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  1. I have some family going on a cruise this December. I want to get them a gift but am not seeing what I want. i am used to Princess and the ability to buy a dinner or give them an on board credit etc. I don’t see this as being available although I see a $ voucher that they must redeem before the cruise. Am I missing something?
  2. We were on the Caribbean last month and they had Lactose free milk In a large carton in the buffet. It was not fat free, my fave, but I think 1or 2%.
  3. My son has been cruising since he was 3 and is now 21. We took him all over the world for the culture and history, not for the beaches!
  4. The difference is the Hyatt place is more of a hotel and each room has a sofa bed. A Hyatt house is like a residence inn. More for extended stay.. the Hyatt place 17th street is in a good location!
  5. did not realize all the different timings of getting sick. Just hope I don’t go thru this again. Brutal for sure and you don’t loose that much weight🥴.
  6. I have had food poisoning 2 times and both times it happened the same day within about 5 hours of eating. The doc told me it CAN come on that quickly for some people. I am proof it did...
  7. Yes we just wanted to use it as a transfer to airport and told no. Must do a post cruise excursion and then drop off at airport to use.
  8. I wanted to use it for the post cruise transfer and was told no. Must be an actual shore excursion. Oh well...
  9. We were on the Escape in August and thought Cagneys and La Cucina were great. Bayamos was average at best. Don't remember getting the fries at Cagneys though.
  10. We were on the Escape in August and my hubby wore pants to Bayamo. A few other men walked in wearing shorts and had no problems. So he then decided to wear shorts to all other restaurants and had no problems either.
  11. We have cruised on a # of different lines but have mostly cruised Princess recently. We are actually taking our first Celebrity Cruise this January and can’t wait. We were on the east coast and had extra time so we decided to take the NCL Escape to Bermuda this past August. We were not expecting much but ended up having a fabulous time. We can honestly say the food, staff and entertainment were better than on Princess. The rooms were tiny and we had a mini suite, although the bathrooms were nice with double sinks. And this ship was loud but that was okay for this cruise. Would we cruise on them again, yes to Bermuda or the Caribbean. By the way Bermuda was great. We were there for almost 3 full days! The drink package was also very good and the drinks were full strength!! We have been in other lines that serve watered down drinks. Not in NCL.
  12. We love the Hyatt place 17th street. Near port, publix and restaurants. Not sure when you are going so don’t know what price would be.
  13. My husband not too long ago was in Mexico City for work. Stayed at an airport hotel and got some food from the cart lady in the lobby, which he has done many times before. That night he was very sick from both ends. He was the only one who ate from the lobby cart and decided it was the produce she was using. Needless to say he has never done it again and has been fine.
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