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  1. Crown Bay to Trunk Bay........be the first off the ship, early as you possibly can. Walk outside the gate keep walking to the street, ask a taxi driver you need to get to RED HOOK, NOW. He will point you in the right direction for the right taxi to Redhook. Within several minutes you will be on your way, once you arrive at Redhook get inline or walk up to the ticket counter and buy yourself a round trip ticket, the ferry ride over to Cruz Bay is about 20 minutes. When you get off the ferry walk right up to one of the OPEN AIR taxi driver's and say, TRUNK, hand him $12 and your good to go. You'll figure your way back, hint hint don't miss the 3pm ferry BACK over to Redhook ST .THOMAS from Cruz Bay ST. JOHN 😊 Trust me on that one. Be at Cruz Bay by 2:50pm latest LEAVE Trunk Bay(THE BEACH) by no later than 2:30pm. Go have fun. Later Todd
  2. Excellent protocol!! I will absolutely remember that on my next visit. Thank you.
  3. "Carambola is not what it was" Port Royal that place sucks. "went through a Turd's phase" phase that's all that I ever encountered on Carambola were Turd's. LOT'S of them, thanks but no thanks. "now welcome to mayhem" gimme a break that place is a nightmare. I'm going to have head over to Nevis, have myself well 3-4 would be my limit of those Killer Bee drink's you've been talking about, they sound wonderful. Genteel Cruisers........God I love that. That's me.
  4. Ronaldo If you've happened to have read some of my previous entries (posts) in reference to getting just a good drink on Antigua, you'll see that's it's not only genuinely discouraging, it's nothing short of silly. I just don't understand why on this island(Antigua) it's ALWAYS a problem. My last visit was NO different, I said when we got back last December, from now on I was going to start mixing my own drink's and bringing my own beer or liquor. After the suggestions by Port Royal in reference to: Buying rum 5 years or younger because it goes well on the beach, I call that brilliant. Mixing equal measures of gold and white rum in a GLASS with a couple of ice cubes, gimme a break, that's it. Local rum is a must on the beach. How nice is that!! This is not only a simple math issue, it's also peace of mind and not having to worry about where you're getting your next crummy $10 drink, it's pathetic. Bottle of 5 years or younger rum $12 for THE WHOLE BOTTLE, do exactly what Port Royal said, buy 2 gold and white, ok your up to around $25 or so, that's it. Go to the Dollar Tree and get yourself and your party a half a dozen or so short clear drink glasses(or heavy clear plastic) and set them down in your backpack. I do this with plastic cups, but I'm not drinking good local rum out of a plastic cup that's for beer, I'm doing EXACTLY what Port Royal said I'm dropping a couple of ice cubes in a clear drink glass so I can SIP local rum all day long on the beach. That's it. Ok so now your up to around $30-ish or so. I know this sounds like a pain the ass, but I'd buy my own bag of ice, especially with party of folks like you have. It won't last long, it's the islands remember. Beat's going to the bar and asking for ice all day long. Your still easily under $50, easily. $50, I'm not sure I've EVER had a bar tab under $100 most are much more than that. Do this, go straight to Turners and spend your AWESOME day on THAT beach. Your set, I would certainly buy something to nibble on so by around 1pm your not blistered in more ways than one. Me, I get on the beach, on the liquid diet all day long, I have so much fun just being on the beach drinking, food NEVER enters my mind SO by the time I get back on the bus I'm absolutely COOKED. Please don't do that. Go have fun and enjoy your day with your family and SIP local 5 years or younger rum all day long on Turners, just like Port Royal has suggested, THAT'S a NICE day on Antigua. It's the only way to go. Now go have fun and have a nice vacation. Take care Todd
  5. Turner's and Darkwood I have been to both of these, they are the exact same thing except Turners is at the end of the bay. From Turner's you can look up the beaches and see Darkwood about 5 beaches up, and about 3-4 miles north. Yes, Darkwood is nice I've always been a fan, it's just Turner's seems to be a bit more open, new bar and with it being on the end of the bay it's just nice down there. Plus I like the new bar and restaurant area. Beach and water are pure awesome Antigua. Buy and mix your own cocktails like Port Royal said is THE ONLY WAY to do this, you'll go broke(I did) drinking all day at Turner's or Darkwood it doesn't matter. When you get off the ship and walk into town as you walk off the pier, ON YOUR RIGHT is a liquor beverage store you can't miss it, very small quick in and out, good prices I bought beer I should have bought rum like Port Royal has suggested. I wasn't thinking imagine that.πŸ™„ I'll finish this entry later. I have to run. Later Todd MIX YOUR OWN DRINKS LIKE HE SAID!! Dont go broke like me.
