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  1. We haven’t been on the Gem for 2 years. Can anyone who has sailed on her recently comment on the shows?
  2. OP....my wife has the same issue with her account. I’ve made several calls and emails to them for assistance.....they never reply to emails. Well after a 40+ minute phone call with a very charming young man...I was informed that no one could figure out the issue...so the supervisor at Voyagers Club was personally sending a ticket to the I.T . Department. That she will be notified by email when issue is resolved. I know that we will never hear back from them. She also is a Fran.....maybe that has something to do with the issue 😉 Marc
  3. I made the mistake of using my Marriott Titanium and got MSC Silver. I used for my wife RCI Diamond Plus and she got gold. I am liveried 😲
  4. Does anyone know if I’ll be able to get a Mule on board the Gem? Thanks!
  5. I’m thrilled to hear some positive feedback about this show. Do you know if it’s a limited engagement on Breakaway or it run indefinitely? We’re booked but not until 2021. Thanks!
  6. I would suggest you do as I did. Send them an email. mscvoyagersclub@mscusa.com And explain your issue. And hope that you hear back from them before you stop cruising.
  7. Just your first name...no middle name? Having same issue with my wife’s account that I set up. But profile shows her middle name with first name. I never supplied that info when setting it up. And I get the same reply as you did when trying to enter her VC #.
  8. Does your profile show just your first and last name?
  9. When you sign in...does your VC number appear in your profile?
  10. Bret We are former Orlandoians . We lived in Hunters Creek. Marc
  11. Thanx for your response. I guess my TA was correct.
  12. Can someone please advise if it is possible to make a pre-cruise request for a specific table size in the main dining room. My TA advised me that MSC doesn’t accept dinning requests. Is that true? I am referring to table size and not time of seating.
  13. Yes..I just returned from there. I saw the boat in it’s place in the water. I know I saw something getting washed away.
  14. My list for the double points still indicates cruises through 2019. And when I checked the list and found two of my cruises....it shows only the 20% off and all free for the past guest offer. And don’t they rebook you at present rate to make the change?
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