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  1. Yes, I just saw they took it down. They claim it has not been finalized yet.
  2. Is a stretch but i don't see cruises resuming in May. My guess is fall 2021.
  3. I only saw it on the booking screen where you enter the credit card info. I copied it from there. I didn't see it anywhere else.
  4. I doubt that its the end of what they will require. Too much speculation of mandatory vaccines. Hopefully, they will be able to sail with those that want to.
  5. its a huge lost indeed but the fact its Hawaii makes up for the difference in some way I hope!
  6. my comment has nothing to do with the issue of Carnival paying or not paying taxes. My comment was directed as a clarification to the poster about the type of taxes and also to say that with land based vacation on an up tick and Asian cruises under way, I can not see why the CDC does not allow for some type of conditional sail for cruise lines. They seem to be very lenient to other forms of travel and as another poster stated, it will hard for any cruise line to sail 100% covid free.
  7. It still is not. POA is the only ship that sails under US and they can not do as other ships registered differently. You go book a hawaii trip see how much it is. Paying port taxes and employees Paying taxes out of pay checks is nothing if Carnival were to register just 1 ship in the US. They are no different than companies that based themselves in out countries but work in the US.
  8. Its not ridiculous at all, yes they pay port taxes to the US and other ports in other countries as well. Yes, they have corporate offices in the US but again... my point is proven because they do not pay corporate taxes nor do they have to abid by most federal wage and employment laws. Its like saying non US citizens pay taxes when they buy something from the store 🙄
  9. Political. Cruise lines with the exception of Pride of America are registered in US so they evade paying taxes for the most part.
  10. wishful thinking... the CDC from the the looks of it will be in cruises life for a while
  11. That was my question as well. so they can just not allow you to get back on the ship with your family? also, a lot of symptoms a person may display may not be due to covid so will that be cause for the cruise lines to be over zealous in their protocols...
  12. Just because people do not want to cruise under these measures do not mean they are not compliant. For me with children, it would be an added stress and not very enjoyable when paying that amount of money.
  13. It is on the payment screen where you enter your payment info. you have to check both boxes to process payment
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