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  1. 9 hours ago, Canal archive said:

    Host Jazzbeau I’m getting a bit concerned about a certain contributor and absolutely hate to have come to this conclusion but I have decided not to continue on these forums for the time being. I will be reading contributions as I find the majority of inputs interesting/amusing and somewhat entertaining. Keep up your good work, Thank you Canal Archive 

    I will be sorry to miss your contributions, so I hope this is a short-term break.  BTW I have found that the best way to deal with 'difficult' posters is not to reply.  Most of 'them' have to have the last word, so let them.  And if a post seems like a Guideline Violation, Report it and let the Admins deal with it.  One 'difficult' poster shouldn't cancel your Cruise Critic community participation – every community has a few odd or difficult members, and in others' eyes we each may fall into that category!

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  2. This thread makes it clear that there is a place for river cruise lines at every point on the spectrum.  If you don't feel you need a Butler, or you don't feel the Butlers provided on river ships are up to snuff – thankfully there are lines that don't have Butlers.  If you enjoy the amenity of a Butler, there are lines that provide them.  Chacun à son goût.  The only thing I ask is that no one should claim their preference is somehow the only 'right' one.

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  3. 5 hours ago, pontac said:

    Well, it depends on what your definition of a butler is.


    Scenic advertises butler service to guests, but I don't think Lord Grantham would recognise it as butler service.

    I never ask to see my Butler's credentials.  On both my Scenic river cruises the Butler provided a big step up in service compared to what you would expect from a cabin attendant, and made the cruise more enjoyable.

  4. 4 hours ago, UKCruiseJeff said:

    As a Brit, Oz only made complete sense when I wandered through Botanic and saw the Fruit Bats hanging upside.


    In the view I held then,  everything should have been upside down. 🙂



    Just as getting onboard takes a while to develop sea legs, and getting off again to reclaim the land legs – I was worried for a while in NZ/Oz that I would fall off the Earth...  🤣

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  5. 9 minutes ago, Riocca said:

    Royal Club also produces a cola product I’ve always wondered how that would be received by customers if it was the only cola offered?

    If it's anything like Royal Crown Cola in the US – I would run the other way...


    Back in the day when all colas in the US cost 5¢ (or later 10¢), Coke gave you 7.5 oz, Pepsi 12 oz and RC a whopping 16 oz.  Coke and Pepsi were similar, although I think I could have survived the "Pepsi Challenge" and identified Coke – but RC was just nasty.

  6. 7 hours ago, excitedofharpenden said:

    Yes, Schweppes is just fine. Doesn't have to be Fevertree. I think we need to walk before we can run!🙂



    I read somewhere that CocaCola was giving them Royal Club free to carry Coke products.  So take it and push it on the unsuspecting.  Then add Fevertree to the Premium (or at least Ultimate) package for those who are entitled to the better Gins.  That would hardly be a major expense.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Dr H said:

    Oy! Another worry! The go-to drink is the G&T, Beefeaters preferably with "decent", ie not dietetic tonic. We board Quest in 1 month, heading north to Iceland. I can switch over to Scotch with no problem, SewingSandie? That could become an issue. She's taken a liking to Pinacoladas in recent months... (With all due respect, and not wanting to insult anyone too badly, putting tonic water of any quality into Tanqueray 10 is a crime against nature)

    As the English comedians Flanders & Swann said, "One man's meat is another man's poisson"...

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  8. 54 minutes ago, Catchum said:

    For years I thought I didn't like gin. I have now discovered gin tastes just fine so long as it is on the rocks or in a martini. IMHO Tonic water is acceptable if you are suffering from malaria. To say one brand is better than another is like debating which cough syrup tastes less bad.

    It sounds like you have never tried Fevertree Elderflower Tonic with a floral gin like Tanqueray No 10.

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  9. On both the River and Ocean Yacht segments, Scenic is the top line of the company and Emerald is the 'budget' line.  This doesn't necessarily make Emerald a 'budget' line in the overall cruise industry.  This is especially clear with the Yachts:  not having helicopters and submarines hardly makes a ship 'budget' ...

  10. 4 hours ago, pavementends said:

    So far I have booked direct- without any issues, I might add.


    Now we can't mention names of travel agents. So I went to this website that would get you competing bids from travel agents (won't put THAT name in here, either). Got some bids, some identical to what I was seeing from Silversea direct, one actually higher. And then I started thinking- I don't know these guys, and I'm supposed to give them a credit card for thousands of dollars? It's not like the old days when we had a travel agent on the shopping street where we could walk in and see a real person.


    So I went direct, again. And I guess I'm wondering if there would be much of a rebate or perk for me, anyway. I book almost the cheapest cabin in port to port. Always book my own flights (day or so in advance) and my own hotels. Maybe it wouldn't make much difference.

    I agree with your concern about booking with an unknown agent based solely on low price.  The best way to find a good high-rebate travel agent is to ask onboard your next cruise – it can be a good conversation starter.  So much safer-feeling to book based on a personal recommendation.  It's a shame we can't give such here in Cruise Critic, but here it is...

  11. 2 hours ago, gotcha3 said:

    Nothing like going through the expense of securing accommodation on an expensive, high-end, all inclusive cruise line only to have to bring your own wine aboard as theirs is rubbish.



    2 hours ago, Travelingwithstyle said:

    We feel the same way....complained over and over again to them while we were on the current Onward World Cruise.  The premium beverage package doesn't offer any different wine choices than the included package.   The ultimate beverage package is very limited for the wine selection.  We hope the new CEO changes the below par included wine options.... with many other things she has to improve. 

    Azamara is not all-inclusive and not a luxury cruise line (assuming that's what you meant by high-end).  It is a Premium line, and provides high-end value in some areas but can't do so in all without charging luxury all-inclusive prices.  If included wine is a must-have for you (a completely rational view), you will likely be more satisfied on other lines; IMHO Azamara isn't likely to fix this to your satisfaction.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Dizer65 said:

    I did a Med cruise last year on a US line  and had to use US dollars onboard.  Outrageous 😂

    But now you’re on a European line, so they use Euros. Same principle: it’s not where you are sailing, but whether the cruise line considers itself American or European. 

  13. 5 hours ago, sjde said:

    I didn’t know of Amadeus. Doesn’t AMA ( Waterways) stand for Amadeus? 

    I believe AMA was originally called Amadeus, but there was a trademark dispute and they were forced to change. So now AMA stands for “AMA.”

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  14. Your TA has recommended the least crowded ships (Tauck), the most crowded (Viking), and the most polarizing decor (Uniworld). I would also suggest AMA and Scenic, to round out the luxury category. 

    Pay attention to cabin size and layout, number of passengers (almost all ships are the same size, based on lock size - and they go from 130 to 190 pax, a huge difference!). The other important factor is itinerary - at first blush they may all look the same, but the details vary in ways that may be important to you. I especially like Scenic’s 10-night itineraries, which add so much detail on the same stretch of River. 

    As to price, be sure to take into account the different inclusions. 

  15. 36 minutes ago, Host Jazzbeau said:

    If the TA pays the full value of the OBC, it should be refundable. If it was a shared promotion between Azamara and the TA, it would be non-refundable. 

    And if it's refundable, it goes back to the credit card you file onboard.  If you have a balance due at the end of the cruise, that goes to the credit card; if you have a positive balance, the refund goes to the same card.

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