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  1. I talked to my TA yesterday and paid for a small upgrade. Even though we're past final payment, we went from a B6 Large Balcony on Deck 9 of the Breakaway with $190 in OBC (Combination of TA and NCL OBC) and moved to an M6 Large Mini-Suite on Deck 8 with $485 in total OBC. So it cost us $196 more in up front cash to move to a Large Balcony mini-suite, but raked in $285 in additional OBC. Life is good! 57 days until sailing. 😎
  2. I have to admit, I always found it slightly comedic that when we were in a B6 balcony on the Breakaway, we had a large table, two chairs, and two loungers crammed in out there, but when we were in a B1 aft-facing balcony on the Escape, we had SOOOOO much more room, but only got the dinky table. C'est la vie! Breakaway B6 Balcony Setup Escape B1 Balcony Setup (Deck 9)
  3. lol.. Glad they amused someone. 😂 We brought them along with us when we took our 10th anniversary cruise together. We wanted to do something that would help our boys feel like they were along for the adventure in some way, so Leo and Donnie were our little stowaways! I won't clog up the thread with a bunch more photos, but Leo got to enjoy one of the caramel brownie cheesecakes at O'Sheehan's on one of the nights! 😊
  4. Say what you will, but our tiny, green skinned teenager liked it just fine. 😁 Seriously though, it could certainly stand to see some improvement!
  5. That was the crazy part! The zipline excursion is simply no longer listed on the website! I may just have to call NCL to verify if they can book it in advance for me or if I just have to wait until I'm on board.
  6. Oooh.. I don't for sure. I remember seeing kids participating that looked to be at least 9 or 10, but I don't specifically remember seeing any younger than that. I did look through my photos from 2017 and saw some signage in the background. It definitely wasn't a high def photo, but with some serious squinting it appears to say the max minimum weight was 50 lbs, max 275. Minimum height was 4', maximum height 6'10", minimum age was tougher to read. Either 6 or 8, but anyone under age 18 must be accompanied on the ziplines by an adult.
  7. I last went to Harvest Caye on an Escape sailing in June of 2017. At that time, the Harvest Caye ziplines were bookable in advance online, on the ship, or could be booked by walking up to the Lighthouse. My wife and I were hoping to do the ziplines again this May, but I note that they are no longer listed on the NCL excursions list for Harvest Caye. Does anyone know: if you can still book the ziplines in advance once on board the ship, if not, do you just walk up, present your stateroom card, and pay on site, if the per port excursion credit can be applied to the zipline what the current cost of the "Flighthouse" Zipline is? Thanks in advance! We had so much fun doing this last time. After planning on just sitting on the beach all day reading books under a palm tree, the allure of watching everyone zipping over us was too much to resist!
  8. I kept meaning to circle back and thank everyone again, but a busy weekend got in the way. Thanks to everyone that followed and read along! This was a lot of fun for me to put together, and it brings us to the 368 day mark until the next cruise! Since it'll just be the two of us on that cruise, there will probably be a few more drink and food photos to be had! 😄 Until then, from our family to yours, happy sailing to you all!
  9. I believe the problem is with power strips with surge protectors. I've brought the same power strip on four cruises without issue so far. There were two U.S. outlets and a European outlet in our balcony room. None in the bathroom.
