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  1. Calypso Girl Catamaran Barbados.......Have fun!!πŸ˜‰
  2. Not really sure why I thought you didn't drink Lois but I'm certainly glad that you do.😊 Business Class I've never flown Business Class before you not only get a bed and great food, you get a pillow and blankey to stay comfey the whole flight over and back, that's HUGE!! Your leaving in 2 days, I'm not sure I would be getting much sleep, who cares you get to sleep on the flight over.😁 Have a great trip Lois, can't wait to see pictures and read your review. Take care Todd
  3. I'm thinking about "Australia and New Zealand in 2021 or 2022"!!!!, actually I'm sick of thinking about it I'm going just not exactly but pretty sure "when" I'm going. I'll figure it out.
  4. Ok the flight from Philly to Venice, I knew you being in Jax thought you might fly out of ATL like we all do in some capacity on the east coast. Personally Lois I don't fly sober especially transatlantic flights. By the time I get on the plane I've already taken the edge off no problemo. I have buddy's who not only don't fly sober they fly sedated I'm not that bad. Jax to Philly hmmmmm don't drink on that flight Lois😁 I know you don't drink Lois, I would certainly make an exception for the Philly to Venice puddle jumper flight. Btw that flight from Philly to Venice how long is the flight?? I would have to make it a party or I would go bonkers. Have a great trip Lois I cannot wait to hear about your awesome RIVER cruise, that's genius. Take PICTURES Be safe Todd
  5. Sorry Lois I just got back to this board, the flight from ATL to Venice sounds like a cocktail party at 37,000 feet it is when I'm on the flight have a safe trip, wash your hands twice every hour and have a great time.
  6. Boat ride from the port is about 45 minutes very scenic along southern shoreline, it can be a bit bumpy nothing to really worry about, beats the hell out of sitting in the back of a van over and back. Like I said I'll never do that again. Your going to have a great day, go have fun. Todd
  7. Plenty of shade, no worries.
  8. Sounds wonderful PORT ROYAL thank you for the new info on The House of Rhums, that's a total must see and experience. Hope all is well and your staying healthy Todd
  9. No I didn't snorkel but many people were. The snorkeling at Jalousie is a matter of opinion, and hit or miss. Go have fun. Todd
  10. Lots of twists and turns roads are nice, the tour is all day it was one of the highlights of my vacation. Christelle at Karambola Tours Martinique.........have fun!!
  11. TTEllis

    Island safety

    I don't believe one word of this post.
  12. Hey Thanks!! No problemo.
  13. That's how I interpreted the question. A solo friendly port is totally about what you like to do. St. Thomas is always has been a great island for solo's like us. I'm solo since 1997. St. Thomas never fails me, walk off the ship at Havensight grab a beer or two hop on and taxi and they'll take you anywhere you want. Or you can meander around Havensight and shop and drink till you drop, solo done it many time's and it's always a LOT of fun. I'm always by myself everybody is always very friendly, I know it's US but it's still the Caribbean. St. Kitts I have found the same concept very solo oriented, Aruba I see more solo's on Aruba than I do couple's or families. St. Lucia done it solo many time's never a problem, nothing but fun from start to finish. Always by myself I can't imagine it any other way. Todd
  14. Have a great time Lois can't wait for the review eat lots of good pasta. Food is going to be awesome. Have a safe trip Todd Btw Flight sounds fun too!!
  15. I'll never make the drive to The Pitons again, zippy boat only Spencer figured it out, his Jalousie Beach Break is now his most popular tour because it cuts out the drive from hell........and back.😳 Very scenic boat ride from Castries to Jalousie........and back.πŸ˜ƒ The only way to go.
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