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  1. Sadly this is the future: new ships will all be forced to have GPS thruster positioning to save the planet. [I say: Save the old ships!]
  2. KEF is pretty far from the center of Reykjavik, so it didn't surprise us that a private transfer cost $150 but the door to door service was worth it. We used https://www.rvkcars.com/airport-transfer
  3. Meteora is absolutely worth two days in this 'Athens' post-cruise stay – stop at Delphi on the way there, get to Meteora for sunset on the first day, stay overnight and see 2-3 monasteries on the second day, then be driven back to Athens or the airport.
  4. New article on CruiseIndustryNews: Silver Ray Completes Conveyance [on River Ems] Not your usual 'river cruise' but an interesting picture!
  5. This is what I think of when I hear 'waitron':
  6. Jeff your bread always looks delicious. As to pizza – you should have imported the oven from NY. Neapolitan pizza doesn't really cut it once you've had NY thin crust pizza... 😀
  7. Many of us here on the Boards part of Cruise Critic don't read the Reviews part – because there are so many one-post-wonders there. Could you copy your review (or retype it) and post it here? Thanks!
  8. Johnny Cash had a song about it
  9. Haven't done this with Azamara, but we did Chobe and Vic Falls with AmaWaterways in 2018. Victoria Falls is amazing and worth the trip alone. Chobe was only ok – if you want to see the Big 5, the Kruger extension would be a good choice. My blog of the 2018 river safari trip is here: jazzbeauxafricansafari2018.wordpress.com [note: that lion is purring happily 😀]
  10. Sadly it was acquired and refurbished at the worst time for Covid supply-chain issues. We were led to believe the poor items would be replaced, but evidently that plan has been cancelled. I am avoiding Onward in my planning.
  11. Thanks Margo for your report about your cruise on Onward. Others may want to start their own thread to report their experiences.
  12. Thanks for this! I'm in the equivalent cabin (8056) on Journey on my next cruise.
  13. I'm guessing the big white area across the hall is the funnel.
  14. There was a move in the 1980s to de-gender terms, and this was one of the aborted early efforts. Since then it has been recognized that terms like 'waiter' and 'actor' are not in fact gendered – the error was making female-gender versions of them which were never necessary. Every female performer in Hollywood now calls herself an 'actor.' So I call all restaurant servers 'waiter.' note: this must be different in France, where 'garçon' is clearly gendered. It is also different for clearly gendered terms like 'weatherman' – for that one I use the non-gendered term 'wild guesser' 🤣
  15. moved to Princess forum since question seems to relate to Princess-owned lodges
  16. moved to Ports of Call – Africa & Middle East
  17. A brief excerpt from the essay: Byron was a political radical who identified with an oppressed people fighting for freedom. Back home in England, he had sympathized with the Luddites—weavers who smashed the new automatic looms that threatened to put them out of work... The same spirit inspired the description of the Greeks in “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage.” Byron mocked the idea that they should “be grateful to the Turks for their fetters, and to the Franks for their broken promises and lying counsels…to the artist who engraves their ruins and to the antiquary who carries them away.” That last phrase was a pointed reference to Lord Elgin, who denuded the Parthenon of about half its sculptures, destroying much of the building in the process. The Elgin Marbles still reside in the British Museum today.
  18. With perfect timing for this Byronic subthread, the Wall Street Journal website just published an essay "How an English Poet Became a Greek National Hero." [I included the link, but it's protected by a paywall; sorry]
  19. On board you'll be dealing with a human, not a computer [unless it's a 'waitron' – try to find a real waiter, male or female 😀]
  20. You are restoring hope for my Ray cruise in 2026!
  21. Which is why I always tell DW "pack everything." 😀 Preparing for a trip in two weeks to Lombardy, Tuscany and Umbria. Historical highs from 69-79. This year's forecast?—low to mid '60s with a lot of rain. But our experience is that whatever is forecast at this point for a trip is certain NOT to happen when we get there!
  22. It's often mentioned as a truism that Cruise Critic is a very small slice of cruise passengers, so therefore it's not a good idea to judge a cruise line by its CC forum – but nevertheless I must say I have never seriously considered Regent because of the cattiness of that forum. [Note: I am not talking about anyone posting on this thread, and I haven't read that forum in some time] I have a theory that the devotées of Luxury cruise lines are actually less happy than those of us who sail on Premium lines. I read so many 'luxury' posts that reek of 'nothing is ever good enough' – and on Regent there was [I haven't read it lately] so much Oceania-bashing, at a time when most reports were that Oceania had better food, because it was important to certain people to stress that Regent is 'Luxury' while Oceania is 'only Premium.' That was a huge turn-off. I don't care how a cruise line is rated – and there is no industry standard about stars or classes anyway. After 34 cruises on 15 different lines [with 5 more booked, and 1 new line (Windstar)], I know pretty much what I'm looking for: (1) an interesting in-depth itinerary; (2) very good food and service; (3) a veranda cabin [for the light more than lying about on it] with enough room to walk past the bed. I get that reliably on Azamara and Noble Caledonia, and I expect to get it on Windstar next January [French balcony but good enough] Can I hope to get it on my two upcoming Silversea cruises? – recent reports are not reassuring, but I booked before the massive price increases last month so the fares still promise decent value and one can hope they will 'right their ship.'
  23. It's actually such a wonderful initiation to the joys of River Cruising – compared to Ocean Cruising, where the highly paid stevedore demands a tip to make sure your luggage arrives and isn't too badly bashed up...
  24. If it's wobbly, deck 6 would be best. But it's nice to have four choices, so the scenery might vary a bit... [My first guess on the photo was going to be "the inside of the Stanford Linear Accelerator" 🤣]
  25. New article on Cruise Critic: Scenic to Embark on 59-Day Ultimate Europe Journey in 2025 Combines river cruises, ocean yacht cruise, and land journeys in one "grand tour"
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