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  1. I really wouldn’t put any stock in what you read on the book of misinformation. It’s enough to make your head explode.
  2. Your questions would be better on their own thread instead of this live from thread.
  3. They don’t have both options. Deviation is $199 per person. Covers both directions I think but is the same if you are only using it on one direction.
  4. Was this an Oceania cruise?
  5. That’s interesting. For some people that subject had been a theme for awhile. It’s not new.
  6. We’ve always been able to get the Big O Martini on the Happy Hour 2-4-1. I’d hate to see that changed.
  7. Jan, do you know Robin or are you going to have to break a new one in?
  8. Did they mention who is taking over for him?
  9. I believe they are looking at the Sirena
  10. You might do a little more research on Oceania before you book this. On first glance I'm not sure it would be a good fit for your multigenerational trip.
  11. Pretty much this, and the door connecting Waves Grill & The Terrace
  12. Remind me not to stand downwind of you.
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