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  1. You are allowed to order whatever you want. They probably won’t be happy if it’s wasted like I’ve seen some people do but as of now you are allowed to order whatever you want.
  2. Oh, wow. That’s a lot of chips. I wish the refrigerator was cold enough to store guacamole but I don’t believe it is, do you? Late night guacamole and chips sound good with a movie.
  3. Does anyone know what size the $4.00 guacamole and chips is? Is it for one person or several people? I would hate to order and waste it. That and a turkey sandwich sounds pretty good right now.
  4. What a great review! I’m one that likes to see food photos so please post some. Thank you so much for sharing.
  5. Maybe Princess would allow you to switch to a different cruise. A California coastal cruise?
  6. On both of my cruises we showed up in the early afternoon and had no problems getting a chair. I’ll find out again in a few weeks.
  7. My next cruise is coming up soon. I’m wondering what will be there.
  8. This is what I received on my September and my October cruise...
  9. I liked their new ship but I’m not so sure that I would like their older ships.
  10. I was on the NCL Bliss once but with a friend so I did not have an opportunity to check out any of the single studio cabins. Is that where you stay?
  11. You pay double the cruise fare but you pay the port fees and taxes just for one cruiser.
  12. Jenny, Thank you for the great review! I may have missed it; what type of dining did you have? Did you ask for a table alone or with others? I’m getting ready for my next solo cruise and wondering what I want to do this time. Any and all suggestions are welcome, LOL. Thanks again!
  13. Thank you! This will be my third or fourth solo cruise but I am always open for suggestions.
  14. Hello, cruisers. Please describe your day/evening on a Princess cruise. What do you do on your cruise? How do you fill your days and evenings? Please share everything you can think of, dining included. If you don’t cruise solo but you know how you would fill your days and evenings please share. I’m trying to get some ideas for my next Royal Princess solo cruise. Thank you so much.
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