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  1. i believe USD is the only currency they allow on your account, as nothing is priced in Euros on the ship
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me anything about the obstruction for the view from the balcony of cabin 6294 on the Reflection. We booked a Guarantee and was assigned this cabin. There is cabin 6270 available, which is further down the corridor heading toward mid ship, same category, don't know whether to ask for a move if possible or stay put Any suggestions ? Thanks
  3. No ID required, we just walked in and told them what package we wanted to buy. No questions asked
  4. How is $100 less for the 3rd person v 2 people in a cabin a sale ?
  5. We booked 5 inside cabins for 2 people in each cabin, when they had the "free" perk promotion. Non refundable rate sailing in November 2019. It was a good itinerary and we were happy with the price. Last minute family get together as we have already completed 4 Celebrity cruises this year to date. A single friend would like to join us, read about the 50% off 3rd and 4th guest, so I phoned to ask about the cost to add a 3rd person to the cabin, understanding they would not get the free perk. Just wanted her to be able to join us. I was told the cabin only holds 2, so I requested reassignment in the same class to a cabin for 3. Celebrity said that we would lose the perk we have, even though we are just changing cabin, not class, category or sailing, now the cost would be $200 pp more with no perk AND the 3rd person cost was $1199 V $1299 plus taxes for the 1st 2 people, no perks. I asked how $1199 equates to 50% off when the 1st 2 people are paying $1299 each ? She got flustered, had no answer and put me on hold, after holding for more than 12 minutes I hung up, which I think was their goal. I don't see why they couldn't just move us 2 cabins away from where we are and charge for the 3rd person at the sale rate. The cost for the cabin was exactly the same when we booked whether we chose a cabin that holds 2, 3 or 4 ! Not impressed !
  6. Hi, We have been to the Boatyard before and had a lot of fun, we are returning to Barbados in December, 10 of us. Unfortunately, our Celebrity ship is the last of 3 ships docking that day at 10am, the other 2 ships dock at 7am and 8am. I don't want to pay to go to The Boatyard and end up with no lounger or umbrella, Thoughts? Thanks
  7. Boatyard is $25 pp. includes 1 free drink and transport shuttle back to ship, one way only. We found the package for "land guests" a better deal, $30 pp, gives you $22.50 bar credit pp, does not include transport back to the ship but that's only $5 anyway. We lasted a full day on the bar credit as they have happy hour 2 for 1 quite frequently.
  8. There is a dial on the wall allows you to switch off
  9. My suggestion as well, amazing places, we have been a few times and are planning to return in August.
  10. Happened to the April 6 Summit sailing also, was MIA for weeks then reappeared
  11. I only book concierge if the cost of a regular balcony in a desirable location is more expensive than concierge, which it has often been, other than that I wouldn't bother, no major difference at all
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