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  1. When I book a cruise now I also do dummy booking for various larger rooms Todate and thats 4 cruises every upgrade email I have received the minimum bid is MORE than if I had originally booked it AND you would get the full benefits Not saying this happens everytime but it has for me
  2. That sounds ridiculous that they weren't pre warned but as I said my friend has been given conflicting advice
  3. Esta is $14 and as he may travel to USA later next year he has applied for one TO COVER ALL BASES for his up and coming Dec Cruise Thanks for all the helpful comments
  4. Well you learn something everyday Thanks Brian guess BVI makes sense now lol
  5. He doesn't stop on Mainland USA but does visit Tortola which is a US Virgin Island
  6. A good friend of mine is flying to Barbados from the UK to do his first cruise on the Azura on dec27th He is getting conflicting stories regarding whether he needs an Esta As Barbados isn't a US Island he thinks no but his Partner thinks they do He isn't getting an answer from either P&O or US Websites so he asked me Whats the thoughts?
  7. With Royals Newish Upgrade system When you book your cruise in the first place look at the prices for rooms which you could possibly be upgraded to WHY I HEAR YOU SHOUT I have done this on the last 3 cruises and the original price has always been cheaper than the MIN Figure in the upgrade offer and you get the benefits if you book it in the first place i.e. Double points in suites Don't get lulled into it must be a bargain!!! I'm not saying it won't some times be a baragin but have the figures to compare
  8. I was told to wait till you were on board by a TA Friend
  9. Many Thanks, that's a lot of money for "free" drinks!!!!!
  10. Well said but I would have put it slightly less subtly Your are a #### "sir", go and troll else where
  11. Not sure why the original post was closed but I emailled the Executive Office to ask the Question Litterally just put the phone down to a very nice gentleman from Miami who explained the Package is my Choice and at the moment there is no alternative in any form He has left it as feedback for future consideration Good to see at least there was a response from RCCL Loved all the responses and opinions on the original thread
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