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  1. Of course not. Come back to us when your opinion has any weight. Until then, your posts on the subject of the norovirus are just acts of vanity. Burt
  2. I've already assumed it because your condescending tone doesn't share the seriousness of the situation, but have you experienced a cruise with norovirus? Burt
  3. Are you a creep for asking the person next to you with a cold to cover their mouth as they sneeze or cough? How creepy is suggesting the person standing in front of you in line who shows signs of the flu to go back to their room? As I said, after dealing with the harsh realities of norovirus on a ship of 3000 passengers; habits for sanitation and sterility continually preached by the crew become vivid and 2nd nature. When the chap humming to his urinal next to you turns around and walks directly to grab the door handle while still zipping up exits strait into dining room, theater, buffet line, casino, or captains welcoming party, without making any attempt to prevent spreading the virus, he is judged no less than a criminal. Creepy? It's my vacation too. Is it really so much to ask anyone who enters the public restroom to wash their hands after shedding their bodily waste? Burt
  4. I remember a discussion on this forum from a passenger complaining at the number of passengers who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. I agree with that OP and I was very surprised at the number of posters who told him to mind his own business because it wasn't a big deal. Anyone who doesn't think washing hands on a cruise is a big deal hasn't experienced a ship with norovirus. Everything has to be cleaned and the staff handles all foods and drinks. That means you have to request a crew member come over to salt and pepper your fried eggs, which got cold while waiting 15 minutes in line for a cup of coffee. Take 30 seconds and wash your hands. Burt
  5. I disagree, food service doesn't have to be McDonalds level quality for Walmart cruisers. We've sailed most of the difference Walmart budget lines lately, but somehow ended up with food service a step about rest on Celebrity. Now some Walmart cruisers find Celebrity out of their price range (Target?), but we have manage several good deals with the line. I admit maybe they save cost on their entertainment side, but it' all about finding balance. Burt
  6. I believe in the notion of the "Squeaky Wheel". Just how far will any company reduce the quality of their product if nobody expresses their opinion. The cruise lines even ask for a review after each cruise. There is a balance between prices, profit and quality. Only the customer can set that balance. SQUEAK AWAY! Burt
  7. We found the buffet food in recent cruises on RC, Carnival and Princess not so good. However, the buffet on Celebrity a few weeks ago was surprisingly very good. Good enough we ate dinner there one night when were very tired and we have never done that before in our 20 something years of cruising. Our only loyalty to cruise lines is the best deal for the time we want to sail. But the difference in food quality might make us think twice with Celebrity. Cruise line food taste and quality in general the last few years seems to continually go up and down. I suspect they are constantly experimenting to find the balance of lower cost without a full mutiny. Americans are fast foodies who care more about fast service than taste quality. I suspect the cruise lines haven't reached bottom yet. Burt
  8. Most replies didn't answer question, so maybe she had to post twice to get an answer. My thanks to the two posters who actually did answer the question. I learned something from them. Burt
  9. What’s? Every Celebrity and RC ships I have sailed have separate saunas/steam rooms. Don’t they all? Wet bathing suit are considered bad form. Dry bathing suits, towels or even robes are preferred. Burt
  10. That is ridiculous. Passengers who believe that need their own table. Burt
  11. Must be very young as this is a strange response for a cruising forum. Not sharing a table is a relatively new option for cruisers. Burt
  12. Consider a relaxed train trip west. You can rent a car for part of the trip is you like. Burt
  13. I've rented from the cruise line several times. They usually have a place on their Web Site where you can send them your sizing information. And more often than not, he tux is waiting for me in the room. Different Cruise lines may have different policies and procedures. But my experience has always been good. Burt
  14. We were on the Dec. 27th sailing and had a wonderful time. Food and services are very good all over the ship accept for the martini bar. Weather was excellent, which contributed the great general mood of the passengers all week. If there was any lacking, it was entertainment. The New Years Eve party was basically everyone standing by the pool listening to taped music. Not sure why they couldn't get live performers for this one special night of the year. We are looking to book this ship next year. Beary
  15. Binoculars. There is as much wildlife, if not more, to see from the ship as there is from the excursions, so have the binoculars ready by the door for a quick and easy grab. As for the layers, we purchased waterproof hiking jackets with removable liners. Less balk and the liners are stylish. Beary
  16. I can't remember the name of the part of the Cost Maya beach we rented the two wooden lounge chairs for $10, but it is the beach just on the other side of the lighthouse. In fact, it is the closest usable beach to the ship docks. We typically go to a resort, but we were also to late. However, that turned out good for us. Looking off the ship just on he other side of the lighthouse, you will see two rundown docks 200 yards apart. The first 100 yards of beach closest to the ship are a lot of palm trees with wooden lounge chairs. It is very relaxing, the water is very clear and the sand is a white fine powder. Your first 2 drinks (per person) are free and the rest are around $6. The food on the menu was between $5 to $10 and very good. This was our 25th cruise in 20 years and we felt it was the best beach experience we ever had. It's a 5 minute $10 taxi each way. $30 and two drinks each before food. Great deal. There are more lounge chairs down the beach, but they are stacked next to each other like sardines in very little shade. Beary
  17. We typically give ourselves a one day buffer, which did saved us on trip with an overnight weather delay. But leaving 3 days prior to the cruise isn't cheap and could even double the cost of the whole trip. Being flexible is good advise. Even renting a car can be a reasonable alternative in some cases. Beary
  18. Please don’t do this, this is a good general cruise question that benefits a lot of folks who are not cruising out of Florida. Certainly recommend the another forum for additional information, but don’t redirect them away from this forum. After cruising for 20 years, we are greatful for Uber because they are faster and cheaper than most shuttles. We recently stayed at a hotel that uses Uber for their airport shuttle. So much easier and faster. Our experience is Ubers are about two minutes away at airports, so get your luggage before requesting them. They have 5 minutes or less from cruising terminal, which is very nice for catching early flights. It’s also convenient that the service automatically charges your credit card, so there is no messing around with paying or tipping the driver. You can choose to tip the driver later thru email if you desire. Beary
  19. Get Ready? LOL, you mean a major cruise line is implementing another gimmick to earn a few extra dollars, while poking the eyes of loyal followers. Curious Couple is right, In their effort to keep prices low and ships full, cruise lines are less concerned about loyalty than finding ways to nickel and dime ALL the passengers for those few extra dollars. But funny enough, it seems most passengers today are ok with the subtle changes here to keep their low cost vacation. The best way to respond to these gimmicks is to shop for the best deals, rather than stick with one cruise line. We shopped for a good deal for a New Years cruise and ended up on Celebrity this time. Hey, maybe we will be upgraded to a suite. LOL Beary
  20. Best thing - Binoculars. Can't seem to step outside without them. Worst thing - Our mothers. Burt
  21. Yes, that would be a refreshing rational consideration instead of being labeled lame for having a different opinion. Too many folks sit in front of their computer all day searching for opportunities to feel good about themselves by disparaging other people for having a different opinion. What's the point of calling a certain behavior in the buffet rude if you have to be rude to make the point. Having a post count over 5000 doesn't make members holier than thou, they are still just someone who likes cruising like the member with a post count of 10. There is no integrity in being a jerk. Posters who have a post count over 5000 should only be allowed two hours a day on the forum so they can practice the personal skills they preach at everyone on the forum every minute of every day. Shesh! Burt
  22. Hmm, cold chicken or becoming best buds with the toilet for two days. Thinking thinking.....🤔 Burt
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