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  1. I can see an increase but that is crazy...
  2. A mini sounds great. Was that club class? If so, how did you like it?
  3. Usually we have inside cabins but our next two cruises are in balconies. I’m OK with an inside.
  4. We have one cruise portside aft and another cruise portside mid. I’m thinking about keeping our portside aft balcony and not upgrading… Well unless I receive an offer too good to refuse 😊
  5. On the royal princess would you prefer a Portside aft deluxe balcony (almost all the way back) or would you prefer one closer to mid ship ( Portside) ? When cruising a Grand class ship, I like to be near the door to the aft pool but since there’s no pool…
  6. Great! More caffeine free choices. I’m happy to hear this! Does anyone know when this will start? I’m hoping there is a freestyle machine on the royal princess this fall 😊
  7. Unfortunately, this is incorrect. We were in Monterey and I purchased a large container of clam chowder for my friend who stayed on board. Returning to the ship I was scolded and my claim chowder was confiscated... “No soup for you”, lol. That container of soup was super hot and waiting to be consumed.
  8. I don’t put my fingers in my mouth or nose but I do eat fries with my fingers. Thank you for telling me that; I will try to remember to use a fork.
  9. It doesn’t stop me from going places or doing things but I always think about germs and viruses... I guess that’s what happens when you beat the odds and survive after inhaling a bacteria (no idea how or where) and ending up in the hospital for close to a month. I’ve been on nine cruises since that happened to me so obviously it doesn’t bother me too much but we do totally wipe down our cabin, lol. It just makes you think and wonder a bit more.... but it doesn’t stop me from eating at the buffet 😊😊😊
  10. I must have missed the part where I was sweating the small stuff. Just asking a question 🙄
  11. Or when I see people eating and licking their fingers in the buffet line... Gross.
  12. Yes, but we don’t wipe that railing on our mouths.
  13. I don’t remember when I first saw this but it’s been this way the last few times that I’ve cruised on the Ruby Princess.
  14. Does anyone else find it odd that silverware is placed in a container on the tables in the buffet? I read lots of posts about people watching and wondering if people have washed their hands prior to entering the buffet but no one ever mentions the fact that people are reaching in and grabbing their napkin wrapped silverware from a container on the table. So... someone’s clean or not so clean hands may have touched or handled the napkins that we use... Can viruses spread that way? Just wondering.
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