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  1. And so it goes. I don't see enough information to deduce that.
  2. I've tried to buy some Tori Richards shirts but they tend to run a bit small and I run a bit large.
  3. I tend to refer to the former as souvenir shirts, like the type they have on every Caribbean Island, they just change the name on them.
  4. Yes, with Oceania you would be Gold in their program if you booked a World Cruise. There is a considerable amount of OBC that would go with that for 15 segments as well as included gratuities. As one of the perks of the World cruise is already included grats you would get an additional $250 per segment to make up for the gratuity perk that you get once you have 10 cruises(Silver) with them. So that would be an additional $250 x 15 + $3750. Also being Gold you would get $400 per segment in OBC which would give you another $6000 for the cruise once you step on board. At the end of the World cruise you would retain the Gold Status. There are some people that have done 2 world cruises with them and in short time are pretty high in the program. We've had to work 10 years to get there. As far as the drink package goes. They have an option called Olife that gives you the choice of either their basic drink package, or a certain number of excursions(with limitations), or OBC. There is an additional charge to book with the Olife. Keep in mind the basic drink package only covers wine and beer with meals. The full prestige package is another $20 a day per person. Taking the OBC as the Olife perk is generally never a good idea because the cost of booking with Olife generally equals the amount of OBC. So you are trading real money for Non Refundable OBC. I can't figure out how that would make sense to anyone, yet some people choose that option. As far as the 10% discount I never really worry about it as I generally get the basic package and upgrade, or I take the excursions depending on the itinerary. Some people buy the package, some take it as a perk, some people show up for the 2 for 1 happy hour. Oceania is also one of those cruise line that doesn't care about people bringing on their own bottle for in room consumption. Although it's not really allowed in their guidelines they have an on ship attitude of whatever you want to bring on at embarkation or at ports is ok. Probably more information than you were seeking, but it's not a simple explanation.
  5. I don't know about other cruise lines but with Oceania there is a set of perks that comes with booking the world cruise. Among them is free laundry, free medical care, free Visas, First class air to embarking and disembarking port, included hotel at the start, Free shipping of your luggage to ship and back home, being at the Gold Level of their Loyalty club when you step on the ship, even if you've never been on them before, which comes with it's own set of perks which are refreshed for each segment, or under most circumstance 15 times for a 180 day cruise. Unlike most cruise lines where you have to actually already have sailed the days to earn the loyalty level, with Oceania it's whatever you would earn by the end of the trip, which for a World cruise is 15 segments. No wonder it's so expensive, you could buy a small house or a really nice car for what it takes to book an inside(which I wouldn't do) for the WC.
  6. Well, someone is getting bad information. Keep in mind that PE has always been only on certain cruises. There are a lot of variables, much of whether or not it's offered from the departure airports. When it's available I always get it. It's worth every penny of the $199 or $249 pp per way.
  7. I think you've always been able to book Business air with Oceania. Whether it's a deal or not is another story.
  8. On the M class the room size is nice, but the corner balconies are fantastic. I think the only one larger is the PH.
  9. I guess I didn't see that. Where were we supposed to see it?
  10. Celebrity would definitely have to change their itinerary strategy. They do a lot of repeats of the same itinerary during certain seasons. Most people on a World cruise certainly wouldn't want to be repeating stops. We've done 32 days before, and personally I wouldn't want to be on longer. Too much rich food, too much drinking. And I do love cruising. I find around 25 days to be the sweet spot for us.
  11. Well if they started canceling cruises mid to late March of this year and started issuing FCCs, if you have a year to use them we wouldn't really know until next March. I don't really know how long they were good for though.
  12. Maybe where you live. My wife had a small medical test last week. It required a Covid 19 test beforehand. She had results in about 36 hours.
  13. You really need to read through some of your posts. Amazing that you don't even realize it.
  14. Why must you constantly be putting others down? Does it make you feel better? Sounds like a self esteem issue. Yeah, that's what you remind me of.
  15. I"m not a fan of the Medical center area. Might be germs there.
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