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  1. If you can guarantee there will be an outbreak on a cruise ship, then that means there will also be an outbreak at a school, workplace, church, etc. You said you would go back to everyday life when the government says it's safe. Do you really think the government is waiting for a vaccine to reopen? No. Governor Cuomo said things will reopen when a fast response test is widely available. Good chance, cruise lines will reopen shortly thereafter with that testing required to board. I will be putting you on ignore going forward as I have heard enough arrogance.
  2. Thank you for sharing this information If you get further information, in the future, can you update this thread?
  3. Are you planning to spend the next year at home? Will you work from home until there is a vaccine? Will you not see your extended family and friends until there is a vaccine? Are you willing to keep all restaurants closed until there is a vaccine? The overwhelming majority of people did NOT contract the virus on a cruise ship but at Walmart, at work/school, the doctor's office, etc. so just stop judging others!
  4. This press release differs from what you just posted. It covers sailings to September 1, 2020 https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/royal-caribbean-group-extends-cruise-with-confidence-policy-through-september-1-301032046.html
  5. Seems common sense to take it a month at a time and follow what the government is doing. Trump renewed his order til April 30th. Once things open up and normal activities resume, then the cruise lines can start up. It also depends on what the ports allow. They may start up with just short sailings to private islands.
  6. Thanks Our usual beach. Waiting til close to final payment date in August to decide.
  7. For my 12 day cruise in November on the Jewel out of Rome, I paid a $450 deposit. My understanding is that if I were to cancel the cruise, I would be out the $450 deposit but if I was to change my sailing to one in 2021, I would just lose a $100 change fee. Is that correct?
  8. Sellwingri, what makes you think an October sailing out of Rome is a 90 percent go? Italy has the 2nd most cases and Spain is increasing rapidly. Do you think the epidemic will be over by then?
  9. https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/press-release/1439/royal-caribbean-extends-global-suspension-of-cruising/
  10. I thought Royal announced all cruises visiting Canada were cancelled to July 1st.
  11. I agree with Firefly. They will continue to cancel as long as the number of people infected continues to grow. The rules can be modified if things were to improve or extended if they continue to worsen.
  12. Enjoying your review. Have plans hopefully to go on the Jewel in November. Kids are cute and your pictures are excellent.
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