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  1. Please re read my last post . They will go through the system as normal .
  2. No from what I read it was simply buddies looking after buddies all above board but my point is they could have a reserve list for those entitled . I once was on a operation list that was a couple of months away and was asked would I go onto a standby list , I was done and dusted inside two weeks, so it is not like the system would be new to them . Apart from that I am not privy to the workings of the NHS so my only option is to be patient . They will sort us all out in time .
  3. Agreed and there is lots to take into account .Are they in a high risk group, living in a care home etc ? If the above applies then I would fully expect to see maybe someone in their late 70's getting the jab before a 80 year old with no health conditions but they stress that everyone will get the vaccine. As you say some area's will be more to do with logistics .Take a countryside village hall with two vaccinators compared to 18 mile up the road a modern health care centre with six staff jabbing away then it is to be expected . What I did not like is some " no show up's " jabs bei
  4. Mmmmmm More to the point have you had a go at it yet ? 🎶 Left Flipper- Right Flipper 🎶 Come on you know you want too
  5. Lets hope today is another record breaking day for the UK's vaccine program . The sooner they get down through the age system and the vulnerable they have in place ,the better for us all . I remember the press asking on one of those Corona TV up dates " Do they think we should divert to teachers and police etc ?" The answer was they had no data to show why they should alter course as yet . Anyone at risk in those sectors would be vaccinated anyway they said . They now have those figures in and it looks like the current program is taking us in the right direction . So that is a
  6. You're safe Avril ,we are too far gone for that ,besides everyone's doing it in Scotland ..Aren't they ?
  7. 🎶 Left Flipper- Right- Flipper -1-2-3 ! 🎶 All together now Off to check our shopping order for tins of Pilchards ... Left Flipper- Right- Flipper -1-2-3 !
  8. Good morning on this bright sunny morning where the temperature is now back into positive figures we now have one 1.c with a chill of -5.c Reading the papers this morning I came across a post that had me smiling . Up over the borders in bonnie Scotland they have got this winter weather snow sussed . The powers that be have advised ,same as us Stay in -Save lives but have gone one step further or should I say "Waddle" ? They have now advised people when out in snow to walk like a penguin !! Apparently this will take the strain off the Scottish NHS and to be fair I have never co
  9. I personally think you do a very good job Sharon . Thank you and stay safe .
  10. Vaccines are like jokes Not everyone gets them, but the smart ones do.
  11. Chill out Rupert we were all having a laugh about the Titanic ,not you . If it gets aired again I would watch it . Keep smiling and take care
  12. Did they explain who torched the pub 2019 ? https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/arsonists-torch-rubbish-derelict-social-club-south-yorkshire-428640
  13. After studying the post and hitting myself over the head with a bottle of Star Drops , I can now confirm That post
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