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  1. Yes!! That's it I kinda knew I was close, we drove by there a few months ago and I was trying to get my bearings right. I remember when Turner's was kinda nothing, it's nice and quiet down there. Beach was beautiful, I think if I stay on the west side of the island from now on I'm going back to that beach. You can easily spend the whole day at Turner's and really never have to go anywhere else. Sometime's that's not the case.
  2. Your welcome. Darkwood, Valley Church, Beach Limerz and Turner's, all the exact same bay and on the same road. I think in that order too, Turner's is at the end a bit more quiet. If I was going to spend my day at 1 of these beaches with the exception of Beach Limerz because it will be closed, I would go to Turner's. It's new, easy parking, nice beach bar, the "aquapark" at Darkwood Beach didn't do much for me. I'm obviously missing something, I continue to remain astonished as to why someone would put a cheesy inflatable contraption at the beginning of what is one of the most picturesque area's of the planet. Let's just hope it's temporary!! Anyone of the beaches mentioned, walk out to the water look to your left at about 10 o'clock, the island with the large smoke and steam cloud coming from it, its Montserrat cant miss it, you'll see it. Have a great time.
  3. Yummy!! You guys are killing me, that sounds wonderful. Shark bites, I can honestly tell you I have heard of these morsel's but unfortunately, never eaten one. I eat shark, I'll eat or drink anything, it's a problem. Thanks!!
  4. That's EXACTLY how it is on Antigua, that's why I asked. Have no idea what it is with Antigua when it comes to getting a good drink but in just about 20 years of visiting this island I quit trying to get one about 10 years ago. I do the same thing you do keep it to beer and a nice glass of Chardonnay. It's too bad, Antigua can get terribly HOT, I enjoy a nice frozen cocktail on the beach when 1:30-2 o'clock rolls around. It's not going to happen unless you bring your own, like I said in one of my previous posts. It's the same 2 for $5 Caribe deal, which is really not a deal, 1 six-pack of Caribe just piss me off, 2 for $5 I'm not even sure what to make of that. In 2007 I was at a bar at Port Zante on St. Kitts, I bought Caribe's for $1.25 a pop they couldn't give them away. Curacao, Aruba, St. Thomas(St. John), Barbados, St, Kitts a great cocktail never an issue, Antigua if you desire something to drink other than bottled beer or bottled wine. You bring your own!! Thanks for all your great info. Todd
  5. I've done this twice, Baptiste is the man he's always in charge(he's a big man), Cosol was always making sure everything was going smoothly, we had a group in 2008 with 5 van's full of people and a 6th van was nothing but food and drinks. Baptiste we never ran out of anything, we went up to the waterfall in the rainforest, didn't have to get under the waterfall we were already soaked by all the RAIN. Sat in the van drank Caribe's forever ended up at Jalousie it was great, best time ever up in the rainforest, we had a blast. Really hate it about Cosol just a nice man, that's a hit for the whole island. Unfortunate for all of us.
  6. TTEllis

    Day in Martinique

    I did not know that but it makes perfect sense being French, we used to go to Orient Beach on St. Maarten the French side of the island and as we all know, I always thought was "clothing optional" my girlfriend and myself we didn't wear anything just like everyone else which really wasn't very many people, it was WONDERFUL. We were on Orient Beach in '01-'02-'03 the only thing there was the dive shop at the end of the beach. Martinique I was there just a few months back, I'm planning a cruise now back to this destination. Did an island tour never really saw a beach(probably a good thing😃) that's different, it makes perfect sense. I certainly appreciate this info., this means I get to spend the day with Christelle again. 😎
  7. I have just one more question about BEACH LIMERZ,(sorry) you said the food was great I'll totally buy that, beach and property look great. I saw you had a glass of white wine, did you happened to have a drink?? Bloody Mary, NICE frozen strawberry margarita??? In other words how are the DRINKS?? Jeez don't bail on me now😃, how are the drinks? Bloody Mary's nice and all over the place😊 or are they little and nothing?? Honestly. Strawberry margarita's frozen only, palm of your hand or running down your face😁?? Thanks appreciate the info.
  8. That whole stretch of beach from Darkwood down to Turner's has been getting very popular, you kinda knew it may be just a matter of time until that happened. I'm just glad they are all making money, doing well and will be there next time we visit. I've never done Beach Limerz, been to the rest of them, I'm going to have to try that place out next time, your a great salesman for them!! Looked AWESOME!! Thanks again Todd
  9. Website looks wonderful(don't it though!!!), now what's the reality of it??! Been to this island on about 10 different occasions, never heard or seen anything that remotely resembles it. Obviously neither has anyone else. Give'r a shot and let us know how it went. Looking forward to the reviews. Thanks Todd
  10. Great video!!! I'm just glad they're back open, we drove by Beach Limerz in Dec. and it was closed, appeared to have been closed for maybe some renovation's or something. I was here back in 2013, this place has come a long way all those bars along the southwest coast have really come a long way. At least there's no shortage of beach bar's anymore, Turner's Beach (3 beaches down from Beach Limerz), there was nothing there 4-5 years ago, now there's a brand new beach bar with plenty of parking, it's located on the end of the bay and its more secluded. Looks like everybody is upping there game on that stretch of the island, which is great for cruisers. Thanks for the video Todd
  11. Turner's Beach is a great option just down the road from Beach Limerz, nice beach bar, great beach and you can rent palapas and chairs. We drove by Beach Limerz it wasn't open when we were there. Darkwood is another option it's before Beach Limerz, and Valley Church is another option. If you want to make a day of it go over to Long Bay, its a drive but it's nice over there. Great beach, decent little beach bar, water is wonderful, excellent views, and vibe is super laid back. Great beach to walk on, it's a nice place. Hope that helps Todd
  12. I did that back in 2007, back then people actually rented scooters rather frequently and drove them all over the island like I did. I know what your looking for but I'm not sure I've ever heard of this type of excursion being available on Antigua, good luck with your adventure sounds kinda fun.
  13. It's not a problem I have done St. John on several occasions in the exact same time frame you have, just make sure😉you catch the 3pm latest ferry back to Redhook from Cruz Bay. On St. John the snack bar and restaurant are back open at Trunk Bay don't have too much. If you go to Trunk at 2:20pm grab your stuff walk out to the parking lot and catch a cab back to Cruz Bay so you don't miss the 3pm ferry . Take care Todd
  14. The best your going to get is brunch and cocktail's. Do lunch and cocktails and you miss the ship. I love that!! Cause it's true. 1:30PM?? I'm just working the bugs out by 1:30PM, my second(maybe 3rd) Bloody Mary, 2PM ship leaves?? gimme a break. Stay on the ship.
  15. You don't have to get stranded or have to get a way back "quickly", catch the 8am ferry over to St. John and the 3pm ferry from St. John back to St. Thomas and you'll have plenty of time for everything. Done this many time's in this exact same time frame never a problem.
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