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  1. As mentioned a good TA can help in this situation.
  2. ORV

    Oceania NEXT

    No change in layout on them. Which is good, they are a good design.
  3. Hey Dave, you might want to take StanandJim's advice
  4. But what's the right decision and where are these studies so we can all read them?
  5. Yes, they are referring to the person that is stationed on the port side by the bar that takes care of Specialty reservations. If not trying to use that service I have no need to interact with them. I could be wrong but I don't think they have anything to do with seating or service in the Terrace.
  6. ORV

    Questions regarding free 20th cruise

    Yes, you will have to pay port taxes and government taxes. It depends of the cost of your cruise but in the grand scheme of things it's not that much. You are correct on the Olife and your Platinum benefits.
  7. ORV

    Book Discussion Location Sugestions

    Maybe the Card Room. I don't think it gets much use. Perhaps if the weather is nice one of the Sanctuary areas on deck 14 would work depending on the size of your group.
  8. ORV

    Insignia live - - Miami Cuba Miami

    Thanks for a positive outlook.
  9. The good thing is you can bring all you want onboard from the ports if you find a good deal.
  10. ORV

    Oceania NEXT

    I can see it. Maybe your firewall or antivirus is blocking it.
  11. ORV

    Oceania NEXT

    Flip inward? I don't quite see how that would work with a person my size.
  12. ORV

    Oceania NEXT

    Has Wol ever said he was doing this with Non refundable OBC?
  13. ORV

    Request decaf coke in Mini bar

    This is a job for your TA, just another reason to use a good one, although minor.
  14. ORV

    Infant Amenities (Nautica)

    Where's the OP?
  15. ORV

    Riviera TA Missed Ports-- Odd Situation

    There you go again, making sense.