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  1. Thanks for your comments! I was leaning toward moving to deck 7. I really appreciate your help!
  2. While onboard the Koningsdam last month, my husband and I booked a 14-day Baltic cruise on the Nieuw Statendam. We chose a interior (I- category) on the Navigation deck. After doing a little research when I got home, I had second thoughts about the location of the cabin. It's located under the Lido buffet. I'm now considering changing the cabin to one on the Schubert level (7) and it's a J-category mid-ship. While searching for differences in sizes of the I and J categories, I found one site that showed that the inside I-category was a little larger than the J-category. So, my dilemma is: Should I go with the I-category under the Lido buffet (noise?) or the J which may be a little smaller. We booked a Veranda on the Koningsdam, but I really don't want to spend the extra on this cruise which will also include a land trip while in Europe. We've done many cruises in interior cabins on Carnival and I am fine with them, but Carnival's interiors are larger (185 sq. ft. I believe) than the NS. I hope this post isn't too confusing. I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions before I make a decision. Thanks!
  3. For all of you on the edge of your seat, wanting to know what I did....Iast night I decided not to do it, then my husband asked me this morning if I was going to call my travel agent and try to get it. I thought he was leaning toward not upgrading. He said it was up to me. So, I called and it was gone! However, she gave me a list of other balcony cabins available with that upgrade cost and I took one on deck 6 mid-ship. After checking today's price for it, I feel that I got a good upgrade.
  4. Good point. That's what I was thinking. Thanks for responding!
  5. That's what I'm trying to decide😊. We've done 25 cruises and most of them have been interior (2 balconies and 1 lanai). We don't really spend much time in our cabin, but this offer has me considering. I've heard that many people love an aft balcony. However, I'm pretty money conscious and while I can actually afford it, I'm questioning the $449pp offer. This is for an 11-day Caribbean cruise. Thanks for your comment!
  6. I've been offered an upgrade (for a price) from an interior to a VS (aft balcony) for our cruise next week on the Koningsdam. I would appreciate any comments on the pros and cons (stateroom 5221). I know that I need to decide if the price is worth it. Thanks!
  7. We've been offered an upset for this cabin. How did you like it?
  8. Good news! We'll be on deck 7, so I hope it's the same there. Thanks for that information!
  9. I've found the magnetic walls on Carnival ships very useful for hanging our paperwork, etc. I''ll be sailing on the Koningsdam soon and wondering if I should bring my magnetic hooks with me.
  10. Do the interior cabins on deck 8 on the Sunshine have refrigerators?
  11. My husband and I have done many Carnival and Holland cruises and now are considering Norwegian. Could someone please explain the "free unlimited open bar" to me? Do I pay a certain percentage in tips after each drink ordered? Does "free" include any alcoholic drink I want? Soda (Coke)? I appreciate any comments/suggestions. Thanks!
  12. I have used the Carnival Hub app ($5 for whole cruise) for several cruises. I am now considering on purchasing the Social Media package ($5 a day) to be able to use Facebook Messenger for keeping in touch with family. Does purchase of the Social Media package include the use of the Hub app or will I have to purchase both? Can I post pictures to Facebook with the Social Media package while on the ship? Will I be able to check into my Southwest airline flight using the Social Media package? Any tips on this will be greatly appreciated!
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