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  1. I too think prices should come down, not go up, even though there are many with FCCs to be used before end 2021. Those above 70 cannot cruise and the others are going to be wary about getting on a cruise ship. Plus a sizable population will have less disposable income to spend on cruises and vacations. Celebrity’s prices for 2021 are high now, but IMO they’ll soon go down once the next lot of cancellations take place, they’ll have to accept cruising probably won’t be happening anytime soon in the next six months or so at the very earliest...
  2. Thanks dani and oceangoer. Celebrity cancelled my sailing after final payment, so I should get 125% FCC. Which is why I’m not sure if the same booking can be transferred to a new one. As you suggest will call our TA and she what she says. BTW, we always book refundable, my question was if the FCC would be reissued if I had to cancel the new sailing for some reason...
  3. Celebrity cancelled our May 10 sailing and we want to book another one for May 2021. Any way I can keep the same booking number, is this possible at all? From what I understand Celebrity/TA will apply the FCC towards final payment for the new cruise, but what happens if I need to cancel this sailing? Does the FCC lapse or will I be issued another one? Thanks for answering!
  4. Thanks a ton Fouremco for that prompt and detailed answer, appreciate it! I think this decides it for us, refund it is. 😉
  5. We were on Apex this May and I found another sailing on the same ship for next May at about the same price. But I have to pay the deposit and since we take just one cruise a year not sure how I can spend the 125%. BTW, can the FCC be used like to pay for taxes and port fees, also specialty dining, drinks package upgrades, spa treatments, etc like OBC? This might be a way to use the balance FCC...
  6. We’re in the same position, unfortunately I don’t think any of the OBC can be carried forward. I’m wondering if I’ll get OBC from my TA when I use the FCC for another cruise...
  7. We booked our Apex sailing in May onboard with Celebrity and later transferred to our TA. The cruise is cancelled but we haven’t received an email, do I need to contact the TA? Another question, if we take the FCC will we still get OBC from our TA on the future cruise? Read somewhere that you can’t, though I don’t understand why as the original cruise isn’t happening any more. Thanks for your comments!
  8. In the normal course they can’t, but these are extraordinary times. We’re waiting for Celebrity the cancel our May 10 Apex sailing and will most likely take the refund, though we do want to rebook the same itinerary for next year.
  9. We’re booked on Apex May 10 which will surely be cancelled and are debating whether to ask for a refund or take the 125% FCC. We don’t have any cruises booked for 2021 and would like to do this years itinerary.
  10. We’re also watching as we’re booked on the Apex May 10 sailing... waiting to see if Celebrity will cancel before cancelling ourselves...
  11. We’re on the Apex May 10 Southampton to Barcelona sailing and can’t decide what to do. Still waiting and watching...
  12. Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I looked up posts on Edge dining and found a treasure trove of information compiled by our dear vtcruising, including some email id. Celebrity replied my email saying normally restaurants aren’t assigned in advance and suggested I see the Maitre d’ if I’m not happy with my specific MDR. However, they have made note of my request and will try to accommodate me. I plan on emailing a reminder closer to my sailing. Plus the first thing I’ll do on boarding is to check which restaurant we’ve been assigned and try and change it if needed. Here are the email ids of the concerned department, I found two and both replied, within a couple of days. CelebrityDining@celebrity.com CelebrityEngagementCenter@celebrity.com 844-418-6824
  13. We’ll be on the Apex May 10 sailing with early traditional dining and want to request we be put in Cyprus. I know you can book specific restaurants for select dining, but how does it work for traditional? I called Celebrity two times and was told first that it wasn’t possible, the second time that they’d assign us a restaurant only before the sailing and that once on board we could ask for a change if required. We’re a family group of six and I’d rather not wait till the day of the sailing as it could be hard to find a table for six of us. Can you please tell me how this works, has anyone been in a similar situation? Am hoping some of you will be able to help, thanks in advance 😊
  14. The question is do they even ever think through any decision? This one was really ridiculous! Does this hold good for US bookings too, has anyone seen it in writing? If so, would appreciate if you could post a link. Thanks in advance!
  15. On the Millennium in July they had something, pasta I believe, but not much choice like at dinner. We were happy with what was on the menu and didn’t ask for anything special, so can’t say if they’ll make something up specially for you.
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