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  1. Thank you to everyone for your positive input. They are both Southern Caribbean Cruises, in fact the port taxes and fees are higher on the Summit, with fewer stops, than on the Equinox. I really don't see what the big deal is to transfer the booking, why are some customers offered this benefit and others denied , make it equal to all cruisers. Regardless, Celebrity are not budging, said there is no cruise at all that we can transfer to. Disappointed.
  2. I'm sorry but a 2 hour wait to get through to the cruise line should not be accepted as the "new normal". This has been going on for quite a while now, so the cruise lines are aware of the issue. How about the cruise lines recognize this and hire more staff ?
  3. The Boston 2020 12 night repositioning cruise ends in FLL and is a Southern Caribbean cruise, I am trying to switch to the Equinox (this class of ship change is allowed) 12 night S Caribbean cruise leaving Sept 6, 2021, within the 4 week window
  4. Sorry, but respectfully, I don't agree, The # of nights is the same, Cabin is the same, itinerary is the same, Class of ship exchange is allowable, the only one thing that is different is that this ship departs from Boston instead of FLL. The cost of both these cruises, if I were to book today, are the same, so it's not like it's a more expensive cruise. Celebrity is offering a solution to the crisis we have now, I believe it should apply to all cruisers, not just some. If I could move to an identical sailing I would but they don't have one. We are talking Boston V FLL, it's not like we are looking at departing from a different country. Response from TA (Large TA Company, that I have used for years) " Celebrity advised me they had made a few exceptions in the beginning, but have since stopped so no longer any exceptions, you can contact them directly and see what they say" He must have missed the part of my message that advised Celebrity won't speak with me because I have a TA. I have asked for him to escalate to his supervisor, we'll see what happens 😞 Thanks to everyone for your input, much appreciated
  5. Hi, Wondering if anyone has a suggestion that might help us, We have a booking for a 12 night sailing leaving from Boston in October 2020, cruise ends in Ft. Lauderdale. We booked the sailing while onboard a cruise last year. We want to move our sailing date to next year as final payment is due in June and at this time our borders with the USA are closed. Unfortunately, the exact same cruise is not available, however I did find another cruise that matched in every way as per the requirements of the same cruise same price option, except it is round trip from Ft. Lauderdale, so the only difference would be that it leaves from a different port, yet both end in FLL. Took 10 days to get a response from my TA, he said Celebrity won't allow the change, I phoned Celebrity myself, they said they can't speak to me about it because it was transferred to a TA, have to go through my TA, I am an Elite Captains Club member, but that doesn't seem to make any difference with Celebrity. Any ideas ? Thanks
  6. Hi Osborne66, We have a booking from Boston in October 2020, I am optimistic it'll sail, relatives meeting us from Liverpool for this sailing. I wouldn't travel to the UK for a sailing based on how things are there right now. Cheers,
  7. I was on hold yesterday for over an hour, I hung up and called back, pressed option for a new booking, connected in 2 minutes, explained my issue, they advised that they have a priority line to Service dept. transferred me, I was connected in less than 5 minutes !
  8. Found the solution ! I hung up after 1 hr and 20 minutes and called back, pressed the option for booking a new cruise, answered immediately, explained the issue, they said they have a priority line to the department I need to speak with, transferred me and the call was answered within 2 minutes ! I'll remember this for future calls
  9. I have been on hold for 1 hour and 10 minutes right now, just have a question about my booking. This is ridiculous !
  10. My feelings exactly ! Wish I was a bit more tuned in at that time 😞
  11. I have booked both ways, primarily found it cheaper to book in USD with Celebrity, even with the low exchange rate.Then transfer to a US TA. I made the mistake of booking in CD and then when the booking was transferred to the US TA the OBC was a lot lower because it wasn't booked in USD, so I ended up losing money. I find it's not worth the stress of watching the exchange rates and trying to buy at that time, unless I was exchanging tens of thousands of dollars I wouldn't bother. I did get a Hometrust Visa though, that at least saves me paying the regular 2.5% additional charge that the credit companies tack on when exchanging CD to USD. Good Luck
  12. Today I went online to print off my boarding pass and noticed that someone else's booking was listed under my account # with Celebrity. I was able to see the names of the people travelling, how much onboard credit they have, how much they paid for the sailing, even had access to spend that OBC, cancel the booking, amend it etc. This really concerns me, especially as we have a lot of personal and financial information in these booking fields. I contacted Celebrity and advised them, it just leaves me wondering if the people whose info I was able to access can do the same thing, major difference is that I am only 10 days from sailing so all my information has been populated. 😞
  13. We are going on the Celebrity Summit in 2020, Boston to Fort Lauderdale, however the day prior to arriving in Fort Lauderdale we will be in Key West, Is it possible to get off the ship in Key West instead of Fort Lauderdale, we'd like to spend a few days in Key West, Thanks
  14. i believe USD is the only currency they allow on your account, as nothing is priced in Euros on the ship
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