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  1. Thank you, Steelers36. I’m looking forward to trying to this room. I’m curious about the closet area because when I search for photos some photos show closet doors and other photo show open closet area. The cabins do look a little larger to me because the nightstands aren’t smashed up against the beds like I’m used to in a regular inside cabin.
  2. I booked a sideways cabin on the Baja deck on the Royal Princess. Are all of the sideways cabins the same on each deck? Is one deck better than others as far as the layout of the room or are they all the same? I’m looking forward to my first sideways cabin! Thank you.
  3. If I trade the minibar in for two coffee cards and there are three of us in the cabin, do you know if would I be able to tell them who I want to give the second the card to?
  4. Thank you, I’ve never even noticed that before.
  5. I just reached Elite status and I am wondering how this works. I would never, ever want to cut in front of anyone so I’m wondering if there are signs for a different line? I’ve never looked before so I have no idea. I understand that 99% of the ship may be Elite at any given time 😊
  6. You’re welcome. I know people are considering putting it in a small cross body purse but what happens when you sit down with that purse on your lap will it be too close to your chest?
  7. Someone was kind enough to post this for me on Facebook when I asked the same question. I hope this helps.
  8. I hope everything is worked out by the time I cruise. Going with two of my lifelong besties so I hope it’s as close to perfect as possible 😊 Thanks again!
  9. OP, thank you for your review. I like to hear about the good, bad, and the ugly. The issues that you had with the soda card would have driven me nuts. My last cruise didn’t go so well; actually it was awful. That said, I’m looking forward to my first cruise on the Royal Princess. Take care and thank you for sharing.
  10. Thank you, Jim. I moved a few doors down. I bet you’re correct about the steward.
  11. Yes, there are machines where you can play 4 screens at a time and those do have Buffalo. They look like they are quite popular.
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