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  1. It interesting how different posters can interpret things. I think from posts that I have seen from segmenters that they definitely felt like there was a clique that they were left out of. As far as being second class, I doubt it. It's easy to see how a clique would exist in that culture.
  2. Just a little tip, you can log in to your account on Oceania and look under the Oceania Club history and it will show you the room numbers of all the cruises you've been on with O.
  3. We had a similar issue on Constellation in Feb of 13. We had a group of 8 of us, all with the same issue. We did get it worked out once I got an audience with the head of guest relations. The folks at the front desk didn't have the authority to make it right. We did all have our invoices showing we should have it. None of us were charged for the upgrade to premium and we got a night at a Specialty restaurant to boot. Was happy with the outcome.
  4. I don't know if you're being facetious or not, but a couple of thousand is a bit of exaggeration. You're looking at $350 for the deviation for 2 people, you can stay in a hotel just about anywhere for less than $200-$300 a night, you're going to need a taxi or transfer regardless, you're going to eat regardless. Personally I'd gladly pay an extra $600 to insure that I'm not going to miss the boat. Having said all that a couple of times over the years I have flown in the day of the cruise. Once into Santiago and another into LHR. Both big gambles but they were direct overnight flig
  5. Until the ships start sailing again we won't know the exact policies. It's all a wait and see.
  6. That's funny, and also exactly what I was going to post.
  7. I've been trying to figure out your Avatar, at first I thought it was a buckethead with paint dripping down it, then some type of mask. Once I made it bigger I realized it was a Maker's Mark bottle. Visually interesting, at least for me.
  8. Could be a start of a hint of why he was a solo.
  9. Many people seems to be fixated on the OBC they get from a TA. Actually the service I get is probably as much or more important than the OBC. She is able to make things happen. Not that I'm trying to convince anyone. People have to find what works for them. Apparently I got under someone's skin, that wasn't my intent.
  10. Oh I wasn't trying to help you. That's was the point of the post.
  11. I completely agree with you, but I've got to the point of not wasting time trying to help people that think what they are doing is better. Not everyone gets it.
  12. Look at it again. Aren't you the grammar police?
  13. I don't know the answer to your question, but I have to comment on this being the most original question I've ever seen on the Celebrity board. Been reading it over 10 years and never seen this subject come up.
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