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  1. We went in July and toured with TJ Travel. Took NO rubles and never needed any. Paid either with Credit Card or US Dollars. My husband even bought a Soda off at cart in front of St. Catherine's Palace with US Dollars. Said they guy didn't even hesitate when he asked. No issues.
  2. Sorry no....we ate at the buffet for almost every meal but one.
  3. We did not need Visa for anywhere. However in Russia you MUST be booked on an organized tour either thru the cruise line or a licensed Russian tour operator (we used TJ Travel). The tour ticket is your “Visa” for getting on and off the ship. If you wish to just get off and explore on your own in Russia (not really recommend) you would need to apply for a Visa for that (pricey and time consuming).
  4. Delta flies Non Stop JFK - Copenhagen seasonally ( basically all of cruise season) Not a code share flight...it’s on Delta Metal. 767 or 757 depending on the day of the week. :)
  5. Hi Julie! I know which one you are talking about but we didn't purchase that photo. I'm sorry what a bummer! Good luck finding it!! Maybe google image search?
  6. nycfa

    Obtaining Rubles

    We brought NO Rubles and never needed any. We either paid by CC or they took US Dollars.
  7. So we are from New York so its interesting how coming from CA you felt it was humid and I have been telling everyone how yes it was hot but thankfully it wasn't humid. LOL Guess its all relative to what you are use to! All that being said...yes bring shorts! Thankfully we had brought plenty on our trip the week before...my fleece jacket never came out of the suitcase! LOL
  8. Not OP but was on this a week before her: Currency....I used a Visa Card everywhere. The only place I used local currency was in Berlin at lunch we used some Euros. Otherwise it was all CC. In Russia my DH did use american dollars to buy a soda at a food cart by Catherine's Palace.
  9. It's all cobblestone which makes for uneven ground....so that may or may not be an issue for you? Walking sticks will help and going down is definitely easier then going up......
  10. We were just there July 17/18 and it was very crowded at Catherine's Palace...... We had timed tickets but still had to wait to get in and then once in you had to wait to go from room to room..... Luckily we were a private tour (4 plus Guide) so we were able to slip past some of the larger groups (our Guide would ask) So I can totally understand the issues they are having.... Disappointing if you can't go but there are many other wonderful places to visit in SPB I'm sure whatever you see instead will be wonderful as well!
  11. So I went to look this up: It's the Spirit not the Sky but yes it's a smaller ship.......IMO looking at the itinerary I don't think the ship matters....you are in port every day but one sea day. Its a super port heavy cruise (I"m super jelly!). So the ship is a place to sleep/breakfast/dinner....not much time for much else! In a good way!! I have been on both large and small ships...I actually prefer the smaller ones. But mainly I look for where we are going vs the ship itself. :) Also regarding flights: when you look for flights book multi city tickets vs. one way. It's usually (but not always) cheaper then two one way fare. Make sure to shop around and try out both ways to see what works. Sounds like a wonderful trip!! :)
  12. Good plan!! My kids didn't listen to me and their feet paid for it! :') We walked on this trip 8-10 miles a day.
  13. I booked a time on the Kiosk around 8;30 pm on the Germany day. I was able to get Group B at 8 am. We went down to deck 7 around 7:30 am when they started letting people enter the theater. NO ONE checked to actually see what letter you had..... They just had you file inside and fill up all the rows and then let us out one row at a time. We were off by 8:10 and in the van for our tour by 8:45 am.
  14. Yes it was small but I'd totally stay there again. The bed was comfortable and it was VERY clean. Location is amazing! Plus the price...I got two rooms for two nights for what I would have paid for one room for one night at a different hotel.
  15. Not really. Thought I wasn't really paying attention when we set sail.