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  1. I reviewed the guest invoice and yes, the FCC was for exactly 125% of the total fare minus the taxes/fees. They still haven't given us any credit for the taxes/fees. Guess we will need to follow up on this. Thanks for the help. Good Sailing Tom
  2. Any hint as to how long till they issue the refund? The FCC was issued in September for a 22 October cruise. Good Sailing Tom
  3. I am trying to understand how they determine the amount of the FCC. On our cancelled cruise they issued FCC credit for 125% of the the paid amount minus the taxes/fees. I understand that part but does that mean they are suppose to refund the taxes/fees separately? Or is that just a calculation to reduce your 25% bonus for letting them keep your money? Thanks for the help. Good Sailing Tom
  4. Greetings Canada doesn't want cruise passengers visiting. But that doesn't mean that Canada couldn't allow the ship to stop at a port and just have it's docs stamped. The rules do not require any specific time period the ship needs to stay in port nor are there any rules about passengers leaving the ship for it to be a legal trip. When new ships do the short cruises out of Miami to show off the new vessel to invited guest they sometimes simply send a launch into Bimini and have the Bahama's customs clear the ship. That makes it a legal cruise as they did stop in a foreign port.
  5. Greetings Google MIA parking. The Marriot is around $8/day, Embassy Suites about the same, Park N Fly a little more. There are others around the airport. Uber/Lyft to/from the cruise terminal. We do this whenever we cruise for more than 7 days. Good Sailing Tom
  6. Greetings This is true but if your ship is located at J it is a heck of a lot easier to take the bridge instead of the tunnel. Good Sailing Tom
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