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  1. My final payment for the Feb 2021Bliss Panama Canal cruise is due. I told my TA I wil not pay. I personally do not believe CRUISING will start before next summer. Maybe I am pessimistic. Just read the current trend of C19 and it is not 'rounding the curve.' Many states are hitting new highs. Europe is increasing in cases. MSC and Costa have possible cases on their cruises now. JMO! Stay Safe!
  2. May God Bless this family and Grant them Peace. They have been through such sorrow.
  3. Thanks for your help! We will get through this, whenever Stay Safe!
  4. Your are too honest! You admit you are wrong. Too bad our officials in the USA can not admit they were wrong from day 1. Instead, they keep telling lies and the worst part is our people believe the lies. It will be over: 1. When warm weather gets here. 2. Easter 3. Memorial day 4. 4th of July 5. Labor day 6. Just around the Corner 7.pick a date Let's get real. It is getting worse!
  5. Have you ever taken a cruise? LOL You must wear blinders. Please, don't make ridiculous statements. People come on board with luggage, and leave as luggage. Have you ever seen someone who lost weight on a cruise? Yes. The person who lost a limb feeding the sharks. LOL
  6. Israel is going into a second nationwide lockdown over Covid-19 https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/14/middleeast/israel-second-lockdown-coronavirus-intl/index.html
  7. MadMax is now here Forget the laws, go back to the 'ole' West. We don't need laws bc we can't enforce them. LOL WHY work, pay taxes? Wednesday Thursday Friday Is next?
  8. What is the truth or real stats? Where can wer find them?
  9. So, who are they? It sure is not the people we are seeing on TV daily. Names would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks, very interesting. They will probably be the only ones for months.
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