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  1. We did the jet skis at labadee in February. I agree with what has already been said. I did NOT appreciate that they have locals paddle out in canoes to the group on the last group stop peddling their junk. Extremely awkward as they circle around everyone begging and asking you to buy something over and over. I won’t do it again fir this reason alone. Just me. Just a heads up that I would have appreciated knowing up front.
  2. I forgot our set sail passes boarding Jewel in Miami. Still can’t believe I forgot them. I was worried but It was almost a non issue. They looked us up by name and let us through to check in. It took an extra 60 seconds maybe.
  3. We got ours 3 days ahead on Anthem earlier this month. Got a center hump JS on a JS J4 GTY booking.
  4. I’ve thought of this scenario every time on the last night and hoped it never happens to us. Sad regardless of whether mistake or intentional. new key benefit: armed guardsman for your luggage on embarkation day and last day??? Just sayin 😉
  5. Deluxe and refreshment packages both include unlimited specialty coffee from the ship coffee bar which uses espresso.
  6. Lol took me a long time to figure it out. dear wife, dear husband etc etc. ?
  7. Are the new straw cups supposed to come wrapped like the old versions with the slide top did? Reason I ask is we pre ordered our package for our Anthem cruise a couple weeks ago and the cups were in the room were NOT in a wrapper. I swear they were re-using them.
  8. Is Horseshoe Bay Beach crowded?
  9. When booking the UDP in cruise planner, If you expand the charge details it lists the service charge as “INCLUDED”. So no 18% added to the package price and that implies that tip is included. Service has always been excellent ( so far) so we add something extra anyway.
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