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  1. RCI hasn't "scrapped" the Terminal three construction, but just delayed it 1 year. I just listened to The Port of Galveston board meeting (live on Facebook yesterday), they mentioned that they are dredging the the canal now & that they fully expect terminals 1 &/or 2 to handle the Oasis class ships when they come. So reading between the lines...Allure WILL sail from Galveston as planned in November 2021.
  2. Thanks... I did check my profile... but it is only for ME...and it is correct.
  3. All our kids have "in hand" is a Future Cruise Certificate we bought them while onboard....
  4. I wasn't planning on it.... but thanks.
  5. I am listed as the lead guest. THANKS for your help!
  6. I am just concerned because MY email is listed as the contact email...and I didn't get an email... I certainly hope you are right. I simply don't want to call RC and add to their overwhelmed phone staff at this time. Thanks!
  7. A little different question.... My kids have a future cruise certificate that we bought them while onboard.... can they use that to book a March 2021 cruise & then apply their 125% FCC (when they get it) to that same cruise?
  8. I am just worried that I won't even get one...as I didn't get the email...
  9. {{{{ BIG SIGH}}}} Then I do have something to worry about. Ugggg. I booked the cruise & paid for it....
  10. So, our July cruise was cancelled yesterday. My husband got an email from Royal telling him that. I didn't get an email however. MY email is the contact email for our account. We are going to opt for the 125% FCC, but since they sent my husband an email and not me... will the FCC be for BOTH of us or just him? TIA!
  11. Our July cruise was just cancelled & we found a cruise for next March we want to book... we are opting for the 125% FCC on the cancelled cruise...but don't have the certificates yet. Could we book the March 2021 cruise, by paying the deposit & then apply the FCC once we receive it? TIA!
  12. Can't go this year...that's why I am waiting on the 2021/2022 season...
  13. I guess they are not gonna do anymore "thru the Panama canal" cruises. Been waiting & waiting for 2021/2022 to open up...
  14. Oh, you may be right...I didn't know that about Key West... Just wishful thinking on my part. I agree, they will be sending something to CoCo Caye from Galveston, I'd imagine... And yes, because they can't get her in to Cayman or Belize.... they will have to get more creative with their itineraries... interesting to think about what they might do... Changes, they are a comin' for Galveston..... 🙂
  15. No, we chose the 17th sailing. I sure do hope that Allure will do that eastern run....
  16. Ooooo that's right! Allure can’t do those ports! I HOPE the Allure (from Galveston) will go east some of the time. So tired of the same ol’ Roatan, Belize (or Costa Maya), Cozumel. Or Grand Caymen, Jamaica, Cozumel rotations. They used to go to Key West, Grand Cayman, Cozumel... Back in the early 2000’s. The Enchantment is doing a few runs to Key West, Coco Caye & Nassau this year from Galveston... we’re booked in July. So it can be done from Galveston...
  17. So.... just got this response from “Jason” from the Official Royal Caribbean International page on facebook when I asked about when we can begin booking Allure in Galveston.... looks like it’ll be around the New Year before we see the dates for the Allure! And possibly Panama Canal full transit.
  18. I looked yesterday & found that Celebrity DID have full transits in 2021.... I looked at one ...15 days... San Diego to FLL. Cost for two in a balcony was just over $7,000!
  19. Adventure is sailing from Galveston now.... thru April 2021.
  20. Just looked at the last sailing of Allure from Port Canaveral in 2021..it sails from PC on Oct 31 and returns to PC on Nov 7th. So... there will be a full week after the 7th for it to reposition to Galveston. They "could" do 2 nites Crew Only & a 5 niter cruise or like you said a 3 nite Crew Only & a 4 niter cruise before the first 7 niter on Nov 14th. I am so stoked about this!!!
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