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  1. My point was that others have stated that they advertised so I’m just wondering where?
  2. I understand no longer honoring the unlimited cups of brewed coffee/tea but I really don’t understand not honoring the punch portion of the card. It seems like that’s already paid for so why not honor the punch portion only? Plus people keep saying that Princess was advertising it but those people that don’t know anything about cruise critic didn't know that was happening. I have friends with unused coffee cards and they didn’t know. How would they? Where was this advertised?
  3. The outcome would have been the same no matter which cruiseline you were sailing with. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. Board the ship and have a lovely dinner. We left late once but that was due to a Noro virus outbreak. We made the best of what we had left of our 3 day cruise. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. I’m not sure how to enter my own events. Little by little things just started showing up. If you figure it out please let me know.
  6. We have 5:00 PM TD on the Royal Princess. I know it’s really early and normally I don’t eat until after 7 PM but this way we have extra time for MUTS, shows and the casino.... So 5 PM it is.
  7. Things are now starting to appear under the “Journey View” section of my ocean medallion app. I’m just curious as to why would they schedule the elite lounge reception at the same time dinner begins? We have 5 PM dining so it looks like we will never be able to go to the captains circle reception? Is that the reception that has appetizers but you no longer get drink discounts? I would like to go there at least once or twice to check it out but I hate being late for dinner; I don't want to be rude. If you’ve been on the royal princess lately, is this the correct time that they have listed or do you think it will be changed in the future? Thanks... Getting excited!
  8. I thought I would bring this thread back to life. Pam in CA has posted some super helpful photos in this thread. Thanks again Pam!
  9. Yes, you probably should be concerned... I wonder how often that happens ?
  10. We had initially booked an inside cabin and then I accepted an upsell to the balcony. When I received the call they told me that they had oversold the balconies.
  11. I tried mine on and yes, it’s way too long for me too.
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