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  1. Really? Rather presumptive of you to know what TAs can and can't afford.
  2. ORV

    Marina deck 7

    I would really reconsider getting one of those extended balconies unless you or your traveling mate have motion issues. If you get one toward the front of the extended ones then it really isn't that "far" aft. I've sailed in them a couple of times and the extra room is great. Upsells are fairly complicated and trying to guess one way or the other over a year out is impossible. Past cruise popularity is one way to judge, but I wouldn't plan on anything. If it happens and it's something you're happy with at a price that sounds good, then go for it.
  3. I think it might be a combo machine. I'm pretty sure it has an ATM in it. Of course charges do apply.
  4. Well, what the deal is is that it's never said Reputation Points before. Also if you go to that thread you can't find a post that says that. Quite odd if you ask me.
  5. Are you sure there's not an ATM in the Casino?
  6. What is that where it say Reputation Points? Never seen that before.
  7. I've been in 8001 on Regatta. It was fine. We spent 21 days from Tahiti to San Francisco. One of my favorites. You do get officers walking past there a lot.
  8. I went on a cruise starting 11/15 and they were only available on Milestone cruises. I'm pretty sure they did it that way from the start.
  9. Is that yours and did you get it on a milestone cruise?
  10. ORV

    Culinarry Classes

    Yes, it was a special Jacques cruise.
  11. We were on a B2B or combo cruise. That was 2, the third was from a consortium that our TA is a member of. We also got a great box of Oceania chocolates and a free excursion(not a ship's tour) due to this.
  12. My brother has a close friend that actually won the state lottery once that was serious life changing money.
  13. ORV

    Culinarry Classes

    He and his wife were a lot of fun to watch. They had a Q & A and someone asked him other than wine what is his favorite drink? His answer, "a free one"
  14. ORV

    Culinarry Classes

    The whole cruise. His entourage with the exception of him was at our Dom Perignon La Reserve dinner. Scuttlebutt had it that he was supposed to be there but had a cold. We ate dinner in Jacques one night when his whole group ate there. Talk about great service. The food wasn't bad either. I can't believe some jerk had the nerve to go over to his table while he was dining with his family and ask him to take a picture with him. He got up and had a picture taken with this guy and wife. Very gracious I would say, but I personally would never put anyone like that in that position. At book signings or Culinary Classes(which he didn't do on our cruise) is another thing altogether. That is the time for the photos with him.
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