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  1. Bugging, Can you please send me the contact info of the guide in Usahaia and the company you used from Valparaiso for transfer to the airport? Did you use a transfer company from BA to the ship as well?
  2. We are looking at this 16 day trip on the Marina. Has anyone done this itinerary? If so, we would be interested in your thoughts. Including what side of the ship our cabin should be on, what tours did you like, private or ship and any other information you can share with us. Also, did anyone use Oceania’s air and upgrade to business class. If you did what airline did they put you on and how was it. We’re flying out of Atlanta. We’re looking at maybe taking the air credit and arranging our own flights. Thanks in advance.
  3. We are in a concierge category cabin and I understand that they now offer three bags of laundry cleaned free. Can anyone elaborate on how this is done. ie, how long does it take to get it back? How many items can fit in the bag approximately? Who arranges to send it out. We’re on a 15 day cruise on Nautica.
  4. True but be aware it can dilate your eyes. After a few days mine are so dilated that I can’t read. You also have to be very careful when you handle the patch to wash your hands and not touch your eyes. Otherwise they will dilate faster. I take the patch as a backup just in case the meclizine doesn’t work. But so far the meclizine has done the trick.
  5. I always use paper towels to open restroom doors, even on land when I’m not cruising. I’ve taught my 4 year old granddaughter to do the same. Also turn off the water faucets with the back of your hands. If you touch them with your full hand you could be recontaminating yourself as they are touched before people wash their hands!
  6. We call those projects UFO’s. They just float around unidentified! And about those dangerous keys. They took my nail clippers away one time. You never know, I might have threatened to give them a manicure if they didn’t take me to Cuba! What ever happened to those innocent days when one could possibly get a free side trip TO Cuba at the expense of the airline anyway!
  7. I think that there are probably a lot of knitters out there that would like to know as well. I can go stir crazy without my knitting especially for a combined 21 hour flying time. I think I’ll take either plastic or bamboo needles, put a life line in and pack my good needles in my checked suitcase. I told my kids that when I die to sell my needles as that is their inheritance! 😉
  8. If anyone is flying in or out of Shanghai and Seoul in the next few weeks I would appreciate it if you could ask airport security if they allow knitting needles. I am an avid knitter and have flown all over Europe with my needles on the plane without a problem, except for Mexico. They our TSA approved but you never know in foreign counties and I’ve never been to Asia. Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks so much. That’s going to be very helpful.
  10. Mylisa

    Knitting Needles

    I just got the same advice from my knitting group tonight. I can put my good pair in my suitcase on the way home.
  11. Mylisa

    Knitting Needles

    I will if I have to to prevent them from being confiscated but I would rather knit during the long flight.
  12. Have you done this before or are you suggesting that I let the main office know?
  13. Mylisa

    Knitting Needles

    We are flying form Shanghai to Seoul spending the night in Seoul and then flying to the US the next day. Does anyone know if there is any restrictions with security at either airport for knitting needles. I flown all over with them and have only had one problem which was a return flight out of Mexico. Thanks for your help.
  14. We are cruising on Nautica to Asia in a few weeks. We have booked a private tour to take us from the ship to Hanoi where we will spend the night. The tour company is taking care of the overnight Visa. But do we need to get a permission letter from the ships captain to stay off the ship? Also whom on the ship do we need to notify that we will be gone overnight?
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