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  1. So I just learned that the mini suites on the Dolphin Deck of the Ruby Princess do not have covered balconies 😞😞😞 is this true? I’m very disappointed as we are going to Alaska and I imagine that a covered balcony would be much nicer than an uncovered balcony due to weather/rain. Please- anyone who has had one of these mini suites- ease my mind…..!!!
  2. We love getting out on the water- would love to see whales! We are fairly adventurous and are pretty open to anything! We love seeing nature in natural settings. We are not big fans of super touristy stuff or excursions that cram 50 people into a bus, lol. I don't know that we will be able to afford another cruise to Alaska so we want to make it the best trip we possibly can 🙂 🙂
  3. We will be doing our very first Alaska cruise on the Princess Ruby in May/June 2022. It will be myself and my husband- both in our late 40's. I want to hear from you- what are some of your best/favorite excursions for these locations (Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan)? We are so excited!
  4. I posted here before I called the CCC. I wanted to be informed of possible options before talking to them.
  5. They gave me three options...1) let it post to my card and I get a check for the remaining balance after my credit card balance is paid. 2) pay off my balance and then once the refund is credited, get a check for the full amount 3) they could reverse my last payments, to m m she my balance the same as the cruise credit. Then when the credit hits, it would just pay my balance in full.
  6. That makes sense. I just used a specific card (MasterCard) since that is what Costco accepts and I have no desire to have a credit on this particular card, lol.
  7. Actually I am aware of the dynamics of credit. You didn’t read my original post thoroughly. And, just FYI...I did call my credit card company and was on hold for over and hour...NOT an exaggeration. Move on please.
  8. At least you are able to admit that your response is not exactly “valuable accurate advice”.
  9. Thanks so much. A rude, sarcastic response was just what I was looking for.
  10. I want to know my options before spending an hour on hold with my credit card company. What difference does it make to you why I am curious??? If you can’t have post a helpful response to my question then just move on.
  11. So I have requested a refund for my cancelled cruise. I understand that they will credit the original form of payment. For me, that would be a credit card. I have already paid off the cruise charge but have a couple other charges on this credit card. I do not want my refund to go towards this balance...I want to put the refund into a different account (a savings account)...what can I do? Thanks in advance!
  12. So we really want to eat at Cagney's. Booking on the app, they do not have any reservations available for a party of two. I went ahead and booked a time for a party of 1. Will this be a big problem when we show up as a party of two instead of one?
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