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  1. Greetings If you watch the PortMiami webcam you will notice that they have not been using the Terminal b/c area for quite some time. NCL has mainly been using Terminals F and G. We will have to wait and see if this changes as the ships return to Miami for the winter season. Good Sailing Tom
  2. Greetings Often free grats from the TA will appear as OBC once you are on the ship. Not sure if that is the way your TA works but it is a common way for them to provide free grats. Good Sailing Tom
  3. Greetings Just this April we were on Marina and after we moved from Bordeaux to Le Verdon there was a shuttle to Soulac Sur Mer. It's a cute beach town, but very quite when we visited since it was not yet season. Good Sailing Tom
  4. Greetings You have 3 meals anywhere you like. Book all 3 in Cagney's if you want. Good Sailing Tom
  5. Greetings We have used Blexie twice. He is wonderful. He taught english so he is easy to understand. He does use hard top cars because he believes A/C makes for happier customers and he also says he doesn't want to end up with crispy fried customers. Check his reviews, he is highly rated. Good Sailing Tom
  6. Greetings We just got off Bliss. He is on vacation. For those who know him well, his son recently died so he is taking a little time off. He is still scheduled for Encore as far as the crew knew. Good Sailing Tom
  7. Greetings Unless you are boarding the ship later in the day you will be stuck toting that bag all over the ship. The rooms are seldom ready until around 2 PM. Best to check the bags and have them delivered to your room. Good Sailing Tom
  8. Greetings The intercoastal waterway goes all the way down to Jville. You will not be in open ocean. Good Sailing Tom
  9. Greetings Yes but those ships are river paddlewheelers and small river cruisers. Not what most people think of when you talk about cruise ships. Pride of America is the only ocean going type cruise ship flagged in the USA. Even it took a special act of Congress because they started to build her in the US but she had to be completed in Germany. The congressmen who pushed for an American cruise ship (and pushed through financial help for the builder) had to then get an exemption or they would look foolish. Good Sailing Tom
  10. Greetings This is from the Homeland Security's publication on the Jones Act and the PVSA. WAIVER AUTHORITY—46 U.S.C. § 501 National Defense The PVSA can only be waived in the interest of national defense, pursuant to 46 U.S.C. § 501. Under 46 U.S.C. § 501(a), the Secretary of Defense may request the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to waive the PVSA to the extent the Secretary of Defense considers such a waiver necessary in the interest of national defense. In this instance, CBP, pursuant to a delegation of authority from the Secretary of DHS shall grant the waiver. For all other waiver requests, the Secretary of DHS is authorized to grant the waiver request if the Secretary of DHS considers it necessary in the interest of national defense (46 U.S.C. § 501(b)). It should be noted that in this latter instance, P.L. 110-417, section 3510, (122 Stat. 4356, enacted on October 14, 2008), amended § 501(b), to require that the Maritime Administrator be consulted regarding the non-availability of qualified United States flag capacity to meet national defense requirements, before the Secretary of DHS grants the waiver request. Here's an article lamenting about the PVSA from the LA Times. https://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-buchholz-pvsa-cruise-20170803-story.html Exceptions are rare. The fine can be appealed but a 2,000 passenger vessel equates to a $1.5M fine. The cruise lines are risking a great deal going that route. Good Sailing Tom
  11. Greetings It is not a "Distant foreign Port". They disembark the passengers there and then bus them to San Diego or LA that way avoiding violations. Good Sailing Tom
  12. Greetings The law is a constant bother for many cruise lines. The law, as they say, is the law. NCL sails brand new ships from NYC to Miami without passengers because of the law. Other lines sail from LA to Hawaii then back to Ensenada to avoid breaking the law. Alaska cruises either start of end in Canada because of the law. It's an old, antiquated law but the foreign flagged lines still have to abide by the law or pay the fine. In fact, the fine was raised from $300/person to $778/person in November 2015.
  13. Greetings Sorry, those ports do not qualify as foreign ports under the PVSA. Good Sailing Tom
  14. Greetings It's really a simple process. When you board you will see a bartender at a table with various wines. He/she is there to sell the wine and beverage packages. You tell them you want to upgrade you package, they help you fill out the form, you take the form and your ship cards to Guest Services and they make you new cards. If only one of your party wants to upgrade, that is ok. Good Sailing Tom
  15. Greetings Our Azamazing Evening was the 1st night in Havana. It was originally planned for Santiago de Cuba but was changed. Good Sailing Tom
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