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  1. I wonder if you are booking too far out? I can't remember if you had to have a sailing date within a specific timeframe. We had a May 2020 cruise canceled and rebooked for May 2021 (got 100% of initial cruise plus 25% FCC plus a 20% discount on May 2021 cruise). This weekend we canceled the May 2021 cruise and rebooked to May 2022. We lost the 20% discount but we still received the 100% FCC plus the 25% FCC bonus.
  2. We're booked on NCL for late May 2021. I am not optimistic we'll be cruising to AK then. AK is trying to stop the spread in their state, mandatory COVID negative test within 72 hours of arrival, or quarantine while you take the test in AK. For our initial sailing (May 2020) Victoria announced in mid-March (I think then) they were closing the port to cruise ships where NCL still didn't cancel the cruises for a month or so. I can't see places such as this that have put in those sort of restrictions relaxing them until a widely available vaccine is available. And yes, I 2nd and 3rd thoughts on this cruise and wish we would have just received our money back vs taking the FCC. But it was our decision to take the gamble and I can't complain on that one.
  3. Wow there are so many things I love about sea days. And to think when we first started cruises we didn't want sea days and not I'd love to do a transatlantic for all the day. Playing the various trivia games, love the scavenger hunts, eating great food, relaxing on the balcony where it is nice and quiet and a quick nap (maybe only 1/2 hour don't want to waste away the day sleeping).
  4. We were tossing around the same scenario FCC or money back. We had Alaska planned for May and we knew we'd rebook Alaska next May. Just deciding if we did it with cash so we could cancel before final payment if something happens. We took the FCC. I completely understand bankruptcy and FCC being worthless. We applied all our FCC to the cruise so it shows the cruise is paid in full (plus we have a decent amount left over). I'm hoping if FCC becomes useless then it would only effect our outstanding FCC that hasn't bee applied and we'd stay booked and show paid in full as we do now. If we lose that we lose it. I just can't see NCL or any other similar cruise line with these massive ships completely going under. Reorganization, yes. We also are still receiving full paychecks during COVID so we do not have a financial burden that we might want the money back. Some people in the situation of reduced income I see where getting the money back would make the more sense.
  5. We just rebooked yesterday and I had to call up to get my FCC applied to cruise. I had $700 left over which has to be used by 4/28/21. Our cruise is May 2021. Obviously I can book another cruise. But to your question on what else you could use it on the lady on the phone told me I could pre-pay gratuities with it. I would have to call in before it expires in April next year to do this. I could also use it for shore excursions. I would have to call in to Shore Ex desk to book them and they will see the FCC tied to our latitudes account and we tell them we want to use that. Again, have to do that by April. That's what we'll likely use ours on and doing it in April won't be an issue. We are planners and will have our excursions picked out months ahead of time.
  6. I was reading through the forums and can't find a clear answer on the 20% off. It sounds like speculation from most so I'm trying to find an answer from someone that actually booked using the 20% off promo from a canceled sailing. We should be getting our FCC posted to our account by May 1st so I'm trying to figure out what sort of room we're wanting so we'll be ready to cook. Some things I've read is when you are logged in the 20% is automatically applied. Others I read say it's just off the cheapest fare for the type of room. This is what I'm looking at; Bliss balcony (code BF) May 22, 2021 is $1999 when I mock book it (just the cruise fare pp not including any taxes/fees). This is the same rate that I am getting mock booking regardless if I'm signed in or not. So is is 20% off that to bring that rate down to $1499.25? Also, when we have the ability to do the booking with 20% off and FCC; will everything be pretty self explanatory when I login? Or is it going to be hard to figure out where these codes are? Thank you in advance!
  7. Us as well were booked for May 2020. We are on NCL and they still haven't canceled our cruise. In one aspect I want the FCC at 125% as the 2021 cruise is a little bit more then what we paid. But on the other hand I'd just like my $4200 back for our stateroom as I don't feel confident that everything will be back to normal in a year. I think the Alaska sailings will be one of the last ones to go; with the required Canada port call sailing out of Seattle, Canada doesn't need the cruise business for a four hour stop in Victoria. So I see them extending their restriction on port calls if they are concerned with COVID then. Where some of the Caribbean ports need our business. We will still book an Alaskan cruise for 2021 once ours has actually been canceled. Just tossing up around idea do we just want our money back and know we could cancel next one before final payment when we hope to have a better idea of the state of the 2021 Alaskan cruise season.
