and his lovely girlfriend are off to the city. I drove them to the subway stop in the Bronx as the Sunday bus schedule is not great. There were a lot of folks flocking to the elevated trains and many Puerto Rican flags. I hope they have a great time and that everything stays peaceful.I hate to say it but similar to the St Patrick’s Day parade there is usually a lot of drinking going on. Ok, I will try to stop worrying! @Seasick Sailor, Joy, we made the delicious rice and beans recipe and I made a separate portion for my vegetarians. They all wanted to thank both you and Allen for the recipe! I will make it again soon. I have not been to the port, like Donald Duck and celebrate Celtic Art. We have a Celtic Center on our main drag that often has art shows from local folks. Have a great day everyone and please, no more leg injuries….or other injuries.
  19. @Cruzin Terri,I am so sorry for all the terrible things that have happened and worried about both of you.Sending hugs and prayers . @Seasick Sailor, I am also worried about the recent issues your DH has had as I am sure you are. Sending prayers your way as well with a big hug too. @JazzyV, I cannot believe how long you are finally able to sleep but I am very happy for you. @Haljo1935, glad the first onset of pain is gone. It is awful pain. As Vanessa said a nephrologist will be very helpful and diet specific. I stick to my diet as I never want to experience that again but there are no guarantees. Gentle hugs to you. @VictOriann, so glad your surgical appointment is soon. Waiting is the worst. Please take care of yourselves everyone.
  20. Good morning. As @puppycanducruise said, it was a morning for a jacket when early dog walking was done. It was 58 with no humidity when I got up.I am sorry Texas and Arizona Dailyites, especially when I see how hot it is there even early in the am. I have not experienced what the quote writer said! Quite the opposite! The meal looks good to me and thanks to Debbie @dfish for that and the cake pictures. I am sure your DSIL enjoyed the special cake for her birthday. DH and I lost two good friends at young ages to brain tumors. This was back in the days when neurosurgery sometimes caused more problems than the original tumor.There is a lot more hope today with better treatments. Our teenager wants to go with his girlfriend to the big Puerto Rican Day parade in the city tomorrow. She has two cousins who are dancing in their beautiful costumes and the whole family is going. Tana reluctantly agreed to let them go after we reminded her that she and her sister were going regularly into the city with friends by the time they were his age. I did hear that they are ramping up security and hope all goes well. We don’t have any available extra help this weekend so it is all hands on deck. Enjoy the day everyone!
  21. Wow! That is beautiful and I am sure it will be very tasty!
  22. @Seasick Sailor , Joy, thank you so much for the recipe link. The teenager requested this earlier in the week. I have the beans soaking so we could try it together tomorrow. If it is your husband’s favorite that means a lot!
  23. Good morning. It is cloudy and going up to 80 later. It seems less humid . DD DH and I were in Kings Wharf on a Veendam cruise a long time ago. No VCR here but I will celebrate world caring day. The meal sounds good to me but the executive chef has requested soup today.I have both lentil and black bean soup simmering and should make everyone happy tonight. I have tried to find a good recipe for rice and red beans and yesterday made one that was ok but not great. Does anyone have a good recipe? I don’t understand what I am doing wrong….. @Haljo1935, Elizabeth, did you find out the cause of the sudden pain onset? It sounds awful and I hope you get some relief soon. @SeaSickSailor, Joy, I am so glad you went back so that your wound could be attended to. I hope it looks and feels better this morning. Are you able to walk without pain? @Nickelpenny, Pennie, thanks for answering my question the other day. I think you are the busiest retired person! I am glad you enjoy it and I am sure the students enjoy you. @marshhawk, Annie, my heart aches for you and Chuck as you negotiate your way through this very difficult time. I found that I had to ask the docs direct questions and not be too worried about the answers. The elephant in the room just gets bigger when it is not addressed. Cancer is cruel. @aliaschief, I am sad that your wonderful cruise is ending. I appreciated the pictures and commentary. Enjoy the day everyone
  24. Good morning. We have another nice day on tap with temperatures going to 80. I made deviled eggs recently and they are delicious. I have not been to the port and will not celebrate delusions as there are way too many already. I remember the start of HIV awareness and working in hospitals where there were so many severely ill patients. I have a long term survivor in our extended family and remain grateful for the better medication available today. @Cruzin Terri, I was so sorry to hear about Jim’s fall and the lack of wheelchair assistance yesterday.i hope things are better today and that you can relax and enjoy your vacation. @StLouisCruisers, Sandi, those two dogs are so very cute! @Sharon in AZ, I hope Blue feels better soon. It is hard when they can’t tell us what is wrong. @Nickelpenny, Pennie, will you sub for the two schools on a part time or full time basis? I admire your energy. We are doing okay here so far today and had a few laughs about only making deviled eggs for dinner. The adults would be fine but our teenager would not like it. We decided on tacos which is so easy it is sinful. Once the aide arrives I will get out to the stores to renew supplies. Hopefully it will be a quiet day. Enjoy the day everyone
  25. @lazey1Jane, I am sorry about the Covid and I think the aftertaste from paxlovid is quite awful. Thank you for your nice words. I feel we are doing what all families do if they possibly can. We are trying to help the teenager at this terrible time and I think we do. I am grateful that other family members and friends are lending a hand as we are all in a state of fatigue now. Thanks to everyone for their words of support and prayers. You help more than you will ever know.
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