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  1. I didn’t write that but it is my photo. Why would someone need to access that?
  2. That’s only because I have a desk job and I don’t normally walk several miles a day. If it wasn’t for the walking I bet I’d be 10 pounds heavier. I feel like I’m starving now that I’m home.
  3. Hello Bob... i’m pretty sure you have to call and talk to someone in the ocean navigator department so they can delete one of the accounts. I hope everything is going well for you and your DW. I’m the one that had the smashed/hurt foot on the March cruise. It turned out that I had several fractures and had to see a specialist. Last month I was told that all of the fractures have finally healed... six months later 😳 Take care and happy cruising to you both!
  4. Just stepped off of the Royal Princess yesterday. We thought that their buffet was fabulous. Loved the grilled vegetables at lunch time. I usually lose weight on a cruise but this time I gained 2 pounds in 12 days (two cruises two weeks apart). Enjoy!
  5. Thank you for sharing this very important information.
  6. I was traveling with a friend. Which cabins do you book for privacy when you are traveling with a friend? I’ve booked insides, Oceanview, balcony and also deluxe balcony but none of those have separated spaces for privacy.
  7. We had walked on Baja deck, portside on our way to the buffet so we could check out some photos. We noticed a musty smell in one area. I wonder if that’s where the flood was at? Our cabin was on the aloha deck and I wish I would’ve walked on each deck so I could have viewed all of the photos. Yes, the placement of the machines in the casino were way too close. Back by the shark machine you couldn’t even pass by without bumping into someone. Actually I guess it was like that all over the casino. They need to take out club 6 and expand the casino. Did you check out the retreat pool? I’m usually not a huge pool person but we loved it there.
  8. Prior to our cruise on the Royal Princess I had asked questions about the sideways cabins. Pam in CA had shared her photos with me and we were super excited to give this cabin a try. Thank you again Pam. We are back and I wanted to report that we loved the cabin and I thought I would attach a few of my own photos. I’m ready to book this cabin again.
  9. Thank you for your review. I was on your cruise. The royal is a lovely ship. I had a lot of fun playing the shark machine in the casino. Just curious, what was the cabin number that got flooded?
  10. It’s hard not to when you have to work... insert crying emoji here. I wish I could retire, lol.
  11. Thank you. Just a thought... maybe mention that the cards are non-transferable without talking about people like they are horrible people. We know nothing about the people on the boards and sometimes people say mean things.... I’m not talking about you, just in general.
  12. Why do people always assume that someone is trying to cheat Princess? I have 15 specialty coffee/tea drinks available to me and have only used 2 so far and I’m on day 3 of my 7 day cruise. I will be sharing with the next person in line near me....
  13. The coffee package is electronic and attached to your account. If you are here with me then I am allowed to get a specialty coffee or tea drink for you. I have 15 included in my package.
  14. That’s what I will be doing with my punches... Would anyone like a coffee?
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