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  1. On the bucket list for us 😁 Books and plants in the cubby holes? I think they are wonderful haha noted 😁 very talented!
  2. Lenny don’t worry about people like that, some things are worth repeating! Adorable!
  3. I like Explorer (and the great itineraries out of San Juan) however I would choose Odyssey (because it is new and will be fabulous 😁)
  4. haha if you believed in science 🤣🤣🤣 Back to the subject - I answered ‘yes of course’ to this question about getting the vaccine in July. I am still pro vaccine, and I hope that it is mandatory for all cruising.
  5. Such a shame, would have been an excellent trip. Adventure is such a nice ship too
  6. I love the longer repo cruises too. 2017 was our longest b2b - Vision Quebec to Cape Liberty, Cape Liberty to Galveston totalling 27 nights 😁
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