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  1. Sorry did not interpret your thread correctly. Not sure if CC minis could have breakfast in CC the last morning..
  2. We were in the owners suite cabin 6091 and thought it was best suite ever. It was DH, DS and myself on a cruise to AK. DS has his own bathroom but used our shower since his was a powder room. Tons of room and storage. Big table in cabin and on balcony. Had UBD one night and it was fabulous. I would book this cabin again and again!! No noise issues from below either. To us it was perfect.
  3. If I remember yes you just pick something to have on the books so to speak. Then you go whenever you want. Never a problem and never a wait.
  4. Only people in suites eat in Sabatinis at any time. This thread was about disembarkation day breakfast in Sabatinis. I posted that we have never had it available but have had room service all the time except this last one on the Crown. Since they have CC dining we went there for breakfast and it was in a nice quiet section of the main dining room with the CC staff.
  5. We took a Princess pre cruise trip that started in Calgary. Along the way we stayed in Fairmont hotels which were awesome. We then boarded the RM in Jasper and had a wonderful trip. Once in Vancouver a bus took us to the Westin. I am sorry but I cannot remember if cabs were there when we got off the train. This was an amazing trip that we would do again! Have a great time.
  6. We have never been able to have breakfast in Sabatinis on disembarkation day. We usually got room service but on the Crown this past January we ate in the club class dining room. Normal menu served by the CC staff.
  7. Don’t know anything about the drink card. We just applied for the status match last week with Princess Elite and had no issues getting a black card.
  8. The email did not say anything about the %5 discount. Will have to inquire about that.
  9. I just applied last Wednesday using our Princess elite status and found out today that we are all confirmed for the Black status on MSC. Now we just need to cruise in the next 3 years.
  10. I applied last Wednesday using our Elite status on Princess and all of us just got confirmed at the Black level on MSC today. Now we just need to cruise with them in the next 3 years.
  11. Just letting you know that after my husband renewed his passport he went to the site to update the new # with GE. He thought all was correct until he tried to use it a month later. 👎. the agent there said not all the times will it work and that he needed to go to a GE office. So when he made it back to Denver he walked in to the Office and they took care of it ASAP. No problems after that. I have to renew my passport next year. Hope to have no issues but not holding my breath.
  12. No it was before the storm. SW had not fixed their schedule fully so they still had some max flights in the schedule. They are working on fixing it all but for some reason have not done it as well as other airlines.
  13. We used Lyft this past January and they dropped us off right at the Crown Princess. No issues whatsoever. We also used one to pick us up and take us to MIA to catch our flight post cruise. No issues that time either.
  14. Super bowl has made it so there are really not that many rooms available and if they are they are expensive. About 2 months ago I was able to book the Hyatt but it was $279 a night. Last month I ended up getting enough points to use those instead so I had to call them to switch it up. The sales rep said only a few rooms left and the rest are blocked for a group of super bowl fans. I would doubt if you could use a third party to book rooms for that time.
  15. I understand that there are issues with this site, hence saying you need to make sure it is the correct variation of the plane. I do agree it has some flaws. But it is better than nothing😜.
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