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  1. The film just posted by Harry was on behalf of the Anti Vaxer Party
  2. Let’s celebrate diversity. A bit of the surreal may be good for us all. 😉 BIG, BIG WATER
  3. Sorry to hear about your friends Dad Chris . Your mates Dad would have been vulnerable to any infection due to the very fact he had cancer and the Meds they use that weaken the immune system so he could well have died of Covid or some other infection such as pneumonia.To be fair only the doctors know what he died of and back in April the deaths could well have been written off as covid as the pathology dept's to be blunt, I would suspect would not have been so keen to open up a body to see if a doctor was right or wrong regarding the death certificate. They were fighting a new little known about virus back then . As I say we have no proof either way ,only the Doctors know, Thinking about it being a hoax ..Why ? What would be gained as we watch doctors and nurses ,loved ones die from covid , peoples lives and jobs ,family's torn apart. This is happening worldwide no country has come out of it a winner .Unfortunately the virus sadly is very real and is killing people around the world.
  4. I know I was hoping that Dave would go and test it out ,then come back and tell us what it was like ...That's if he could still speak English
  5. There is always a way around things Dave, I hear Russia will be starting soon
  6. So after all that can we agree that those given the chance of a cruise will be there cruising and the ones that cannot or have no desire to cruise in the near future have our full blessing , Not that they need it as it is their own choice regardless of what others may think. Some of us have no choice at the moment due to medical reasons as had been said we had the choice taken out of our hands ,so come on guys chill out and be thankful you do have a choice .
  7. I think reading about things that have happened or your photos on here have become a bit of a pastime on here .Watching the way even cruise critics have adapted to this "No cruising " world. I have taken the odd trip out to local country parks to watch the world go by and even sought out a few walks where not many people go. As winter edges towards us I have to look at other things to do as my past activities become less. Two things I have started doing that have caught my imagination . The first one is a local guy to us and he recently started posting his work on Youtube which is filming coastal towns and countryside tourist attractions such as Emmerdale & Heartbeat locations. His style of filming gets me thinking "I want to go there when all this is over" I will put a link if anyone would like to see it. The second one which I've only just started is the Open University courses that are free to join. There is a mountain of courses you can look through and choose to read and should keep me going for a while . The one I am reading at the moment is in the nature section called Surviving Winter. Tried looking up Living without cruise ships but could not find that one
  8. Oh dear double in price,that's not nice of them is it ? Have you got a cruise booked ? Are you going on other holidays ? If the answer is no then I would not renew it and wait until I did book again ' If you do have a cruise then I would book a single policy to cover that cruise . I found sometimes where I was only doing two cruises in the year it paid for me to insure them separate to my annual holiday insurance.rather than pay x52 cruise premiums . Do a few dummy runs on a comparison site ,it may work cheaper for you as well Like Dermotsgirl ..Why pay for something you know you are not going to use ?
  9. To all you posters who are taking it easy at the coast , I thought I would post this little classic ( OK WHICH ONE OF YOU ARE ON TABLE SIX )
  10. For our anniversary This year I took my Mrs shopping to Meadowhall shopping . Next year as a surprise I'm thinking of bringing her back .
  11. Hard to say ,he drugged you ,your parents sold you Or maybe it's that you love each other so much you have just spent 45 years together Congratulations ,have a great day
  12. Looking at the death rates we seem to be not that bad Harry if you keep your wits about you . Having said that you would not think so with how some loony's drive . https://www.statista.com/chart/18949/road-accident-fatalities-per-million-inhabitants-i/
  13. I wish I was healthy enough to do such jobs Vamps but all that changed a year ago (52 Sundays ago) A good plumb line,Spirit level and arms like Popeye to hump all those paving slabs around helps . Providing your happy with your new patio Then the jobs a good one . As you say :- Problem is people wanted thousands to do all this and it’s definitely not cost that much but it’s a lot of hard work. Now you know why they wanted thousands
  14. They do when Wowzz is driving The traffic police once stopped a man for speeding. Police, “Do you know how fast you were going ? ” “I was trying to keep up with traffic,” the man replied. Police “But there is no traffic? ” The man answered, " I know that’s how far behind I am "
  15. Could this be the one you men Bin man ? Hope it helps Presto
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