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  1. WOW!! You ALREADY have been given the upgrade! We are 10 days out now and no one on our Roll call has heard a thing. Lucky you! I thought it was fun (at first)...the excitement - the suspense - the day dreaming.... but now I am so over it.... just tell me...one way or another! LOL
  2. You do know Enchantment is one of Royal's smaller ships? There are not a lot of "bells & whistles" on it, like the Oasis class or even the Voyager or Freedom classes. I am not saying there's nothing to do...it's just limited. Bungee Trampoline. Rock Climbing Wall. Main Pool. Solarium (my fav) Pool. As for shows, there will be shows in the Theater each night...and you will be able to go to them & still do other things. The Love & Marriage Game show is usually a hoot. The Quest is always fun. You will have a lovely cruise.... But if you'd like to have a few more fun things to do on a somewhat larger ship with Waterslides & a Flowrider, Adventure of the Seas will be doing 4-5 night sailings from Galveston starting Nov.2020.
  3. Last week, when I cashed in my RCCL Credit Card points for OBC... it said if I wanted the OBC to be applied to my sailing PRIOR to the cruise (to use in the Cruise Planner)…. I had to call & have them apply it. Otherwise it will be applied onboard to use then or cash out.
  4. Go to Royal's main page...scroll down to where you see "Royal Up" … click on it. Then scroll to where you can enter your surname & reservation number. That will show you your current bid (s)s & their status. You can modify your bid from there or click another link (at the bottom of that page) to see other cabins to bid on....
  5. You can cancel those items once onboard. The $$ amount spent will be given to you as onboard credit. If you don't use it or only partially use it, the balance will be refunded to the CC you used to book it. It's no big deal.
  6. Yes, lots of others have posted this... and even I have gotten the be sure your within 30 days out message (which i am). It’s more than likely just a glitch on the website, check back later or sign in with a different browser... you may get a different message or maybe get in. Don’t worry about it... it’ll fix itself soon.
  7. In Galveston…. once you enter the terminal you will see TWO lines....The Priority line is for "The Key"; "Suite guests" & "Pinnacles" only. No Diamond/Diamond+ C&A members anymore. The other line is for "everyone else".... the Zig Zag (think Six Flags Lines) lines can be VERY long depending on when you arrive at the terminal. It can take an hour or so easily to get to the security scanners. Once past security you will go to the Check-In counters... this is where you will see different lines based on C&A status'. Just find the line that corresponds to YOUR status (I am not sure if there is a Priority line for Gold???) but once in that area, it usually doesn't take long at all to get checked-in. Then you will go up the elevators to the waiting area...that is divided by C&A status again...if they have not started boarding yet, you will wait in your designated area... Gold status is only one up from no status..... so you will still wait a bit before all the upper tiers are allowed to go …. but at this point it shouldn't take but a few minutes. If you want to actually have Priority everything...then purchase The Key or stay in a Full Suite. Galveston can be a nightmare at times.... we usually arrive early..... but I've been told arriving later... after 1:00 you can go right in.
  8. Not in Galveston..... the pre-security lines can be HORRENDOUS.
  9. This is Day 1 dining options on Allure taken from the August 25th Cruise compass..... showing what is open & the times they are open.
  10. Oh gosh it was so long ago.... I don’t even remember that. LOL
  11. At the time of my “check-in” .... it said if I checked-in via the App, I would get “Expedited Check-in” at the pier. From y’awls posts it appears that that was something special they were offering at the time & not the norm. To me, it was easier to check-in online. But now I wish I had done it via the App, so that I would have “Expedited” on my Set Sail pass just to see what it is all about. It seems as if now there isn’t really any difference in the outcome checking in with either source.
  12. Great! THANKS! We have stayed at the Hilton Marina & the former Hyatt Pier 66 on our prior cruises. Both beautiful properties. I got a really good price for the Renaissance (this time). Typically they are a good hotel. We needed the points so that we can get a FREE nights stay at the Renaissance in Aruba when we overnight there next year. We stayed at the Westin on the beach once...but found it too far from everything. Yes, we will be visiting Total Wine & More (isn't it TWO bottles of wine per stateroom?) for our in room/balcony consumption.
  13. Yes, we usually do grab a taxi & I did notice the entrance to Port Everglades is practically across the street. I hate shuttles too! But I don't do Uber or Lyft.... I don't mind paying a little extra for taxi service. They are usually right there at the hotels in Ft Lauderdale, so just walk out, at our leisure, grab one & we're off.
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