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  1. Your welcome! Glad to pass on the info. Stay Safe.
  2. FYI - This is not RCI. However, this is what another cruise line is doing now, when they cruise. This could represent what CRUISING may be when it begins again. https://thepointsguy.com/news/msc-cruises-covid-port-tour-rules/
  3. 12,000 crew members still on cruise ships in US waters months after COVID-19 pandemic shut cruising down https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/08/08/cruise-ships-us-have-12000-crew-members-amid-covid-19/5574288002/
  4. Other cruise lines are trying. FYI- Aida Cruises' previous plan was to start test voyages with AIDAmar and AIDAblu last week, however, they were postponed because ten crew members who were scheduled to join the ships tested positive for COVID-19, and later another case amount the crew was detected. http://crew-center.com/aida-starts-test-voyages-scheduled-cruises-canceled-until-mid-august
  5. +1 Take the money and run. Why let them have a no interest loan?
  6. Suggestions always welcome. Many post their suggestions without an invite. So it really doesn't matter.
  7. 'Many of us knew what he meant.' I'm sure many knew what was meant. I'm also sure others thought of the US Kay's in the malls. I guess I made a big mistake thinking it was Kay's in the US. I will go to the naughty room for a 5 minute time out! Should I go to confession Saturday? Any other suggestions?
  8. Totally agree with your response. To the couple: Like many have said, be careful. It will last a lifetime. Everyone has a different choice in jewelry and stones. Good Luck in your future.
  9. There are Island jewelry stores that do have offices/satellites in the States. Many in New York. I personally have dealt with them.
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