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  1. He never stopped flights from Europe and he was warned how bad it could be in January.
  2. Disagree about skipping a night or 2 in Fort Lauderdale. It's always prudent to fly in a day ahead and flying from Canada in February, I would do 2 days ahead.
  3. You can't compare Belarus or Sweden to NY. NYC is the most dense city in the US and also the gateway city to Europe via airplane. The truth is that Trump should have shutdown flights from Europe at the same time, he shutdown flights from China. Travelers from Italy brought it to NY. However, Cuomo did mess up with the nursing homes. That was a big mistake. There truth is that all our leaders have mishandled in one way or another. Can we get back to talking about cruising again?
  4. I have many times and I am 5 foot tall woman. I have traveled home from Manhattan after dark all the time.
  5. Ok, things have improved dramatically since 1990. Have been commuting into NYC riding LIRR and the subway everyday from 1994 until the pandemic with gaps for maternity leave and Sandy.
  6. Wow, so sorry you went through that. What year did that happen? Just curious because until this year crime has been way down for years.
  7. Well, the fact that the Odyssey is delayed all the way until April 2021, do you think this indicates that cruising may not start until April 2021? Do you think the cruiselines are waiting until then with the hope that there is a vaccine? Or possible early2021 starting with the 3-4 day cruises and then expanding to 7 day cruises in the spring? I have a June 2021 cruise out of Seward, Alaska. I really want to to go but the news I hear lately isnt optimistic.
  8. Couldn't the CDC extend the no sail date for a shorter period say 60 days and then they would have option to renew again or let the order lapse?
  9. Good choice. The Harmony is a wonderful ship, love the Western Med, and things should be up and running by then or the industry will be dead.
  10. Also, if they sold the Radiance, would they just cancel our 2021 booking or would they move us to one of those ships?
  11. Can those ships do the one way sailings also? I am planning to sail on the Radiance next June and part of the reason is so we have some pre-cruise time in Alaska.
  12. Harmony has an original musical- Columbus the musical in addition to Grease.
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