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  1. I sound like you. I go but I always play minimum bet. I guess it adds up? I’m definitely not a highroller.
  2. They were complementary on HAL but if the Salty Dog Grill is as good as the Dive In then I would be willing to pay a five dollar surcharge. I think I saw that grill on the Royal Princess Lido deck.
  3. I always buy a soda package but I usually bring a 12 pack of diet soda with me for the room. I always tag and check it in along with my luggage. The last two or three times at the port of LA the cans have been crushed to the point where they are leaking. If it’s possible for you to carry your drinks then I would.
  4. And they wouldn’t let you switch your sail date? If that’s the case then that really stinks.
  5. I’m not positive but after talking to someone in that department it sounded like maybe, just maybe, if we were to be canceled then we would be able to switch to a different sailing and keep our offer. I accepted the exact same offer that you did but my sailing isn’t until March. We just have to make sure that we do not cancel because if we do we would lose our deposits.
  6. Thank you! I love noodles and can’t have pizza due to allergies so I would be really happy to have a noodle bar. I can’t wait to cruise again! Have you ever sailed on HAL? We were on the Eurodam and they had a Lido deck burger restaurant called the Dive In. Those were better than most burger places on land. I wish they would put that on Princess ships in addition to the noodle bar. I think I’m hungry.😊
  7. I loved your review. The food all looks so good. Thank you for sharing it with me!
  8. I booked a cruise for next year on the Majestic Princess. I see a few different dining venues that sounds absolutely wonderful (a noodle bar and a lobster bar). If you have tried those venues, did you like them? Are they as good as they sound? Do you think that Princess will leave the same restaurants on the ship when they bring it over to the West Coast? I hope so! I know, you don’t have a crystal ball. I’m just wondering what everybody thinks about it. Just spending time thinking about cruises and waiting for this pandemic to end. I truly miss my happy place!
  9. Hello, how much was it for you to upgrade to a balcony? I’m thinking about doing that.
  10. Was that the price to go from an inside to a balcony? I received an inside cabin.
  11. I’m not sure where you got your information from but this is not correct. You can get infected with covid-19 no matter who you are. You can be healthy and under the age of 60 and still be infected with the virus. The virus is much more dangerous if you are over the age of 60 and have underlying health issues. Stay well.
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