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  1. Hey all, I know that the website isn't that new but I simply cannot see my cruise, even when I submit all the information. What happens is that website seems to realize that I have a reservation, because it then flashes the date and ship, but goes to a screen that shows that I have 0 reservations. Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks!
  2. No rush, trust me! Let me ask then, what is the LATEST we could probably get off before they kick us off? :) Have to make plans for the day. Thank you!
  3. Great! Can I get a more exact time on the disembarkation? I need to arrange some sort of transport for five of us. Many thanks! Should I assume something like 7-10am?
  4. Hi everyone, looking forward to my Star Princess cruise on 8/4, Vancouver to Whittier. My question is that we arrive in Whittier at 12:30am 8/11, according to the schedule. Do they really intend for us to disembark then? I cannot imagine so. If you know, what time do they expect us to disembark?
  5. Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to know! The biggest issue is whether we miss much scenery by cruising from Quebec City vs. Montreal. Sounds like the answer is no. Great! BTW, tickets MUCH cheaper from Montreal so we will probably fly in there and drive up.
  6. Hello all, I so greatly appreciate all the help I've received and hope that you can advise me again. My parents want to go on a fall foliage/Canada cruise. Myself, husband, and 7 year-old daughter will accompany them. The cruise I'm eyeing is on Norwegian, embarking in Quebec City on 9/21, then departing with stops in Canada and Maine before disembarking in Boston. A few questions: 1) The embarkation date is Friday 9/21 but it doesn't sail away until around 6pm 9/22. Would we have the option to board on 9/22 if we decided to do so? 2) My father really wants to see the St. Lawrence river foliage but for that we need to get on in Montreal. Those cruises are twice the price. How much do you miss by starting in Quebec City vs. Montreal? I'm not wedded to Norwegian by any means; this cruise is just so much less in cost than the other options. 3) What will the foliage likely be like that time of year? Thanks!
  7. Anyone else having this happen? They made me create a new password a few days ago (after years of using the same password). Now when I try to log in with my email and password it says unable to log you in, try again later. I have a cruise tomorrow and wanted to buy internet. :-(
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