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  1. Getting off the ship in itself with that many ships in port is going to be a difficult proposition, much less taking ANY island tour you choose. I'm not sure it really matters what you do your going to be inundated with cruisers. If you've been to this destination before or have plans to go back, this time you could plan something on the ship or wait until everyone is off the ship and then maybe go into town. I hate not getting off the ship at any destination in this case it would be definitely something to consider. Have fun whatever you decide. 😎😎😎😎
  2. I can answer this question for you. You'll be able to sit pretty much wherever you want. The further you go down the beach the more "birthday suits" you'll see. If you have a issue with that then just stay up towards the (West end) of the beach. There's plenty of beach bars renting pretty much anything you want as far as chairs, umbrella's go. One of the best things about Orient Beach because it's on the other(French side) of St. Maarten there can be 3-4 ships in port and it's still not busy. Many of cruisers relate French to nudity and stay away, that's why it's so nice up there and that's why I keep going back going on 25 years now. Orient one of the nicest bays in the Caribbean. Go have fun.😎
  3. Spend your day at Goffs Caye. Been to the destination twice both times booked a tour to Goffs and will never do anything else when I'm visiting this destination. Have fun.😎
  4. There were so many tour operators at the port on both sides of the sidewalk. Waving maps in everyone's faces including mine, the local government made them move. There's no longer tour operators on the Left side of the walkway coming out of Port security. It was ridiculous. Everybody was done with it, no more getting plastered in the face with maps of Aruba anymore.😳😎 I've said this before come out of Port security on Aruba, Exit Stage Left. Keep going left to the bus station don't look back yep keep going LEFT!!😎😎😎😎
  5. "Sardine Central"😂😂😂😂
  6. You need to take your time, with a 7 year old in tow(sounds like you have a great little travel partner) there's a lot you two can do visiting this destination. I've never done one but there are great island tours on St. Maarten at the end of the tour they'll drop you off and wait for you at a beach. Other than Orient most beaches are pretty close to the port. No worries. If I were you I would book a nice tour for the two of you and forget it. Have fun😎
  7. Millions of them. You'll figure it right out. 😎
  8. Oh I see, what happens if there name is on the list? Is it just a heads up or warning of some type to swimmers? It couldn't last very long. A good afternoon rain down there never hurt a thing. Thanks for the info.
  9. Damn!! I didn't know that even though it does make sense. Hey Ms411 if you get on the email list that sends you the results of the water testing please let us know here so we can get in the list too. Thank you
  10. So where would these contaminates originate from? I think it's great the EPA tests the popular beaches in the USVI. I understand there's all this little thingys in the water we can't see that might hurt us. Did something leak out or was there a "spill". Someone dump something they shouldn't have? I never really thought about that but probably should have. That's why I keep going back because of the crystal clear water.😎
  11. Thanks for the heads up!! Appreciate you. 🤜🤛
  12. A beach for 8 active seniors. You've chosen the correct beaches. Darkwood or Valley Church same bay almost next to one another. Same beach same water different beach bars either way you go it's nice. No or less children Valley Church. 😎🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😎
  13. Absolutely seedy, Mexico??!! I've been in some wonderfully just dilapidated bars especially back in the 90's in the old Cozumel. The only thing undesirable was me.😁. These bars were not modest they were what drinkers like myself refer to as a "Dive". Best "Dives" in the world are in Mexico have been for the last 50 years. Ice cold Coronas $1(US) all day long. I love Mexican Dives I make a point to find one every chance I get. 😎
  14. Rundown(so to speak) Caribbean beach bars are the best bars to go too. I've been in some beauties total hellholes, best time ever. The more rundown the better!!!
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