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  1. I'm interested in buying a sweatshirt/jacket/something that says University of Alaska on it. How likely am I to find something like this in either Juneau, Skagway or Ketchikan?
  2. My mom has celiac - we leave Saturday for a 7 day cruise. I'll report back on how it was for her. Our TA made HAL aware. We're doing open seating for dinner, but plan to hit the buffet as well.
  3. Helijet is also close to the port (helicopter rather than float planes).
  4. I booked my HAL cruise, then came here, then was terrified I'd made a horrible mistake because it seemed like every post was something negative. I've learned it's just the vibe of this site in general, because the negativity is on every board, not just the HAL one.
  5. Square is a 4 person room Circle is a 3 person room Triangle is partial ocean view X is fully obstructed view + is a connecting room six point star is a shower only Spade is a single sink vanity Diamond is a verandah with a solid steel railings and not plexiglass Accessible rooms have a wheelchair, an upside down triangle or 5 point star (different accessible features).
  6. Thank you all so much for the help! One last question - (I'm on the Nieuw Amsterdam) - if I wanted to use cash, I assume that I'd put the room card in, then the cash into the machine and it would go in the "bank" to use for casino slots only?
  7. Yeah, it's just for fun. I usually pop 20 bucks in and that's that lol. I assume it comes out of OBC, then? I'm debating how much to buy pre-cruise, and wasn't sure I had to factor in slots or not.
  8. A newbie question - if I wanted to play slots, how do I do it? I'm assuming room key instead of cash? Does it just come out of your OBC? Or do you need to set up something special? I don't usually spend a lot, but I'd like to play a little, and all I've found on the HA site is a place to purchase casino chips, which I don't (think) I need for slots.
  9. Does anyone know if there is an option for gluten free crust for the pizzas on Nieuw Amsterdam? My mom has celiac, and I know there's gluten free options at Dive In, but couldn't find any info about NY Pizza.
  10. Nieuw Amsterdam - 07-Sep-2019 - 7 Day Inside Passage R/T Vancouver First HAL cruise; first cruise since 1990. Sailing with my mom and family friends in the cabin next door. My first cruise was when I was 14 on the Dawn Princess (former RMS Sylvania). It was a LA-Vancouver repositioning cruise back when those had few people on board and no activities. I was seasick the entire time and vowed to never cruise again lol. But my mom has always wanted to do an Alaskan cruise, so me and the Bonine are bon voyaging in 3 weeks.
  11. I signed up on the HA and Princess site and just noticed the Mariner number and Princess loyalty number are quite similar - they start with the same 85974. Are these truly separate accounts, or is there some way they link up? Or is it just because they have the same parent company? I just want to make sure I have things set up correctly.
  12. My mom will be happy to see the gluten free options!
  13. Ah, thank you. The Make a Payment area was the only one I couldn't access, so I wondered.
  14. I have both OBC I bought for myself and OBC from booking the cruise with a TA, but I can't seem to find the total of my OBC anywhere on the HA site. I can see the OBC I bought in Already Booked under Itinerary, but nowhere shows the total OBC I'll have. Is it not visible or am I totally missing where you can see it?
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