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  1. cheeseclan

    Non-Dairy Baked Goods

    We recently returned from the Crown. I usually have the sorbet but it was another night of a not so great flavor, IMHO. i was going to get nothing when our waiter said no worries, there are always non dairy items prepared. He brought me a great chocolate and cherry dessert. It tasted awesome. One other night he brought me a non dairy and gluten free cake which was also good. Just ask your head waiter and then waiter and they can get sweets for you.
  2. cheeseclan

    Embarkation MDR Lunch Crown Princess

    I had the Penne on our cruise on the Crown last month and it was great. Do love their pasta.
  3. cheeseclan

    Uber To Port Everglades

    I put inn pier 2 port everglades and once at PE we noticed it had changed. Driver said no worries. for pick up we were at pier 2 so it linked up with no problems.
  4. cheeseclan

    Sky Princess Captain

    I know that was how we originally met Captain Tuvo. Did not realize they actually announce it that way. Maybe i missed it in the past. THX
  5. cheeseclan

    Sky Princess Captain

    I just read this article and I am a little confused. Why do they list 2 sets of Captains and their team? Is Tuvo and team just there for the press conference today and then gone or is he the back up for the other Capt? Trying to understand. TIA http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=200767&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2386951
  6. cheeseclan

    Quebec transportation

    When we did this 2 summers ago we took a taxi. Can’t remember the price but it was not too bad since I don’t remember cringing😜.
  7. cheeseclan

    Mocktails in the Beverage Package

    We also like the key west cooler.
  8. cheeseclan

    Mini suite and club class - perks and tips please

    No confusion. I have been in many suites and we had the bar set up and we did get waters every day. Not sodas too. Maybe it was just you bar set up exchanged for sodas.
  9. cheeseclan

    Mini suite and club class - perks and tips please

    How were you able to get them to save you a table in CC for dinner? We asked on the Crown and they said that is not the policy for CC, and I understand that. Princess needs to get all their rules and policies straight on all ships in the fleet!!!
  10. cheeseclan

    Mini suite and club class - perks and tips please

    How did you get sodas every day? That is not a perk for anyone on the ship! Water yes for suites but no soda.
  11. cheeseclan

    Unlimited Soda Pkg and Big Cup

    Hoping that they now are giving them starting with 2019 cruises?!
  12. cheeseclan

    Unlimited Soda Pkg and Big Cup

    We got ours on the 1/26 sailing of the Crown.
  13. cheeseclan

    Unlimited Soda Pkg and Big Cup

    You will get a cup with the soda package. Look further down this forum to find the thread and you will see some pics that I posted. It holds 16 oz with no ice and no straw attached. Look under princess souvenier tumbler. Then #14
  14. cheeseclan

    Port Everglades to MIA - take Uber?

    I entered a code. I looked online and found a current code for new Lyft users. Put in phone and worked great.
  15. cheeseclan

    Port Everglades to MIA - take Uber?

    With Lyft and the $5 discount and tip it averaged about $41 a leg from MIA to FL hotel and from ship back to MIA. It was about $6 from hotel to pier with tip and discount.