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  1. yeah i had same problem cos i booked like a week before departure it is only 5o bucks on a 7 niter so i didnt stresss
  2. Any third rate rsl can whip up a better seafood meal Lobster is half about the size of a childs fist a free sample of salmon they give you 3 prawns sliced down the middle and on skewers so you think you get 6 A couple of bits of octopus and some crumbed calamari from safeway staff were nice though
  3. No but it has a wood fired pizza,oven and a Weber bbq near pool but you have to bring your own wood
  4. The menu in shell and bones is actually better than the garbage the serve there You dont go p&o for food unless you live in a housing commission house or a nursing home then its an improvement
  5. There not reasonably priced on ship 25 bucks from memory at bar Duty free cheaper pick up a carton in noumea and some more in port vila
  6. Gotta say as a carnival shareholder the booze packages on ncl or celebrity leave princess s for dead
  7. All they had to do is report it to kotor authorities then go back on ship no need to tell princess Then apply for passport at their destination
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