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  1. The question is do they even ever think through any decision? This one was really ridiculous! Does this hold good for US bookings too, has anyone seen it in writing? If so, would appreciate if you could post a link. Thanks in advance!
  2. On the Millennium in July they had something, pasta I believe, but not much choice like at dinner. We were happy with what was on the menu and didn’t ask for anything special, so can’t say if they’ll make something up specially for you.
  3. We’ve had some of our best tours with with Derek Smith of Beautiful Meath Tours and highly recommend him. https://www.beautifulmeath.com/ Butlers is also extremely good and does private tours too, in addition to their regular group tours, we went with them once from Cork and were more than happy.
  4. Thanks for the detailed review of your SV, we have three booked on the Apex May 10 sailing, the two middle ones plus one next to it. I was hoping for Deck 9 but they didn’t have three available, so Deck 8 it is, am hoping we won’t feel the ship’s movement too much. DH still doesn’t know about the long walk to the elevators, will tell him he’s getting his 10000 steps, lol 😂 Have made myself a mental note to request loungers for the verandah, though the table looks rather small!
  5. I second the Busybus tour from Holyhead, we got to see a lot, though the weather was rather dreary with a drizzle almost all day long. JB’s comment about Conwy (the castle and town are not to be missed!) makes me smile, a rather sizeable group of DIYers from our ship didn’t know this was a request stop and had to scramble to find their way back to port. They were so many of them the ship’s departure was delayed, they were lucky not to be left behind!
  6. Thanks a ton vtcruising, appreciate your taking the time to make such a comprehensive list. Am bookmarking this thread to read at leisure later this weekend...
  7. I do so admire your open mind and positive take on the Edge, we’re lucky to be cruising and I believe we should embrace all experiences. We haven’t yet been on the Edge but are booked on the Apex next May, so your thread is of particular interest. Thank you and please keep the comments coming...😊
  8. There’s also a bus which drops you near the Rows, I think the ticket was one quid , though I can’t remember exactly. Very convenient, we spent about 3-4 hours walking around, then took the same bus back to the station and then to Liverpool. All in all a wonderful DIY excursion, highly recommended.
  9. Mark_T, I should have said we aren’t very strict vegetarians. Yes, don’t believe it’s going to be much of a problem.
  10. Thanks Bo, this is what we’ve done over the years and it has worked perfectly, the wait staff has always worked to accommodate our dietary requirements. However, we’d like to switch around the four MDRs on the Apex and I was wondering how this would work with our early seating dinner. But we’ll figure it out, probably only once on the ship...
  11. Thank you Miaminice, you confirm what I thought, will check with the Maitre D as soon as we get onboard. Mark_T, we’re not fussy vegetarians and are okay with cheese and eggs, just no meat, poultry or seafood. On the other ships there’s also an Indian menu every evening, guess they’ll have it on the Apex too...
  12. I would prefer either the Dublin overnight or the one in Glasgow. Nothing much to see in Glasgow itself but you rent a car and drive to Glencoe and Loch Lomond, maybe even stay overnight and get back to the ship the next day. I’d also choose the June or August sailings, May weather could be iffy...
  13. Our extended family group gets off the Apex on May 20, 2020 and some of us stay on in Barcelona for a few days while DH & I want to go to Sevilla before heading back home. May 21 is Ascension Day, a big Catholic holiday in Europe and I’m wondering if museums, sites and restaurants will be open that day. I know most shops will probably be closed, but if some sites and restaurants are open we should be fine. Am wondering especially about the Alcazar in Sevilla and Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. What has been your experience during visits in the recent past? A few years back we were in Firenze and if I remember right museums were open, as also most restaurants. One more question, what would be the best way of getting from Barcelona to Sevilla, train or flight? Thanks in advance, will be back with more questions once I start actually planning our trip!
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