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  1. ORV

    chogs 10/12

    What ship are you on and where?
  2. ORV

    Vista Suite

    I thought you always booked the Owner's Suite.
  3. We were on that tour with you. It was the second time we had Laura(I think this is right) for a guide. You're right, she's a lot of fun and has a great deal of knowledge and shows a lot of passion for what she does. I think she is a freelancer that multiple companies use. I think the company ChatKat used was Limo in Rome, which seems to be a play on Rome in Limo's name. I could be wrong on that, definitely check with ChatKat to be sure.
  4. We've bought various things when we had OBC to burn. Prices are pretty much retail on clothes, sunglasses, makeup, cologne etc. You do save the tax, unless you are on a cruise where they charge VAT, which in the Caribbean they won't.
  5. The only bearing the class of cabin you book will have is determining which cabin you get on your free cruise. You get an average of the class you have booked for the previous 19, or 39 or 59.
  6. Do you mean the tasting in La Reserve on the nights they have the Wine Bar? Are you sure about this? Have you done this? I wasn't aware of this but haven't had the drink package since they've started the Wine Bar thing. I guess I'll find out in a few weeks. Is this for the basic package? Thanks.
  7. It looks like the 30 day cruise will be 9 & 10 credits. I think there is 8 going into it. You should be Silver when you step on board.
  8. Do you plan on cruising Oceania again? I thought they banned you.
  9. You get one of the Olife options if you pay for it. You can do it cruise only, no air, no Olife, but you will get internet.
  10. ORV

    Met and Greet

    My recent cruise on the Marina was the largest Meet & Greet I've ever gone to on Oceania. We had over a hundred on the Roll Call and at least half or more showed up to the M & G. Mike Preisman had contacted someone on the ship and they had it all set up for us. He did a great job coordinating it all.
  11. They had a shuttle when we were there in Nov. As we didn't spend the night there I don't know how late it ran. It was a free shuttle. It ran to the Faneuil Hall area.
  12. I shouldn't have said click, you need to hover over a name and it will come up, I just did it to yours so I know it works, but don't worry I took you off the list as you have some good things to say. So it can be done with one hover and one click. Try it.
  13. It's actually easier than that, just click on their name, it will show their profile, then click on ignore user.
  14. Well just for you I'll get back to the Marina. As I've mentioned before I didn't find the great downgrading that some seem to be reporting. As I've said before I feel it's an issue of unrealistic expectations along with people who thought they'd be fawned over on Oceania, and when that didn't happen they perceive it as going downhill due to NCL influence. In my great and unmatched wisdom I believe the sky is not falling. PS, on the OT thing, conversations evolve, if they didn't this thread would have been over a long time ago. Do you insist we stay on one topic at a shared dinner? Sounds like a joy.
  15. That's a nice itinerary. We've been to most of those places and enjoyed it very much. Let's hope the Turkish situation remains somewhat stable and they don't have to adjust those ports again. We loved Ephesus and Istanbul. Good luck with your planning.
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