  10. After disembarking, we tracked down our five pieces of luggage, hailed a Lyft, and got our ride back to the hotel where we had left our vehicle. No issues with pick up there, and not long after we were back on the road, heading as far as Little Rock for the night. Pro tip: Don't try to stop for lunch in a town in the midst of a huge strawberry festival. You'll never get back to the interstate. OOPS! Lesson learned. After an hour spent trying to get food and gas and back on the road, we did manage to get to Little Rock shortly before dark. With the longer leg ahead of us the next day, we ate breakfast and hit the road early. We did plan to stop in Ozark, Missouri for lunch and the spectacle that is Lambert's Cafe. With their famous complimentary "pass arounds" like fried okra, macaroni salad, and piping hot rolls (which they throw to you from across the room in some cases) with sorghum, this place is the perfect way to fall asleep at the wheel right after you get back to the car. 🙂 Back in long sleeves. 😭 That's not bacon on my burger, that'd be hog jowl. 🤤 Incoming! I thought better of trying to add a brownie the size of a dinner plate to my meal, and soon after we were back on the road for home. Right around St. Joseph, Missouri was when the boys decided they'd had enough of being in the car. The past two days in the car, plus being overly tired from such a full week made the adults cranky enough without the boys acting up too. I pushed the speedometer forward a little further. 🙂 We finally found ourselves arriving home to a beautiful sunset on our little country hilltop. Exhausted, but full of wonderful memories and probably still full of O'Sheehan's wings and brownies. Thanks everyone for following along during this review of our family's time aboard the Norwegian Breakaway. Our boys couldn't have possibly had a better first cruise experience! Now...... what do I do with the 372 days before our next cruise?? Hmmmmmm. 🤔
  11. Disembarkation Day I had kept meaning throughout the cruise to give a quick walk through of our cabin. Knowing that essentially all of the non-suite bathrooms looked the same, I skipped that area, but wanted people to be able to see the set up of the room with the pullman down and the couch converted. Cabin 9126 really was perfect for us, and felt just right for our family. I definitely would have wanted more room if our kids were teenagers, but we found plenty of storage for all our clothes and accessories, and never felt overly crowded, due in large part to the expanded balcony. The boys were still pretty bummed out, so you'll have to excuse their mopey faces in the video. After getting up and about, we gathered up our last few items in the room, and were headed up to the buffet for our last meal. We had taken one of the last time slots for disembarkation as were weren't in a huge rush. We ate a leisurely breakfast, sulked... ... and then headed to Deck 7 to disembark. We stood on the boat deck for probably 20 minutes or so as everyone shuffled toward the security checkpoint where our cabin cards would be scanned for the last time. We retraced our steps from five days prior where we had been so excited to board, and gave a last goodbye to our ship; the end of a perfect family vacation.
  12. After dropping off the boys at Splash Academy, Stacy and I headed back to the room and finally set about enjoying a bottle of wine that we had brought with us. In all the crazy, packed past several days we hadn't made much time to just sit down and chat just the two of us. Tonight we watched the last few rays of sun slip away while sitting in the balcony loungers, sipping on our favorite wine. Tough to beat. Is there anything more bittersweet than the final sunset of a cruise? With the wine bottle emptied, we headed to O'Sheehan's for our last meal of the cruise, knowing that we still had to get back to the room to finish packing. This wound up being a lot of fun as Bandaoke was starting up in the atrium below. I gotta tell ya, there were actually a lot of very impressive singers in the bunch. Right up until Gary (name changed to protect the very guilty). Gary decided he'd try his hand at the Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline." So much of that song was basically spoken rather than sung by Neil, so I figured Gary should be able to handle this without too much difficulty. Oh, Gary. What proceeded made me grateful that no service dogs were in the atrium that night, as Gary's off-key bari-ten-prano voice filled the expansive room until the crowd would provide temporary relief in the form of "BA BA BA!!!!" every so often. It was all Stacy and I could do to keep from having iced tea spew out our noses with each caterwauled line of the song. God bless the house band that managed to drive the tempo as the song began to drag, bringing it to as speedy a conclusion as they could manage! 🤣 Gary, if you're out there, please know that we really were laughing with you, not at you. We had a wonderful last night due in no small part to you! After dinner we retreated to the room to finish packing up and tagging bags to be set out that night. Stacy also took the time to fill out our Hero cards for the unforgettable staff of the Breakaway. Again, a huge shout out to Yintao, aka Cici, who made Landon's whole trip! With full dark now well upon us, we saw movement out on the balcony and saw that we were passing a large ship, signaling that we had left behind blue oceans and recently re-entered the Mississippi, working our way back to Mississippi for our morning arrival. After picking up the Boys from Splash (and the cookies from the buffet of course), the finality of it sunk in for the boys. To anyone on the balconies around us on that last night, I apologize for my wailing kids. It took quite a while to calm them and get them tucked into bed that night. No one wants to leave a ship like this to go back to school on Monday. I feel ya boys. 😞 With the overly tired boys finally asleep, Stacy and I did the same, and thus ended our last night aboard.
  13. My kids barely survived muster without trying to call for a mutiny, so I can't imagine how they'd have done with the Panama Canal excursion talk. 😄 Thanks so much for the feedback!!
  14. Connor asked me to take a sunset pic of his duck. ☺️ I haven't mentioned my amazing wife nearly as much as I have mentioned the kids, but let me say it now. Stacy is an amazing woman, and I am incredibly blessed to be able to call her my wife. We've now been on four cruises together, and I'm so excited to see what the next 60 years of our lives together will bring. Hopefully lots more cruises together! Just a couple more moments of sunshine before sending the boys off to Splash Academy as the ship slips into the evening.
  15. Just off the ship on 4/12. It was one of the first things I looked for as we were setting up our cabin. No such luck. Glad I brought our power strip along!
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