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  1. I usually don't put anyone on ignore, as I never know who or what will amuse me.
  2. I believe the deviations are included when you take the Hotel package.
  3. Look at your invoice. It should have the ports and arrival and departure times for each port on it. Subtract 30 minutes to an hour from the departure time and you'll have your all aboard time.
  4. Not that it matters probably but I mistakenly put Finland in as one of the countries we stopped at. That was another cruise to that area on Nautica.
  5. Is this your free cruise? How do you know the port fees and taxes? Does your TA break them down for you? Are you a TA? Air is included on the Free Cruise BTW.
  6. Hi Roger, I don't know if Alaska is higher than others but for my free cruise, which was 14 days with 2 sea days, was $672 US dollars. This was for both of us on a cruise to Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark & Germany, cruised out of Amsterdam. Make sure that you requested the level of room that you have averaged on your other 19 cruises. If not they might be charging you extra for that. Yes, that amount seems really high.
  7. Pretty much the same set up and experience. Only difference is in staff but they're all good.
  8. I went there about that time on Marina and everything was fine. The only issue is that we missed Edinburgh due to weather. But I don't remember it being rough.
  9. Here is what you want to look for, direct route to St Marks, The picture of the ship was taken from the taxi dock. This is the Aliguna line that others mentioned.
  10. If you're talking about the pressing it's 3 or 4. I'm not sure if it varies by room level but I'm pretty sure the PH has 4. Not sure on Concierge.
  11. Hi Kathy, yes I was with you guys on that one and a couple of others. I agree, a real highlight of the trip.
  12. ORV

    new pricing

    I believe the PE add on went to $249 pp per way. At least the last couple of ones I looked at were.
  13. If it doesn't mention it then it probably doesn't. I've been and I have to say it's one of my favorite tours. Loved it.
  14. There won't be many excursions on the Transatlantic part.
  15. Did you book it through an the Amex travel agency, or just use the card?
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