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  1. I’m not sure where you got your information from but this is not correct. You can get infected with covid-19 no matter who you are. You can be healthy and under the age of 60 and still be infected with the virus. The virus is much more dangerous if you are over the age of 60 and have underlying health issues. Stay well.
  2. This exactly but they’re worried about the spread of the virus. I really want to book a Princess cruise and unfortunately I’m afraid I might be one that can’t handle it.
  3. The State Department has issued a warning to all Americans, and not just people that are sick, to avoid getting on cruise ships due to coronavirus risk. What will you do? Are you going to cruise or cancel? This is horrible.
  4. Yes, you are correct. The first photo shows what was available on MUTS and the other photos are the On-Demand.
  5. I wish I could only book the cruises that I absolutely plan on going on. I never know when something will change.
  6. I haven’t booked. I just now started looking. But thank you for that information.
  7. I was just looking at a 14 day cruise and was shocked to see that the deposit amount was $800 (So $400 per person). That just seemed a little high to me. Do the higher deposits slow down your amount of bookings? I will admit that with the $1 down deposits I do tend to book more cruises than I actually sail. I never know what will be happening when the cruise actually gets closer. Thoughts?
  8. The bathroom is behind this desk area.
  9. We really liked our midship sideways interior cabin. The door opens near the bed instead of by the closet/bathroom area. This room is set up differently and to me it feels like it has a lot more room than a standard interior. I will attach some photos so you can see. If you look at the deck plans you can see how these cabins are laid out in a different direction (north/south instead of east/west).
  10. This is from the Royal Princess a few weeks ago. Click on each photo to see the entire list.
  11. Hello, I’m on the Royal Princess sitting on my balcony watching the Carnival Panorama going into Cabo San Lucas. If you look closely you can see your ship on the right hand side in the first photo. I thought somebody might like this. Have a great day in Cabo!
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