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  1. ORV

    Passport Collection

    First, I have never seen any wording to that effect in a blue book. What exactly did it say? Second, why let a little deal color your vacation?
  2. ORV

    Plastic straws

    I was going to say something but thought better of it. I'm reminded of the old saying that you can explain it to them but you can't understand it for them.
  3. ORV

    Luggage Free or Luggage Forward?

    Looks like where some hardware was ripped off. The other thing that you could have done(maybe you did) is return it to Briggs & Riley and they would have repaired it or replaced it. No questions asked. Best warranty in the luggage business. No receipt required. Lifetime.
  4. ORV

    My First Back to Back - Have Questions

    The one time we were in Sydney it was an embarkation. There was an odd quirk that once you checked in and got on the ship you were not allowed back off. I don't know if you will be affected by this on a B2B. It was okay as we had been there for a week already. Loved it. Anyone else experience this?
  5. ORV

    OLife Choice

    I think the problem that has been mentioned is that the OBC is usually a dollar for dollar match on the difference in price. All you're doing is paying for something in advance. With either the drink package or the excursions you can get more value than the actual cost. Having said that it all depends on each persons/couples needs and wants.
  6. ORV

    Concierge worth it

    I believe the steam room, stone loungers and sauna are available to everyone. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. The times I've had access to the spa terrace we barely used it. Sitting around in the sun has no appeal for us.
  7. ORV

    Plastic straws

    So who did the counting? Is that a government job? No wonder taxes are so high.
  8. What Lyn said, the tour is not mentioned online or in the shore excursion PDF you get pre cruise. As she said it's on the form where you tell them what time your flight is and what time you want to disembark.
  9. We did this also. A great way to kill time before a late afternoon flight.
  10. ORV

    What does a butler DO?

    Has anyone posted this? https://oceaniacruisesblog.com/2018/10/30/the-suite-life-top-10-butler-services/
  11. Actually when you do that you are just moving money from your right hand to your left. Read again what Rallydave said
  12. So I don't understand where the $400pp back is coming from that bagrpacked mentioned.
  13. ORV

    Question for Insigina pax

    Yep, but it's always good to check. I do know that Apple products are all dual voltage. Others I'm not sure on. The higher powered USB would be for a iPad as opposed to an iPhone. But I've been guilty of charging both with either one.
  14. ORV

    Upgrade on Beverage Package

  15. ORV

    Upgrade on Beverage Package

    I know we're not supposed to comment on grammar and stuff but I'm wondering if English is my second language. That's what I get for laying off the booze for a month.