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  1. Talking of commonsense. Sheffield - 2,528 cases Barnsley - 948 cases Rotherham - 957 cases Doncaster - 765 cases S YORKS = 5,198 The weathers nice and places like Cleethorpes is a hour away for South Yorkshire . We are still on level 4 for infection risk . Cleethorpes area of infection is North East Lincolnshire - 153 cases. What could go wrong ,it's just a day out ? https://www.itv.com/news/2020-03-11/coronavirus-where-you-live-check-the-number-of-cases-in-your-area-with-our-interactive-map/
  2. At least you did not have to get up at 4am and put a towel on it Have a nice day
  3. Sounds reasonable to me Pete but under the new .GOV guidelines I would start your journey around midnight to avoid any road traffic .It could be handy to travel with a pair of Night-Hawk glasses and should you get pulled over by the police they will be assured by the fact you were simply testing them out for future road trips. I see no reason for not going to see your mother as the UK government have discovered that this virus can only count up to six . Have a nice time Pete .
  4. Good idea ! Are you sure you would not like to make a video like Mr ludlow did on You Tube ? You could add a link to the e-mail
  5. kalos

    *** Lets Smile ***

    A Big Thank You From Me Ten weeks of lockdown and thanking the NHS and other workers . I have posted everyday to keep peoples spirits up and also with the help of a few others,thanks to them, it has been fun but I think now's the time to move it from daily to me just dropping into the pub every now and then , which I will do . I thought It best to post something just in case you thought something had happened to me . Please keep posting . Thank you . As the shops begin to open ,remember to take care,some things will be more expensive out there . Hope you enjoyed the jokes ,stay in if you need to ,stay safe and take care . Catch you later ,thank you and remember , keep on smiling ! Kalos
  6. kalos

    *** Lets Smile ***

    🎶🎤🎸 IT'S THE TEN WEEKS OF LOCKDOWN SHOWTIME 🎶🎤🎸 As we come out of this just remember to wash your hands,just like Tom does
  7. kalos

    *** Lets Smile ***

    My wife complained 'You never take me anywhere expensive anymore'. I told her "Right get your coat on". She says Why? Where we going?' "The petrol station." I told her, which seemed to upset her even more. I gave her a hug and said " Look once this lockdown is over, I will order a table one evening and take you out " She seems happy now but I don't know why really, as last time I booked a table,she only managed to pot one ball.
  8. kalos

    *** Lets Smile ***

    A wife was cleaning 12 year old son's bedroom, when she finds a serious load of bondage gear and fetish mags. She asks her husband, "what shall we do?" Husband says, "I'm no expert, but I wouldn't spank him."
  9. kalos

    *** Lets Smile ***

    I proved her wrong My sister thinks shes so smart, she said onions are the only food that can make you cry So I threw a coconut at her.
  10. kalos

    *** Lets Smile ***

    People say nothing is impossible but we have been doing exactly that for ten weeks folks. Lets hope the shops are ready for you as the lockdown eases .
  11. I know how you feel Harry .I got out of hospital in October and that was the last time we saw our grandkids as the Specialist told me to isolate at home as my heart was that weak running at 20%.and the risk of catching a cold could have been a disaster for me . Now I'm running at 49% so would have been ok to see them but MR Covid came along . I had to cancel the New Year Cruise but I think "There will be other times " I can cope with that . The months of staying in I have learnt to cope with that ,not seeing family is the hard one but I can phone them anytime . I just keep thinking we will beat this, one way or another and keep looking for the good things we have and what we have done in our lives.With a good woman to support me what could go wrong . When I hear someone say life is hard I can't help thinking compared to what ? Keep smiling .
  12. Adela Street off Kensal Road in London W10. If not Oil Drum Lane Shepherds Bush. I bet his name was Harold
  13. In our case I would think not .It can be dependant on where the ships going and time of year and cost. A cruise around the Med and we could book an Aft facing cabin .If we are doing an Atlantic cruise we then move to a mid ship balcony and if it's a mid winter cruise then we go mid ship but inside as we have no use for the balcony . The thing all those choices have in common is we know which cabin numbers and deck levels we want to book.
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