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  1. Celebrity is trash at this point for putting this whole thing on passengers to decide like its Lord of the Flies or something. Need to step up ASAP and cancel the next few weeks at least in light of all the other hysteria and panic goin on.
  2. Leaving on the Edge this Sunday, 3/15. I have 48 hours prior to sailing to cancel for future cruise credit. What is latest time then I could call Celebrity? 3 or 4pm Friday afternoon or you think by midnight tonight?
  3. I had put in offers to upgrade to three different suite categories. I sail this Sunday on the Edge and as of yesterday it showed two of my offers were expired and the third was still pending. It also will not let me adjust or change my bid any longer. Anybody know what this means at this point for me?
  4. Can anyone tell me what the kids drink package is like on celebrity edge? It says it includes smoothies milkshakes slushy‘s etc. but how easy are they to find, order, etc. Also are there freestyle Coke machines on board celebrity edge? thanks
  5. How fast or slow is the internet on Edge compared to Royal’s Symphony of Seas Voom?
  6. Also wondering how do sky suites sleep three? Is it a ceiling bed that pulls out?
  7. Booking sky suite on edge for March with 13 year old daughter and wife. Can I assume kids are allowed in retreat sundeck?
  8. Also, I am reading right that a South Beach full day bed rental is per bed and not per person. I assume I would only purchase by selecting one guest from my reservation?
  9. At Cococay in a week and wanting to know the best beach with free chairs/loungers to just lay by ocean all day?
  10. Ok we are good then leaving $150 for the week. We have two adjoinjng cabins. I always feel so bad never knowong how much of the standard gratuities they get especially cleaning up all our mess all week long and doing it with smile.
  11. In addition to the standard daily gratuities, what does everyone usually leave their cabin attendant at the end of a seven night cruise?
  12. Do they have ice skating on Symphony or has it been replaced with laser tag completely?
  13. Have they had any NHL games on the TVs in playmakers or anywhere this week?
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