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  1. gofloat

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    Airport closed again and subways attacked. Is there any chance Celebrity will change a final destination port? We leave in November and it certainly does not look like things are calming down. I have not purchased my departure air ticket yet and wonder how long it takes Celebrity to make decisions when there is unrest.
  2. We were on Solstice when I ordered from the MDR menu. I didn't do this every night but occasionally the MDR menu was more appealing. Especially the night when the Blu menu included Octopus, Pheasant a vegetarian option and Lamb. The Lamb turned out to be quite good according to those who had it, but I ordered from the other menu.
  3. On my last cruise I was able to order from the full MDR menu. Many times the Blu menu had nothing that appealed to me. Just ask for the MDR menu. They don't like delivering the food from the MDR because it is in a different area of the ship, but they will if you choose.
  4. You can ask for the MDR menu in Aqua Class and be served in Blu. I did this several times recently when the Aqua Class menu did not appeal to me or there was something special in the MDR.
  5. Therapy pool is not a hot tub even though it looks like one. Water can be on the cool side.
  6. I am a new cruiser on Celebrity, currently on Solstice, and I absolutely hate the policy that connects your dining room to a level of room. We have met people we are friendly with who are in suites and in regular balconies and because we are in Aqua class we can't just get together for dinner without paying a charge for a specialty restaurant or to eat in the 'suites' restaurant. This is ridiculous. On Azamara or Crystal cruises we can all eat together any time we wish. This is a true draw back to cruising on Celebrity and I hope enough people complain that they change this policy. Also in Blu there are no sharing tables so you don't meet other dinners easily. We like anytime dining and shareable tables where we meet others. Between this and no laundry I think Celebrity is shooting themselves in the foot. Otherwise we have really liked Celebrity.
  7. Can you get real maple syrup on Celebrity cruises or do I need to bring my own? I am a maple syrup fanatic.
  8. I plan to take a suitcase of dirty clothes off the boat and take a taxi to a laundromat that does washing and folding at the end of the first cruise of my B2B. Does Celebrity have an issue with leaving and returning with a full suitcase? The cost would be much cheaper than relying on bag of laundry sales. Additionally I am not a size 0 and could only fit a few pieces in the bag. This is my first time on Celebrity, but it may be my last if I can't get laundry done at a reasonable price. It will be back to Azamara for me (they have free dyi laundry).
  9. We are thinking of doing this on a back to back cruise with Honolulu as the connecting cruise city. Is there any issue taking large amounts of clothing (a suitcase full) off the ship and then back on? I figured that even with the cost of a taxi it will be much cheaper than using the ship laundry service and the laundry will be done more professionally. Please let me know how this worked for you.
  10. We will be completing our requirements to become Elite level on the first leg of a back to back. Will we be considered Elite on the 2nd leg and receive the additional perks? Gofloat
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