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  1. Yes, I highly recommend lunch on Eagle Beach. A few years back I had the grilled chicken panini sandwich with goat cheese at the Amsterdam Manor beach bar. It was so good I've been back several times since and did again, a must when on Aruba.
  2. Oh yes there is staying at the beach hotels. They are so nice, secure and AWESOME. The "port hotels" wow you must have some really good eyes, funny I don't remember being able to walk to Ft. Lauderdale Beach from the "port hotels" much less seeing it.🤔🙄
  3. Yes! Valley Church between Darkwood and Turner's. That's a GREAT beach.
  4. And btw the Park Hyatt MAY be " the nicest property on the island" you can set the entire resort down in the kiddee pool of the St. Kitts Royal Marriott. The Park Hyatt is right up your alley I'd stick with it and not go anywhere else on the island. See ya😉
  5. Have yourself a time at the Park Hyatt glad you had a "good experience" on the property. They're are several reviews here in this forum that are contradictory. I saw the Park Hyatt in Dec. 18, while on the island, wasn't the least bit impressed went back to Palm Court Gardens and did it up. Palm Court Gardens high end global clientele very pretty people cocktail party. My new go to on St. Kitts one of the best vibes of any resort in the Eastern Caribbean. If I were you I would stick with the Park Hyatt, have fun.😎😉
  6. Paranoid?? No, no, no don't short yourself we call that learning and getting it right.😉
  7. Sorry about your posts vanishing, as you can tell I sometimes have a way with words. I'm sorry.😎😉
  8. 2007 Emerald Princess Inaugural the Horizon Court Buffet instead of flip flops we should have worn steel toed boots and shin guards. We called it the Scooter Store 500 cruise. Those fossils were running over EVERYBODY, it got old quick. The Horizon Court was a race track.☹️🙄
  9. Princess Elite, I'll cut too the chase everybody just LOVES HAL to absolute death, but 90% of the time they end up cruising with Princess. HAL is a nothing short of a floating nursing home if your familiar with cruising ANY other lines. Certainly don't take my word for it I'd book a 14-21 day sailing on HAL and see for yourself. Have fun.
  10. The 1902 wipe out already heard that story before from Christelle our tour guide. They don't have to worry about that happening again, 100 year's later there's still nothing left of anything. I was there. Later
  11. Thanks for the info. I was on Mt. Pelee about 2 years ago, spent my entire life on a mountain somewhere. Mt. Pelee an active volcano does nothing for me. St. Vincent what's that?
  12. This is nothing more (or less) than misguided amateur hour, a VERY crummy way to spend Embarkation morning, and a horrible way to start a cruise. If I had to do whatever this individual has to accomplish on Embarkation Day to get on the ship, I'd stay home and watch reruns of the Love Boat.🙄
  13. Embarkation Day, that's what I happen to call it Embarkation Day 😎, the MOST stress that I've ever had and will experience is how I'm getting all my luggage from my hotel room to the ship without spilling my wonderful glass of Chardonnay. Stress I left that back at my condo 5 days earlier.
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