  8. We are cruising Alaska with my in-laws late May and I'm trying to be prepared for when they cancel our sailing. Hoping someone who has run into this situation has already went through rebooking with FCC. As I'm hoping not to have to call up NCL with what will likely be long wait times for my questions. DH & I have cruised NCL many times so we are latitudes members and would automatically receive the FCC into our account. But this would have been my in-laws first cruise so it's my understanding they do not receive a latitudes number until after their first cruise. How is their FCC tied to them? Maybe NCL realizes this and assigns them a latitudes number? They also purchased travel insurance through NCL where we did not. I'm assuming they will be refunded for that too? But did that come back as a refund to credit card or on FCC? Thanks in advance!
  9. I wouldn't think about dropping NCL in the future. I think all service related industries are doing the best they can. You have to remember no one has ever had something like this happen in their lifetime. We have a cruised booked to AK end of May. While I wish they'd just announce canceled (for those of you not on AK cruises and keeping up, Canada has closed its ability for a ship to dock until June 1st so we need the Victoria 5 hr stop to be legal) so we knew for sure. I understand why they are holding out. There is a slight chance something could be adjusted and we could sail so I understand their point in waiting until they absolutely know there is no way possible to do it. We are sailing with DH's parents on that cruise. I'm going to start researching other cruises for May 2021 to AK that way we know if we should take FCC and rebook on NCL or if we decide on a different line. But the deciding factor wouldn't be because NCL has upset me, it'd be if an itinerary was better.
  10. We don't leave until end of May. MIL is 71 and I just called to see if she got the email and she did not. Maybe they are targeting sailings happening soon.
  11. We usually head right to the buffet, then wander some of the common areas of the ship (not pool deck) to get photos without hoards of people in them. Then go to our room and hopefully suitcases are there and unpack. Vacation doesn't start for us until muster drill is over. But on our upcoming cruise we are with DH's parents. I think the buffet might be too crazy for them on embarkation day so we will go to MDR for lunch. Have a big leisurely lunch as buffet is the plan for the 1st night dinner. This might be our new tradition depending on how the MDR works out.
  12. I was concerned about this as well when we did a Bermuda cruise and ventured to a far away beach to snorkel but needed a lot of cash for taxis and food along the way. We ordered a waterproof almost like fanny pack thing to put on when snorkeling off Amazon. It had an adjustable waist strap. It wasn't the most comfortable thing but I sure felt better having our cash and credit card on us vs sitting on the beach. We also usually don't bring our phone on excursions, do waterproof digital camera. But we needed the phone that day since we were all on our own and wanted the safety incase we had to pull up maps. The phone went into the waterproof fanny pack thing.
  13. I'd think a 4 night cruise going M-F might have less of a party crowd then a 3 night F-M cruise. The Fri - Mon you might get a lot of locals who are just partying it up for the weekend, head out a few hours early from work on Friday and self disembark on Monday and head straight to work. We have done both cruises and we didn't notice a lot of drunks on either. LOL but then again we are no night owls, back in our cabin around 9p each night.
  14. Great advice already from omeinv. Only thing I would recommend if you haven't already thought of it is an actual snorkel bag to carry your gear. You don't want to just throw everything into a tote bag or regular backpack incase it's wet. Most bags have a large mesh area so it could drip if needed plus a non mesh compartment (usually not water proof so be aware of that).
  15. I find the chest strap more versatile. Have both and the only time the helmet one has been used is skiing. For the chest strap it's used a lot for zip lining. Before we got the karma grip we used the chest strap hiking. We also used it places such as Dunns River Falls where you are hiking up the rocks and going through a lot of water (and sometimes swimming). We'd continue using the chest strap there as the karma grip isn't waterproof. I imagine if you do a lot of mountain biking you might find use in the helmet one. We have a handlebar mount for that instance though.
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