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  1. Silky trousers and a few silky or flowy tops are absolutely perfect... and perhaps a bit of bling. A small little clutch bag in a colour would be good too. That's what a lot of ladies did and they all looked great. There are a few ball gowns.. lovely to see but in a minority.
  2. You are all so quick.. beat me too it!!!!!
  3. I love it all.. the research, the sorting of rarely worn dressy clothes, even the airport when necessary, or staying in Southampton which we make part of our holiday …….… but, much earlier, I hate the long , but necessary, boring, intrusive chat with the Travel Insurance Company.
  4. When I posed the question, in my mind was what happens if it gets around the Med ie Italy, France. Spain etc, all the usual popular cruise stops. It would be chaos with ports refusing docking one after another. That is why we are holding fire from actually booking, just for a few weeks to see what transpires. If we had booked and paid, and going soon, then I might have gone ahead at the moment. Its just booking that we are deferring at present.
  5. Don't want to be too much of a pessimist but anyone else holding fire before booking their next cruise? We feel that if it gets to the Med or it's Islands or somewhere like the Canaries all hell will break loose in the holiday/cruise market, not to mention the hold on their medical services and all of our economies. Lets just hope it abates soon. Our thoughts to all affected by this crisis.
  6. Those "Here to help" people are marvellous. I am, hopefully, temporarily disabled and my other half was going backwards and forwards when a lady came over and pointed out the "Here to Help" Service. They go round all over the place asking what you would like, get it all, and escort you back to your seat. I had never heard of it before. That was Oceana at Christmas/New Year.
  7. I must not laugh I must not laugh I must not laugh Oh s*d it.... I will😂🤣🤣
  8. Can I just say... I love the humour Mr and Mrs Wowzz. We banter like that a lot.. it's fun. I think myself and Lady Wowzz would be on the same wavelength. Thanks oops... off topic!!!
  9. Sssshhh Don't tell Wowzz.. its a secret just between us..... .. but I heard that Lady Wowzz wont be in the least bit bothered about the football ….. apparently she's looking for a younger model!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. They definitely had a themed menu a lot of the nights over the New Year on Oceana but they were definitely in the buffet not the main dining rooms.
  11. Quite a few tropical shirts on tropical night on the New Year Cruise. Didn't see very much else tropical. The one that is always a big flop, in my humble opinion, is the 60's night. No-one seems to do it, but its still there as a theme night .Perhaps it's more evident on the bigger ships.
  12. I know that we are all on cctv and Customs are watching from a distance but the customs hall is so easy to miss as we have never seen a soul in one. At first we didn't even realise we had been through. Deserted every time. It doesn't create a good impression.
  13. Thanks for that. It certainly seems like it might work for us. Just back from New Year Cruise.. first one after an accident last year. I was no help with lifting the cases and I think OH found it a bit wearing. We always drive down the day before and getting the cases in the hotel then back out again was a bit difficult for him.. now we aren't spring chickens!!!!
  14. Never considered sending the cases ahead, but after our last cruise, lugging heavy cases, and after reading this thread we might just consider it next time. I have just been reading their website, and all is clear apart from disembarkation. How do they get the cases for the journey home? Normally, of course, they just go outside the cabin door late on the last evening. Can you kindly explain the disembarkation procedure regarding the Baggage Handling Co.. Many thanks.
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