  6. YUMMY!!! See I don't know things like this, that's genius. Gold and white rum in a glass with a couple of ice cubes "on the beach" your killing me, that's thee only way to go. 5 year old rum or younger on the beach, I totally get that. YES!!! Nobody ever told me except for you, "Local Rum to the island must be taken to the beach" good grief I wish I had known that much sooner. That's GREAT advice and I certainly hope others take it, because I am!! Thanks Todd
  7. Excellent suggestion, excellent advice, buy a bottle of local rum for your day on TURNER'S Beach and mix your own drinks. That's brilliant. I was on Turner's in December, did not know to take my own bottle really wish I had. That won't happen again. Port Royal I wish I had asked you about that, I got stuck on a tour bus with little or no alcohol, great tour just not much to drink, then we got to Turner's and drink's were close to $10 a pop, like I said that'll never happen.
  8. Princess I certainly pay them mind, and I would hope others who are planning a trip to St. Lucia would certainly do the same. Especially if they plan on making the most of there short cruise visit to your home, and Princess if they don't they can "take a self-guided walking tour" around Castries, and MISS the rainforest, MISS the drive up in the mountains, MISS the fishing village of Soufriere( I think that's how you spell it), MISS, YES!!! drinking ICE COLD Pitons ALL DAY LONG(not Caribe's that's on all the OTHER islands😊) MISS all the GREAT food( I eat anything) and here's the best part Princess (take a DEEP breathe) and MISS THE FREAKING PITONS, did you get that?! Because granny got her purse snatched in Serenity Park??? OMG, I'm dying!! Don't laugh even though it's very funny!! I can no longer address something like this without getting another "reminder" from the very nice moderators of Cruise Critic in reference to me😁 using "inappropriate language", I happen to be very fond of this website have been for years, I'm trying to keep it that way. OMG, I'm still shaking off granny and Serenity Park!!! You are very eloquent when you discuss your home that's a gift I was not given(couldn't tell it could ya), I'm very sorry I just don't have that. We are again approaching bedtime( you'all are like Thank God for that!!) Princess one day I'll make an entry about the 1st time I came through the mountains, and saw The Pitons. Another day Princess, have a nice evening.
  9. Ma'am I see that you not only reside in St. Lucia but you are also an excellent representative of your home. I find that very commendable, I have been given the privilege of visiting your home on many occasions starting back almost 20 years. It's getting late here on the east coast and I have to go to bed so I'm not going on some long song and dance about how much fun and how much I LOVE St. Lucia because you already know everything. I'll be back, and I'm very much looking forward to it. Have a nice evening Todd
  10. It's astonishing isn't it!!
  11. During your visit to St. Lucia the very least of your concerns are the crime rate(or muggingof an old lady at Serenity Park). This is not the island for "a self-guided walking tour" "around town". Your not doing "self-guided walking tours" on all your ports are you?? Here's the deal homey, we'll spoon feed you through the whole thing. St. Lucia is an ecological wonder of the world, that cheesy "self-guided walking tour" this is NOT the island for that. It's as simple as this, you don't have to think we've already done that for you.πŸ™„ Google Cosol Tours and BOOK one of their tours, the only thing you have to concern yourself with then is whether or not there are enough Caribe's in Baptiste's cooler to last you throughout your long FUN day. That's it, nothing more!! It's that simple!!! You can do it!!! NOW, e-mail Cosol's Tours and REALLY go and SEE St. Lucia. πŸ˜‰ Have fun Todd!!! So let me get this right, you are planning on going to this AWESOME island and not going to the Pitons?? Your killing me, your killing yourself.
  12. You have made an excellent choice with Cosol. These guys are true pro's from start to finish, you don't have to worry about anything except enjoying the island, the way it should be. πŸ˜‰
  13. Yes, I got a nice map right as you walk off the ship a couple of them you cant miss it. I took the map and walked all over Willemsted I highly recommend it. I did this 2 years back, nothing but fun if you are a drinker like I am great bars all over town(cause it's SO hot😁) trust me on that, nice bars too!! City has a wonderful vibe, and very inviting, very safe never a problem. Get your map at the port(Curacao Welcome Center), go straight for THE BRIDGE(you'll figure it out), walk across THE BRIDGE(with everybody and there brother) and keep walking just refer back to your map, everything is there. If I can figure it out heavily under the influence of everything so can you. This is a great city to walk and explore, the only thing you need to plan in advance is where your going to stop and have cocktails. I didn't plan anything, grabbed a map walking off the ship, grabbed a drink walking into town, and kept walking, it was very nice. If I were you I would do the same. I had a lot of fun and you will too.πŸ˜‰ Hint: Take a pocket full of $$$ and biggie credit card, it's worth it!! Plus your gonna need it.😎
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