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  1. Agree with OP that it dies not work on your phone. I have to do this on my computer to get the desired results.
  2. We have had issues twice in all the years of cruising. The first one was when my husband and I were at a table for 6. The first night the 2 other couples decided to tell us that they were married to each other, got divorced and married the others partner. They then started to tell us way too much stuff!!! Got our table changed after that. The second time we had our young son with us. We were at a large table that had other couples. Two of the couples starting being really loud and rude to my son. I got up went to the head waiter and said move us now or I will deck the guy. Problem solved. After that we have not had issues because we now get a table for 2 or 3 if our son is with us. If we cruise with friends we get a table for just our group.
  3. To look at your bids do you just click on the modify/cancel link in the email they sent you? will they stay in place if you click on that link?
  4. Just wondering how much you do save going thru value trips? I always book thru the Hyatt site and get great rates. I have also read on here that people have had there reservation moved to another hotel since it was booked thru a 3rd party site. One other thing: cancellation is 48 to 72 hours not 24.
  5. I agree with Donaldsc above. Keep asking for a supervisor and explain what is going on. Be pleasant but insistent !! Good luck and let us know how it turns out..
  6. Call back and explain that you did not know about this and have kids and see if they might change it to another sailing for no fee. Even if they don’t do it for free I WOULD change it. i as an adult would not want to be on the ship during this college party cruise!!! BTW I wish cruise lines would notify potential customers that this is a theme cruise before one books.
  7. There was never any info on my account. I just got an email and went thru that link to bid on upgrades. The response email only has a link to cancel or modify. Oh well, will just keep fingers crossed.
  8. I was just on my NCL account and is it supposed to show on there that we have a bid in for other category of cabins? I have the email but i see nothing in my account.
  9. I was able to book Harlem nights online. Choir man said must be done on board. Looks like i will have to take care of things once on the ship. Is there a specific place to do this once on the ship?
  10. We will be on the Escape to Bermuda.
  11. Okay newbie to NCL here... We have to pay for shows and or reserve seats? I am totally confused since i have never done this on other lines. TIA
  12. Thanks for the great review and all the pics. This will be our first cruise on NCL and first time to Bermuda. Am I reading correctly that i need to make reservations for the shows? I did make reservations for the 3 specialty restaurants but did not know we had to do shows. Also we had to do a little bit later dinner times than normal for us. Can we possibly change them once on the ship?
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