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  1. Oh, you may be right...I didn't know that about Key West... Just wishful thinking on my part. I agree, they will be sending something to CoCo Caye from Galveston, I'd imagine... And yes, because they can't get her in to Cayman or Belize.... they will have to get more creative with their itineraries... interesting to think about what they might do... Changes, they are a comin' for Galveston..... 🙂
  2. No, we chose the 17th sailing. I sure do hope that Allure will do that eastern run....
  3. Ooooo that's right! Allure can’t do those ports! I HOPE the Allure (from Galveston) will go east some of the time. So tired of the same ol’ Roatan, Belize (or Costa Maya), Cozumel. Or Grand Caymen, Jamaica, Cozumel rotations. They used to go to Key West, Grand Cayman, Cozumel... Back in the early 2000’s. The Enchantment is doing a few runs to Key West, Coco Caye & Nassau this year from Galveston... we’re booked in July. So it can be done from Galveston...
  4. So.... just got this response from “Jason” from the Official Royal Caribbean International page on facebook when I asked about when we can begin booking Allure in Galveston.... looks like it’ll be around the New Year before we see the dates for the Allure! And possibly Panama Canal full transit.
  5. I looked yesterday & found that Celebrity DID have full transits in 2021.... I looked at one ...15 days... San Diego to FLL. Cost for two in a balcony was just over $7,000!
  6. Adventure is sailing from Galveston now.... thru April 2021.
  7. Just looked at the last sailing of Allure from Port Canaveral in 2021..it sails from PC on Oct 31 and returns to PC on Nov 7th. So... there will be a full week after the 7th for it to reposition to Galveston. They "could" do 2 nites Crew Only & a 5 niter cruise or like you said a 3 nite Crew Only & a 4 niter cruise before the first 7 niter on Nov 14th. I am so stoked about this!!!
  8. Yes...that "full transit" is on my bucket list...we are sailing "to" the Panama Canal in March...but not "thru" it.... I want to visit San Diego, so this would be perfect to sail either way (east or westbound). Just hope they open it soon! This is driving me crazy! LOL
  9. Where do you see that? I just looked online...there is NOTHING listed for 2021... Panama Canal Never mind I found that one by searching Rhapsody sailings....but when you search Panama Canal 2021 only...nothing shows.
  10. No. The channel isn't deep enough. The new terminal will be at the opening (there is a basin there where the ships turn around) of the channel. The terminal that is there "could" handle the people...but the channel won't allow an Oasis class ship to come that far down... They had to dredge the channel to bring in the Liberty...
  11. Maybe, But there is no reason to use it for any other ships.... RCI already has a decent sized terminal there as well as Carnival's terminal... but, like I said...the paperwork hasn't even been settled yet...or at least last I have heard...and no dirt is being moved ….
  12. THAT is AWESOME news!! I had heard it was going to be the Allure coming into Galveston!! Now this sounds pretty solid. But they won't be able (I wouldn't think) to open sailings on the Allure from Galveston until they have final contracts with the port authority & RCI finalized to build the terminal. Negotiations are underway.... but they haven't even begun yet to move any dirt. Originally that terminal was to be completed in the Spring of '21...but it sounds like now (from your post) it won't be completed until the fall of '21. THANKS!!!! I am excited!!
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