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  1. My friends and I leave for our Edge journey on March 29 this year so I have read this thread intently and was excited to read of your adventures each day and your experience on this ship. After hearing so much negativity from others (especially the IV haters) about the Edge, I love to soak up the positive. Thanks again for making me so excited to board!!!!
  2. Can anyone advise if discounts have been offered at Le Petite Chef during an Edge cruise. Can you advise what discounts were offered including per person price and if discounts were for specific days. Many thanks
  3. Jim_Iain, thank you for this. You are always so prompt on the responses! I thought you would be the first with answering lol! I will definitely try your suggestion:)
  4. That’s what I was hoping for. I’ve never had a specific boarding time for any other cruise so I’m glad we can just show up and hopefully be able to board immediately.
  5. Our Express Pass show an expedited arrival time of 1:00 - 1:30. Are we permitted to arrive earlier at around 11:00 or do we have to wait until 1:00?
  6. Can anyone confirm that PALL on my Express Pass means premium beverage package?
  7. Are taxis readily available? There will be 4 of us travelling together so we will likely have to take 2 cabs
  8. Can anyone tell me if Celebrity offers a shuttle from the Edge cruise terminal to the Fort Lauderdale Airport? If so, do you know the cost per person.
  9. Jd99, went to your travel blog. Really enjoyed your reviews About the Edge and look forward to the next instalment. My friends and I sail on her on March 29/20
  10. My friends and I booked RomeinLimo for 2 separate private excursions for both Rome and another for the Amalfi Coast including Pompeii in 2016. They picked us at the ship both times. The guides were excellent! We even had separate guides for both Pompeii and the Vatican. Highly recommend.
  11. Would love to know your experience on the Edge next week Oville.
  12. Can anyone tell me if any of the specialty restaurants were discounted while you were sailing?
  13. Can anyone tell me how early you can board the Edge in Fort Lauderdale?
  14. Ginrom, I believe I’m on the same sailing as you on the Edge (March 29/20). My friends and I booked an IV balcony guarantee for $2663 for 2 which included 4 perks with $825 OBC (some courtesy of our TA). We have already received our cabin assignment on deck 7 that we are happy with. My friends and I thought we got an awesome deal! Can’t wait!
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