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  1. May be better off hanging out at the kidee pool on the ship. 😊
  2. Spencer is always late, that's just Spencer. Love him forever, he's a really funny dude. He takes care of everybody on his tours, been with Spencer twice on his Beach Break to the Pitons, and Cosol twice on his Land and Sea tour both top shelf tours. I've really enjoyed being the first ones to arrive on Jalousie on the boat with Spencer at the same time I miss seeing the island and the drive over through the rainforest. Trying to get back to this destination next fall 2021, my day is going to be spent on one of these tours.
  3. Dog, no dog nobody's going anywhere.
  4. Hey Cap😁!! You stick with the baked clay pigeon, I'm sticking with the balsamic chicken. I shot clay pigeons off the back of the Carnival Sensation in 1995, couldn't hit the side of a barn much less a clay pigeon being launched over the open ocean.
  5. Sounds like a great time, the balsamic chicken sounds wonderful!!
  6. No way, Jose. I'm going cruising again and again and again. Jeez your trying to kill us, chill homey, they'll figure it out. Dying for a Skyfall martini from Crooners or Adagio on the Emerald Princess, a couple of them.
  7. Had that experience in 2012 on a 14 day sailing, many sick crew members blaming the passengers for everyone being sick and that was not the case. The ship was sick by the time we got on it, we just got sicker and so did the ship. If the ships are going to sail again nobody on or off without 2 clean tests. Later Todd in West Virginia and we still don't want you here.😉
  8. I must be missing something, it happens. Europe from start to finish just never did get it. West Virginia we don't want you here, please stay out you never have to concern yourself with me showing back up anywhere in Europe, we don't want anyone coming to West Virginia. In the meantime I'll be on the Enchanted Princess fall 2021, for 20 days hopefully catch up with you then. 😉😊Nighty night Todd
  9. Europeans🤭😂🤭 Europe is a sewer. Have fun in Paris. 🤢🤮
  10. The Santa Barbara is great, love the man made beach and man made boardwalk, snorkeling is great BIG fish crystal clear water. No cruise crowd at the Santa Barbara that was kinda the idea, best beach bar in the southern Caribbean and I've done them all . Our group we got crushed, best bloody Mary's anywhere on any island. Trying to get back to this resort between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2021, hoping things get back going again by then. If ships are sailing and The Santa Barbara is open I'll be at the resort Dec. 2021. Can't wait to go back. Todd
  11. We did the 14 day full Caribbean Circle on the Caribbean Princess in Nov./Dec. 2018 SO glad we did that cruise and didn't wait or put it off for one reason or another. Next year doesn't look good either in all due respect. Todd
  12. Maybe try smoking a big fatty of either OG, mango, or pineapple kush takes the edge right off for me every time. I highly recommend it. Have a great evening, I'm bed bound. Later Todd
  13. I would start out with a 20mg Lexapro twice daily and go from there. Good luck Todd
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